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“HOWDY MEMBERS” On tonight’s podcast show i plug in with, Corey to continue our discussions on how and what we should be eating. 

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Are most truthers actually willfully complying with the very public depopulation agenda most are very aware of? What is the easiest way to depopulate the world….have people enthusiastically participate in the depopulation programs…with the biggest one humans eating food that is man made and never has been available in nature. If you are a overweight truther, take meds, have kids that are on meds and are not enjoying absolutely optimal health, today this will be the most important podcast you will ever listen to.

What problems can truthers actually solve and begin enjoying immediate positive effects for themselves and family….is plain and simple..what goes in you and what goes on you via diet, meds and secondarily what is used in the bathroom

How I woke up on truth was health first via the Fathead Documentary and my 70lb weight loss and never getting sick beyond making those initial changes

So lets talk about how the body actually works – carbs, protein, fat ……then predators and ruminants…what are our organs designed to digest and how humans and cows actually live off the same exact diet

What 4 products have been introduced that started the modern disease paradigms as we know it – processed flour, seed (vegetable) oils, trans fats, sugar…prior to these 4 becoming about 2/3rds of the calories consumed by humans today, there was no diabetes, heart disease, cancer, AMD (age related macular degeneration and the list goes on

Lets talk about dr davis who wrote a best selling book on health called Wheat Belly – a 20 year cardiologist doing multiple surgeries per day before waking up to diet truth

Lets talk about insulin and how carbs, protein and fat effect it – Insulin has one primary job and that is to store fat.

Now lets talk about seed oils – Crisco was the first product that created the American Heart Association via proctor and gamble. Crisco was made of cottonseed oil and is basically axle grease – today is now made of soy…which was also cultivated for industrial lubricants as well.

Seed oils and Age Related Macular Degeneration and how going back 130 years or so…there was no one who had any issues with vision or had eye problems

How would humans have eaten prior to transportation, stores and a modern economy….what is available to a human who can only source what they literally find or hunt?

Weston Price – 10 year research on 5 continents examining around a 100 native civilizations – he was a dentist and took a lot of pics of teeth and noted health levels – he wrote nutrition and physical degeneration

Eating frequency – in nature, would you truly be able to eat 3 meals a day plus snacks – of course not – humans ate periodically and not even daily – true health happens actually when the body is in a fasted stated, not while eating and digesting food multiple times per day

Now lets talk about does your body ever make a mistake – the foundation to the health hoax pyramid is high blood pressure, high cholesterol, salt is bad for you, you need fiber from plants and that cancer is a disease – that covers the foundation to trillions of dollars in profits for the medical industrial establishment and what has created the sickest human population to ever walk the earth

A last topic I want to cover that ties back to how the show started is the depopulation agenda – that agenda really tracks back to the 7th day Adventist church and what was called the garden of eden diet – today it is called veganism and this church is the 2nd biggest educator on earth and owns the majority of the food products that are killing humans world wide –

What products were the beginning of this depopulation agenda….cereal – corn flakes and peanut butter – peanuts are a man made product and were only hog feed prior to really being made into peanut butter – dr harvey Kellogg with a protégé under ellen J white, one of the founders of the church – the goal of the garden of eden diet was to stop lust and masturbation – and if you are a very strict vegan, you can not get an erection or have a period eventually.

Corey Diet Change Timeline 

Subtraction versus addition

3:03 Depopulation Agenda – #1 Is Food – Can we control any other conspiracies or agendas? 4:30 Fathead The Documentary – How Corey Woke Up
8:13 What we are designed to eat – Dr Barry Groves– Cows & Humans have the same diet 11:10 Protein and Fat

13:00 What 4 items make up the human diet today 13:50 How much sugar is in our blood
14:45 Why carbs make you continually hungry 15:13 Depopulation Agenda Foundational Products 17:00 No Disease prior to 1900

17:41 Dr Davis Wheatlessness – Wheat Belly – Effects Of Wheat
19:00 If you had to eat in nature, what would you eat & why?
23:00 Wheat, Gliadin, Psychiatric disease – not the gluten
25:38 Dr. Zsofia Clemens – – can’t cure disease with Keto with plants versus Keto Carnivore

27:45 Eating an all meat diet and how cheap it is
28:07 Where does all the plant propaganda coming from – The 7th Day Adventists
29:00 Peanut butter, Kellogg and stopping masturbation
31:20 Chris Knobble and AMD – Age Related Macular Degeneration
32:00 All Skin Issues – Grains
33:20 Weston Price – Nutrition and Physical Degeneration – 10 Years Of Research
34:20 India can’t eat cattle and only a 62 year life span, turmeric, cacao
35:45 Food is not entertainment, food is fuel – Hong Kong longest lifespan at 88 years
37:10 A Carb is a carb, your body can’t tell the difference
38:00 Lies we are given in the health paradigm – high blood pressure, high cholesterol, salt, fiber 38:45 Your body never makes a mistake
39:00 Cholesterol is the most important substance in your body and cholesterol levels do not matter 39:30 Salt – Celtic and Himalayan

