December 6, 2023

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School counselors recruiting children for gruesome ‘trans’ treatments


Licensed clinical social worker Pamela Garfield-Jaeger, aka The Truthful Therapist, is featured in the docudramas “Gender Transitions: The Untold Realities” and “Dysconnected: The Real Story Behind the Transgender Explosion.”

Watch below as Pamela describes witnessing fellow therapists affirming trans-identifying patients rather than addressing their real issues.

It’s about dividing families. They’re pulling parents away who don’t automatically affirm and say [the parents] are unsafe. They’re using child protective services to strong-arm parents to go along with these treatments that are clearly dangerous and harmful both psychologically and physically.

Many states have “conversion therapy” laws where a therapist could lose their license for asking a patient why they identify as trans or what factors might be influencing them. If they say anything negative about transgenderism, they could also have the “trans mob coming after them.”

A lot of trans-identifying teens “want to be part of a group that gets special attention,” Pamela says. Having a victim-mentality “gives you social clout… gets you higher on the ranking of oppression. And it’s convenient because you can just say you’re trans.”

“Transgenderism goes against everything we know about childhood development… It goes against everything I’ve ever known as a mental health professional.”

Learn more from Pamela by watching this interview on Locals, YouTube, Rumble, or Bitchute.

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