Sick! WHO Guidelines Encourage Children Younger Than 4 Be Taught ‘Masturbation’ And ‘Gender Identity’


WHO guidelines for sex education recommend that children aged 0-4 be taught about “masturbation” and “gender identity.”

The World Health Organization’s ‘Standards for Sexuality Education in Europe: A framework for policymakers, educational and health authorities and specialists’, advises children be taught about sexually pleasuring themselves and transgenderism before they’ve even fully learned to talk.

The WHO advises that children aged 0-4 are given “information about enjoyment and pleasure when touching one’s body… masturbation.”

Toddlers are also to be encouraged to “gain an awareness of gender identity” and given “the right to explore gender identities.”

In the ages 4-6 bracket, educators are urged to “give information about same-sex relationships” and “help children develop respect for different norms regarding sexuality.”

Of course, in any sane world, no child of this age should be exposed to any kind of information about sex whatsoever.

(There is an ongoing agenda to sexualise children from a very young age.)

Despite them being complicit in China’s cover-up of the coronavirus outbreak, the media has held up the WHO as an organization beyond reproach which cannot be questioned.

Social media networks are removing material and banning people who criticize the World’s Health Organization’s guidelines.

Given that the global health body is pushing such sickness onto toddlers, the Trump administration’s decision to withdraw funding is looking better every day.


One thought on “Sick! WHO Guidelines Encourage Children Younger Than 4 Be Taught ‘Masturbation’ And ‘Gender Identity’

  1. I am not a proponent for WHO but I have read the full document from both WHO — Action Plan for Sexual and Reproductive Health:

    and the International Technical Guidance on Sexuality Education:

    and did not find any such mention… please site your information source if you are going to make such allegations.
    People must read these documents for themselves and shame on anyone who does not provide concrete support for their \\\\\\\’reporting\\\\\\\’. \\\\\\\’Reporters\\\\\\\’ should provide fact based and well documented information, NOT EDITORIALIZATIONS, to allow intelligent readers to come to their own conclusions about the information being imparted. AND P.S. I AM A STAUNCH CONSERVATIVE CHRISTIAN…who believes that we humans should be credited with intelligence enough and the freedom to make our own decisions as our Maker gifted us to enjoy.

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