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While it is no secret to many in the ‘truther’ community, there are still a vast number of folks who may not be aware that the current reality we operate in as far as: the basis of health, how it is achieved, what creates disease, and how we live in a homeostatic state of wellness has been corrupted by the controllers. In order for this corruption to play out, certain steps had to be taken over time to help craft the narrative that would be necessary for their plans to take shape. Within a relatively short time period, several things happened in concert to catalyze what would be the downfall of homeopathic medicine and its delivery within the health education system. Let’s take a look at some of these factors and how they have set the stage for the current health paradigm we find ourselves in.

Químico francés Louis Pasteur nació un día como hoy | Noticias ...
Louis Pasteur “The Father of Germ Theory”

The Institut Pasteur/ Pasteur Foundation

The Institut Pasteur first got off of the ground in the late 1800’s thanks to Pasteur’s international petition for funding that was granted thanks to none other than the likes of donors such as Andrew Carnegie. This funding was to go toward the development of treatment for the alleged rabies virus, which in itself is a fraud and only perpetuates the germ theory, which has been proven to be faulty pseudoscience. Despite never being able to demonstrate pathogenicity, and despite this glaring issue not EVER being reconciled, the institution expanded outside of France from there. Later on, the 1950’s would see the establishment of The Rapkine Fund, named after a famed Pasteur scientist by the name Louis Rapkine. The name of the Rapkine Fund was later changed to the Pasteur Foundation in 1985.

In the summer of 2022, the Pasteur Foundation and the Rockefeller Foundation have teamed up for what they call “strengthening global disease surveillance” by signing the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that describes “early detection and reporting for emerging and reemerging diseases and build a robust decentralized global surveillance network that strengthens local capacity for sharing high-quality data across countries”. Do what you will with that information.

The Rockefeller University » Our History
Pictured Above: John D. Rockefeller Sr and Jr (Rockefeller University Archives)

The Rockefeller Foundation

John D. Rockefeller was a well-known business magnate and had a role in nearly every aspect of this article. In addition to his role in the medical industry, he also became a successful oil tycoon, beginning initially with The Standard Oil Company, which ended up splitting off and becoming some of the well-known entities we see today such as Exxon-Mobil, ConocoPhillips, and Chevron. From crude oil, Rockefeller also manufactured petroleum products, coal tar, and benzene, among other things. These products would be implemented into the pharmaceutical industry, another reason the Rockefeller Foundation took such an interest in the sector of health education and delivery.

In 1897, his son John D. Rockefeller Jr. would join Frederick Gates as the full-time managers of the Rockefeller fortune. In 1903, the General Education Board- later named the Rockefeller Foundation in 1913- was established. Today, the president of the Rockefeller Foundation is a WEF puppet by the name of Rajiv Shah, who led the U.S. response in Haiti, has served at the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, where he created the International Financing Facility for Immunization, and helped secure support for the Global Food Security Act… pretty telling.

Is there an agenda to reduce the White European population? - Page 123 ...

Andrew Carnegie

Mentioned in other areas of this article, Carnegie was the main contributor to Louis Pasteur and his institute, helping to fund Pasteur’s dangerous and fraudulent experiments. Together with the Rockefeller Institute, the Carnegie Foundation provided the bulk of the funding for the Flexner Report, as well as the funding to get the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine off of the ground. The school was to be the Gold Standard against which other schools would be judged moving forward. Carnegie also dabbled in things like coal-based fuel and was another who stood to make his initial business capital by profiting from the civil war, becoming a key player in the iron industry.

The American Red Cross

The Red Cross seen an expansion and an establishment in Washington, D.C. in 1913 thanks to what the Rockefeller Foundation proudly boasts as their very first grant ever awarded. Interesting connection: The Institut Pasteur also played an important role in providing the Red Cross with serums and vaccines during World War I. Makes you wonder about manufactured wars/ crises in order to bolster production in certain sectors. It was, after all, Rockefeller who profited from the Civil War so much that he was able to take his earnings and enter into the oil business.
American Red Cross Nurses, circa 1918

The Flexner Report

Titled Medical Education in the United States and Canada, this 1910 report is one of the most prominent and historical documents that afflicted holistic healthcare and medical education. It was Flexner’s critiques of American schooling and his proposed solutions that caught the attention of Henry Pritchett, who was the head of the Carnegie Foundation. Pritchett approached Flexner and proposed he write the report (despite having zero medical background) with the Carnegie and Rockefeller Foundations providing the funding that was needed. The report resulted in over half of the existing medical schools being shuttered, bringing the number from 148 to 66. Abraham is the brother of Simon Flexner, who went on to retire as head of the Rockefeller Institute and served on the board prior to the Flexner Report.
From left: Albert Einstein, Abraham Flexner, John Hardin, and Herbert Maass (circa 1939)
Simon Flexner (left), Director of the Rockefeller Institute, New York ...
Simon Flexner (pictured on the left) and Rober Koch Institute Professor Neufeld

The American Medical Association (AMA)

In 1905, the AMA established a council that would make decisions which set standards for both the manufacturing and advertising of drugs. Next, with the Flexner Report being used to generate unfounded public outcry and a false need for medical education reform, the AMA was named by Congress to be the only institution with the ability to grant medical school licenses in the U.S. The real pisser is that in order for the AMA to endorse a school, one had to be adhering to the new guidelines that Flexner established; biomedicine was to be the new Gold Standard. It was around this time that Pritchett approached the AMA and offered to have the Carnegie Foundation take over the entire Council on Medical Education project.

