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Mystery of the Sentient Black Goo

davids_finger1‘BLACK GOO’ is an intelligent nano-tech ‘sentient’ liquid rumoured to have been the real cause of the Falklands War & the reason behind the Deepwater Horizon oil disaster of 2010—so the story goes. So is this X-Files or real life (whatever that is, these days)?  Is the human race a hybrid species, gene-spliced with a radically different, more advanced alien genome—as hinted at in nearly every ancient tradition here on Earth?

Do our crypto-governments fear that this newly discovered black goo is a kind of reset button left here by our creators (the ‘engineers’ of the Prometheus movie), to wipe out most of our over-populated planet and begin again? Are we all just dumbed-down drones, working on an invisible treadmill while the Planetary Elite pull the strings—as they have been doing for tens of thousands of years..?

Exposing a Pathogenic Off-Planet Artificial Intelligence

WORKING from a seventy-seven-page Power Point presentation this presentation is the combined work of Alfred Lambremont Webre, Christine Anderson, Jeffrey Sewell (The Metabiologist) and Claudia Ayaz. So far they have recorded close to ten hours of discussion that will be presented in three parts as soon as the editing is finished.

250px-Volume_-_BlackOilThe history of “The Agenda of Transhumanism” is a plague that we can trace back to our ancient past that is now showing itself in the current era with the proliferation of high-tech devices, the use of robotics in warfare, back-engineered systems from alien technologies, HAARP, Microwave proliferation, Scalar energy, geo-engineering, vaccination campaigns, toxic food, GMO, legislation and world governmental bodies that use statues and regulations propagated as laws to further enslave Humankind.

In other words, in a stealth-like manner, hidden in plain sight, we are hosting an entity that is soulless and inorganic in its predatory nature.

A scene from “Lucy”, where the heroine achieves omniscience and transfers all her knowledge into a ‘black goo’ supercomputer.

In the movie “Lucy” the heroine’s new-found omniscience is transferred into a ‘black goo’ supercomputer.

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”—Sun Tzu, The Art of War

Applying the wisdom of the above statement is needed more than ever, for we share this planet—and our psyches—with a pathogenic entity that is bent on our domination and destruction.

Taking on this subject merits the full confrontational force of consciousness; if we don’t understand the implications, if we turn away from this, we will become the subservient species on Planet Earth for a long-standing agenda that is parasitical and ultimately destructive by its very nature.

THE SERIES starts with Part I, which brings in Alfred Webre’s overview of forty years within the world of Exopolitics, the shock he felt when waking up to the reality of the sentient black goo’s presence and his dedication to helping Humankind wake up and discover solutions.

In Parts II (above) and Part III Jeffrey Sewell leads the discussion with an introduction to metabiology, the science of ‘as above, so below’ applied to the metamystical relationship of Humankind with its place in the Cosmos. This is a very large subject matter that draws into our collective consciousnesses the reality of how we are—in every sense of the word—co-creators.

prometheus black

What exactly was that black goo in “Prometheus” that caused so much trouble?

Over the course of three exhaustive presentations we learn how all the ills of the world sprang from a common source or ‘infection’—from religion (especially the three monotheistic death-cults) totranshumanism, geoengineering, Morgellons, eugenics (dysgenics), the Climate Change hoax, vaccination,fluoridation, WiFi & the Smart Grid—even the current epidemic of so-called terrorism.

After over 40 years research in the field, Lambremont Webre insists that what he refers to as the Rising of Humanity is a collective work, one of honor and love in service to the Highest Truth we can achieve. In other words, this ain’t no drill, folks!

Speakers: Alfred Lambremont Webre:  Jeffrey Sewell:
Christine Anderson & Claudia Ayaz:

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Arcons* & the Acari Insects

IN 1837, ANDREW CROSSE reported to the London electrical Society concerning the accidental spontaneous generation of life in the form of Acarus genus insects while he was conducting experiments on the formation of artificial crystals by means of prolonged exposure to weak electric current.