40:00 Cancer is not a disease and is a last line of defense
40:30 Viruses are a cleansing solvent as cells continually rebuild
41:20 Kids get one chance to build a immune system
42:15 How to make health changes permanent
44:30 Dental Paradigm is also riddled with lies
47:00 Health Organizations all started by food companies via 7th Day Adventists
47:30 Seeds Oils plants are identical to refining crude oil
48:18 Doctor will tell you that there is no such thing as an essential carbohydrate
48:55 Lierre Keith – The Vegetarian Myth – 20 Year Vegan – Vegan Truths
49:22 Agriculture (Monocrops / plants) is the biggest killer per acre of animals
50:20 Dr Gary & Belinda Fettke – Australia – truth about how the 7th Day Adventists run the majority of companies sourced for Depopulation
53:40 3 Cashews will kill you – 4 to 5lbs of spinach will kill a lot of humans, Turmeric
55:10 Conventional Dairy…is it worth eating
55:50 Optimal Health is about subtraction, not addition
56:55 Oxalates takes years to release
58:00 Calories do not matter, focus on saturated fat, calorie myth
58:30 Always eat until you are full
59:30 Olive and Avocado Oil – not really a good idea
1:00:30 Get to 2 meals per day within 6 hours – get rid of breakfast
1:01:36 Fasting is how the body heals – Liver is one of the top things to eat
1:02:30 Immediately get rid of all grains, starches, sugars
1:03:00 If you have current health issues get rid of all plants as fast as you can
1:03:40 Lots of autism can track back to carbs
1:05:00 Best oil lard or tallow….but coconut oil is okay even though a plant
1:05:40 Jeanice Barcello – ultrasounds book, diet during pregnancy
1:07:30 Humans are the only species clever enough to make their own food and dumb enough to eat it 1:08:00 You can quit taking most meds overnight except psychotropic drugs
1:08:30 What is poisoning you in the Bathroom
1:09:20 Your skin is your biggest organ without a Kidney
1:09:55 FREE Coaching for anyone who reaches out
1:10:10 5’ 3”, 66 year old, 129lb loses 9 lbs in 60 days by giving up the gym and eating on fatty meat meal a day
1:11:10 Dr Shawn Baker – 54 Year Old Doctor with World Records – inspiring life changing stories on how carnivore diet cures anything
1:12:30 No plants for 90 days then what happens when you add them back
1:14:30 Meat (Cow) quality and nutrition does not matter if grass/grain finished versus grass finished 1:15:26 Cows eating glyphosate plant scraps the last 60 days cleanse 100% of the glyphosate out of the meat
1:16:30 Low fat meats are not nutritious – full fat meat better and cheaper
1:18:00 Eat Only Meat & You NEVER Fart – plants cause farts due to toxins
1:18:30 Much smaller and less frequent bowel movements with plant removal
1:19:30 You do not need expensive meat
1:19:49 Plant agenda is the biggest depopulation agenda in the World

1:20:20 Keto – Dr Eric Berg – and the plant propaganda – the original Keto diet was 100% plant free to cure seizures
1:21:25 Dr Zsofia Clemens clinic cures any disease with a red meat, red meat fan and organs can cure virtually anything

1:22:45 Raising animals versus plants – what uses more land and destroys more top soil
1:24:10 Animals getting killed in record numbers harvesting plants is kept a secret
1:27:26 Regardless of what you think about how animals are raised does not change how your organs work
1:27:55 Supplements and RDA – should you take them and is there any logic to the RDA since no diet is figured into the paradigm – is supplements bioavailable to humans and molecular structure
1:30:00 Thoughts on fruits – eat fruit how it presents yourself in your own front yard
1:33:00 Get rid of plants and you can take unlimited sun exposure & wear no sun glasses
1:33:30 Cholesterol makes vitamin D in your skin and your cholesterol levels go up a 100 points
1:34:28 Cholesterol is like the firemen and repair guys, Cancer is like the prison guards and are critical for optimal health
1:36:20 If you are a fat and sick truther…are you truly focusing on the most important truths…diet? 1:37:40 Carbs (plants) light up your brain like heroine
1:38:00 Vets always ask what a pet eats if sick, human doctors do not
1:40:45 Parents seem to pay more attention to a pet’s diet versus their children
1:43:20 Why do parents give kids bday cake and icecream but not their dog
1:45:44 Free Coaching at [email protected] – Subject Line about the show 1:46:12 Truthers Health Truth Homework – 1) Fathead The Documentary 2) Dr Barry Groves What We Are Designed To Eat 3) Wheatlessness By Dr William Davis
1:48:08 Thank you and anyone can reach out if they seek help

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