In addition, the AMA has since created supplementary legislative bodies such as the House of Delegates (HOD) and the Council on Legislation (COL). Currently, the AMA is the largest association of physicians and medical students in the country. Go figure.

Johns Hopkins University

Citing an “urgent need for trained medical professionals” Rockefeller makes a donation in 1918 in order to build the first school of public health at Johns Hopkins University, establishing the trend of medical schools being attached to universities. Ironically, this “urgent need” likely wouldn’t have been a thing if they didn’t have Flexner wipe out the existing practitioners who did not capitulate to the new standards. What is even more telling is that William Welch of Johns Hopkins was one of the advisors- along with folks at the Carnegie Foundation- to Abraham Flexner during the writing of his report. After all, it was Welch who came up with the idea that attending a formal university became a prerequisite to attend medical school. Simon Flexner would go on to co-author a book about Welch.
"William H. Welch, Simon Flexner, and John D. Rockefeller, Jr." by The ...
From Left: Simon Flexner, William Welch, and John Rockefeller Jr.

Making Connections

So, we can see that there is a widely connected and established circle of conmen working together to create a system in which they can control the information that is put forth. If practitioners did not capitulate back then to the new standards Flexner laid out, they were not going to be seeing any recognition… the same goes for any institutions that wanted to be licensed to teach medicine. If you didn’t fall under the accepted umbrella of practice, you were labeled a quack, you were not allowed to practice, and you were not allowed to teach. This has been the case for decades since then, and modern times has seen this transform into an even bigger monster.

Although several people have sounded the alarm on this over the last century, it seems that it always falls on deaf ears or that nothing in the way of reform or change ever takes place. It can’t be allowed to happen, of course. The few who do speak out are silenced or lose their licenses. Those that teach outside of the system are still labeled quacks, and the germ theory of disease is a plague on medical education and has become the widely accepted paradigm for how humans understand disease within the human body.

However, that is all it really is: dis-ease. We have been told that invisible pathogens that have never been demonstrated to cause illness are something to fear and avoid. We won’t be told in high school biology class that Pasteur’s antibiotics are anti-life, and that bacteria are not something to be feared as the cause of dis-ease, but are instead the clean-up crew. A college anatomy and physiology professor is not going to tell you that there lies little to no proof for the cell-mediated immune system. Your phlebotomy instructor won’t tell you that every vaccine ever created is moot because the alleged viruses they are treating have never actually been proven to exist.

Sadly, it is because they all fell for the lies as well, as did the men and women before them. These lies have been propped up and handed down for over a century, making it damned near impossible to get anyone to think outside of this system. We have been taught that health means symptom suppression and expensive, toxic pharmaceuticals. We have been taught not to trust our bodies and to instead rely on the Rockefeller/Carnegie/Hopkins model that uses our fear and ignorance against us. Those that have broken free from the delusion have had their work cut out for them, as it is difficult to access reliable and relevant information that hasn’t been hijacked. However, this is one of those scenarios where once you see the grandiosity and depravity of the scam, you cannot fucking unsee it.

I think that it is at this point that I daresay that there may be a silver lining to all of this Plandemic madness of the last 3 years. Investigating the corruption and the controllers and the plethora of shit that goes along with it has led to people like me, who were entrenched in the old paradigm, to unfuck themselves and take back their power. This is the work that EVERYONE has to do: unlearn and relearn. This is the only play moving forward. It may be downright uncomfortable for a lot of people, but it is what has to be done. Staying stagnated in this frame of thinking and retaining this false understanding of health and dis-ease is only going to continue to march us and our kin down the road of disaster. It is time for those who not only understand, but innerstand this, to step into their power and into their roles as leaders in the new world. We are all stepping out of an old methodology and into something beautiful, because we won’t have to keep living in fear. That in itself is something empowering, and something that the controllers fear the most. That is exactly why they had to hijack our learning institutions, because they rely on keeping us under a spell to perpetuate their lies and continue to churn a profit. It is up to us to discover and share the truth and learn how to operate outside of their systems.


Brown, E. Richard, “Rockefeller Medicine Men : Medicine and Capitalism in America” (1979). The Rockefellers. 37.


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