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4 thoughts on “Mercury and Fluoride – The Dumbing Down of a Population

  1. I have a BIG problem with this assumption .. A BIG PROBLEM.

    “we’re seeing a society of people that not only has a lower IQ .. but a lot fewer people with a higher IQ”

    I have a VERY BIG PROBLEM with this assumption.
    They = the snot that feels that the sun shines out of its backside.

    Dr. Russell Blaylock is telling the story that all the snot tell us about the common man.
    It’s for sure that Dr. Russell Blaylock works for The Australian Bureau of Statistics.

  2. This sucker works for the establishment .. he is being paid to tell us yet again that we are DUMB.
    “Ha, ha, ha, look what we did to you.”
    Sorry but all I hear is this man looking down his nose at us & laughing.

  3. You see .. he also drinks the water .. he also bath’s in the water .. the same rain also falls down on him .. & yet .. he is saved .. a veritable vision of superiority of genetic makeup .. the desirable quality that the Eugenics enthusiasts seek .. & I bet his kids are brilliant also.

  4. The Intelligence Fraud:
    In Britain the IQ tests were first popularized by Cyril Burt, an educational psychologist & one of those responsible for devising the 11-plus. Burt claimed that 40 years of research proved a child’s intelligence was mainly inherited from it’s parents & that social circumstances played only a minor role. His research formed the basis for education policy for half a century, from the 1920’s to the 1970’s. Yet only a year after his death in 1971, evidence began to emerge that Burt was a fraudster who had simply invented results to fit his theory’s about the hereditability of intelligence.
    Before the introduction of comprehensive education in the 1960’s & 1970’s all children destined for state schools had to take the 11-plus. This creamed a small minority into the grammar schools .. WHILE THE VAST MAJORITY WERE LABELED AS FAILURES .. the 11-plus was based on the infamous IQ test. It’s supporters believed that the IQ test measured intelligence & that intelligence was hereditary. They relied on the false assumptions that a person’s intelligence is a fixed thing, like the amount of water in a bucket, which can be measured & graded accordingly. Such crude reasoning is at the heart of the new Tory tests.

    A case of the establishment grabbing all th chairs for themselves & their kids.

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