Throughout numerous strict experiments under a wide variety of conditions utterly inimical to life as we know it, the insects continued to manifest. The great Michael Faraday also reported to the Royal Institute that he had replicated the experiment. Soon afterwards, all notice of this phenomenon ceased to be reported, and the matter has not been resolved since then. | More


Dangerous Imagination, Silent Assimilation

A SHOCKING PRESENTATION by the brilliant German scientist, Harald Kautz Vella, offering unparalleled descriptions of A.I., Black Goo, Archons, & NASA’s deepest dark secret plans to usurp the bodies, minds, & Souls of all mankind. This is not for the faint-hearted.

According to Harald’s research, an invading version of what is knows as “black goo” landed on our planet roughly 80,000 years ago. This black goo could be considered a type of alien A.I. or a “seed device” for creating life within a biosphere. This invader does not belong here, and has been attempting to unpack it’s program to the determent of our natural order. It contains remnants of it’s original lifeforms, spider type beings, which have been coaxing the elite into carrying out their plans for Earth bound manifestation for as long as we know.

Our energies have been used as food and our environment has been tweaked to make the people weak. The plan to get these higher dimensional Archonic  beings to “hook” into their human husks is getting closer all the time, and is at the heart of the transhumanist agenda.

Recently, Harald has made contact with higher dimensional beings that could be considered “guardians” of the planet, who have assured him these unnatural plans will be disrupted. Time will tell…

More…Higherside Chat Interview|


That’s Not Normal!

WHEN NAOMI KLEIN traveled to the Gulf of Mexico in December to report on the aftermath of BP’s Deepwater Horizon spill, she saw disturbing signs of the oil’s destruction. But after she left, the research crew aboard the Weatherbird II encountered a slimy black substance coating the ocean floor that none of them had ever seen before.

Marine geochemist, David Hollander commented: “The closer the boat gets to the wellhead, the more black matter there is in the sediment. The abnormal layer of sediment is up to five times thicker than it was when he collected samples here in August. The oil’s presence on the ocean floor didn’t diminish with time; it grew…”

So where did this black goo come from?


More: The Bases Project“Dangerous Imagination, Silent Assimilation” | Morgellons Research
Smart Dust, Morgellons, ETs | The Archons | Prometheus & X-Files Black Goo Analysis | The Anunnaki
Mysterious Black Goo Rains From Michigan Sky

alien*A Word About Archons: In the ancient Nag Hammadi texts, the Gnostic authors warn us about the ‘Archons’—a psychopathic, parasitic alien race that has infected and manipulated the consciousness of humanity for thousands of years, using patriarchal religion to create senseless, wanton destruction.—Admin



17 thoughts on “Mystery of the Sentient Black Goo

  1. Why Black Goo ?
    More sinister is the invisible to the eye, odorless / tasteless / slimy & greasy to the touch GOO that is ingeniously incorporated into the drinking water, that comes out of my tap.

  2. alien ..

    “UFO’s have a history of visiting conflict zones, we suspect that they do more than just peacefully observe the battle.”
    article – Fawklands – The Alien War (1) – Former Argentinian Navy SEAL – Gennaro Martino.


    WHAT TIME WAS IT .. did any one notice what time it was ?
    TIME & SPACE CHANGES WHEN TRAUMA, maybe damage is a better word / happens
    in natural occurrences such as volcanic activity, explosives being detonated, or the event of warring.
    Also, trauma, such as rape, torture, mutilation, murder & death bring on the repair mechanisms

    BALANCE IS EVERYTHING existence would fall apart otherwise

    The mysterious illness that Gennaro Martino suffers is as a result of – travelling / being shunted around in time & space, as the repair mechanisms of the universe NIP & TUCK nano particles to CONTAIN The FABRIC of The Status Quo of The Surrounding Existence.

    The Hawking Paradox concept .. being sucked into a black hole vortex / a centrifuge spinning you / fragmenting a whole body into the minutest of nano particle .. till you do not exist anymore .. whereby the universe forgets.
    In the spinning / shunting of time & space .. by the repair mechanisms of the universe .. something of Gennaro Martineo’s make up was altered / utilized to repair & / or was forgotten / or forgotten to be replaced in the make up that which is Gennaro Martino’s body.
    A NATURAL MUTATION OCCURRED & it could have gone the other way, where Martino was enhanced in some way.

