October 1, 2023

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Howdy members, join Adam 014/07/21 for the crazz files podcast to break down all the latest real news and events from Australia and the world. 

I jump on tonight to cover the Sydney lock downs and the incredible “weaponized” COVID propaganda campaign now being directly aimed at the public.

I cover mandatory and forced vaccinations while taking a look at some different and Draconian measures that have been introduced in different states. 

Also, i cover some latest breaking news and take a look at some deeper dangers behind the COVID-19 vaccination programs. 

Further details on the Constitutionality of Mandatory Vaccines


Amendnent to this original post – I want to make it clear we all make mistakes- if Senator Malcolm Roberts has genuinely made this speech unaware it is false and misleading I apologise for my attitude and frustration ……….Senator Malcolm Roberts latest video would have to be the most inaccurate I have ever seen on the Commonwealth Constitution 1900 UK – every statement bar one is FALSE – he has no idea what he is talking about his knowledge of the Constitution is ZERO! Malcolm you owe the people an apology for providing such fraudulent and misleading information! Disgraceful example of our standard clueless politicians who know NOTHING about the SUPREME LAW OF THIS LAND! Im so cross I started reciting incorrectly after having a go at him for doing the same,


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