  3. One lovely afternoon a woman was sitting in the sun shelling peas, her son came walking up the path towards her, she was overjoyed, he was reported as lost in action & now here he was, safe at home. He stayed the whole day & they passed the time pleasantly, his sister came to visit & behold, her brother was there safe & sound, sometime later his sister went home & eventually he also bid his mother goodbye His sister became so tired .. a feeling of being sedated .. & she took a nap, as she slept she heard & felt her brothers presence, but could not wake up, she heard him leave & the door shut behind him.
    Much later, the mother & sister were told that he had died in a prisoner of war camp on that very day.

  4. due to their volcanic origin . you would think that the Galapagos Islands would be uninhabitable . but in fact they are teeming with life . despite the seemingly inhospitable living conditions . we find life everywhere . life is adaptable . diversity is the operative word here . the most amazing & rare of animal life has some how been sporned in this place . mutation after mutation . birds adorned with the most magnificent attributes . how did this happen . was it time & space being shunted around due to volcanic activity . a nip here & a tuck there & were / was the male element made more beautiful . look at the bird life . was it for reproductive purposes . if not than what . survival at all costs . is the job description of the repair mechanisms of the universe.

    1. Charles Darwin visited the Galapagos Islands in 1835 & his observations later inspired his theory of evolution. A TOTAL LOAD OF RUBBISH.

  5. “to wipe out most of our over populated planet & begin again”

    This is the best we can do ?

    The BLACK GOO was created by GOD to kill off his children
    AND GOD caused the ELITE of planet Earth .. like the GOD’S of BIG OIL .. as in the men who James Corbett talks about in his movie HOW BIG OIL CONQUERED THE WORLD ..
    And it all began with SNAKEOIL created by Dr, Bill Livingston alias DEVIL BILL.
    GOD gave the arduous task of killing off “most of the over population on planet Earth to restore order & usher in a new beginning” to The Rockefeller’s and their ilk.


  6. AI & AI agenda to further the AI agenda .. so someone traveled back in time to retrieve scrolls to assist in the development of AI .. right ..
    Oh shit .. they .. have captured Doctor Who & his Tardis ..

  7. Max Spiers & Sarah Adams .. are ?
    on youtube .. first impressions .. Max Speirs does not look very bright .. walking around pointing at stone statues of angels & gargoyle .. I am not 5 year old any more.

    1. what do these 2 people do for a living .. where does their money come from ? .. because money does not grow on trees ..

  8. Harald Kautz Vella the researcher does not come across as a very bright individual, a brick short of a load, type .. wearing dirty blue jean’s
    BLACK GOO has been on planet Earth for 80.000 years
    BLACK GOO is Programmable Matter
    BLACK GOO could be considered a type of Alien A.I. or a seed device
    It has taken all this time for BLACK GOO to get it’s act together
    Angela Mutti Merkel the Organ Grinders Monkey lives next door to a pool of BLACK GOO & she talks to it .. am I surprised ? .. Not Really.
    George Bush also lives next door to a pool of BLACK GOO & he talks to it the same way as Mutti Merkel .. Still I am not surprised.
    All this to promote the movie – Prometheus – yet another remake of the good old BOOGIEMAN story ..
    Dear Gods save us from the moron.

  9. Of course, many of the videos this site offers is banned by YouTube. Whether you believe the content may be real or view it as a means of entertainment that only sci-fi and fiction can create, the \”gods\” of YouTube decided we are not allowed to consume. Obviously, they want us safe. It makes me wonder who much the same mentality \”rules\” over Hollywood. Of course, we see \”fiction\” that is allowed but what is denied to the public is something we\’d never know. Aren\’t they great!?…NOT!

  10. NOTICE: Again, no evidence that black-goo exists other than the brief video depiction of
    Mr.Vella’s video disclosed years ago. Like all areas of special interest of today,
    we “must” take the word of “experts” alone. Personally, I find that suspicious.
    After all, bold claims require bold proof. And that is too rare in today’s

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