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The disastrous Covid-19 response – Murdoch media, ‘epidemiologists’, and Peter Malinauskas, premier of South Australia


For the attention of:

Peter Malinauskas
Leader of the SA Labor Party Premier of South Australia

Peter Malinauskas, does the SA Government / SA Health have a relationship with the Murdoch media in Adelaide, i.e. coordinating alarming stories about Covid-19 in The Advertiser?

There’s a constant torrent of fear-mongering stories in The Advertiser, beating up the Covid-19 situation, for example recently featuring Uni of SA’s Adrian Esterman saying it’s only a matter of time until new Covid restrictions would have to be reintroduced – “Eventually when things get too bad state and territory governments will have to start reintroducing face mask mandates again”. See: ‘SA epidemiologist warns you are not immune from new strains of Covid by having had the virus’, 27 June 2022, copy attached.

Esterman is one of a veritable army of unelected ‘epidemiologists’ in Australia beating up the fear about Covid-19, apparently wanting people masked-up and restricted forever. But what specific expertise does Adrian Esterman and his ilk have to dictate onerous interventions in the lives of Australians? Moreover, where is the scientific evidence to support his claims? I question the gross intrusion into the lives of Australians over the past two and a half years, which has had a devastating impact on people’s bodily integrity and personal autonomy, with the imposition of obviously defective Covid jabs, lockdowns, blanket testing, masking, surveillance of movement via QR codes, border closures etc. What has been the financial and political cost of this draconian response in our ‘liberal democracy’? This has yet to be quantified…

There is much to be reviewed about the grossly disproportionate and ill-targeted Covid-19 response, particularly why governments across the globe locked down societies with a ‘vaccine solution’ as the only way out – how did this happen? Why were the young/healthy, and not-at-risk, locked up and denied the ability to work and participate in civil society? Why wasn’t there a focus on treatment and protection for the vulnerable, and encouragement for the community to embrace healthy diet, exercise, fresh air and vitamin D, supportive relationships, and reducing stress? Instead, it seems governments and their advisers around the world were eager to do the very opposite, deliberately trying to terrify populations about Covid, and impeding good health. The question now is,why?

People are being used as guinea pigs with little regard being shown for the safety, effectiveness or necessity of the Covid jabs. Billions of fast-tracked experimental Covid-19 jabs have been pressed upon people all over the world, this is unprecedented. As a matter of urgency, there must be an objective and independent investigation into the impact of the Covid-19 jabs on mass populations, including adverse events. These fast-tracked, experimental jabs have been aggressively pressed upon the community, with many people being mandated to submit to a medical intervention in order to keep their jobs or partake in civil society, all with no information of the long-term consequences.

The fact is…most people weren’t at serious risk from Covid-19, why have they been bullied into submitting to the jabs, trashing ‘valid voluntary consent’? It’s disgraceful that children are being injected with these products, when they offer them no benefit because they are at little risk from Covid-19. It’s incredible that this experimental medical intervention has been approved for children, and is pushed by Nicola Spurrier and SA Health, when natural infection is by far the safest option for most children. (Emma McArthur questioned the impact of the Covid-19 response on children see her letter to Helen Connolly, South Australian Commissioner for Children and Young People, dated 6 August 2021.)

What impact will the fast-tracked experimental Covid-19 jabs have on general health in future, particularly with these jabs currently being pressed upon people every few months, with no clear plan of what is going to happen going forward? People in their 70s/80s may be prepared to take the risk with regular doses of the experimental jabs, which are claimed to provide dubious ‘protection’ of very limited duration. But what will it mean for children, young people and others to have these shots repeatedly, against a disease that was not a serious threat for them? This should not be happening!

Returning to the Murdoch media, I’ve mentioned many times in my correspondence that News Corp Australia has a conflict of interest in reporting matters related to Covid-19, as it’s a corporate partner with the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, which is involved in vaccine research, including Covid-19 vaccine research with the Doherty Institute. As far as I’m aware, News Corp Australia’s conflicts of interest have never been disclosed on articles about Covid-19 in its publications. The Murdoch media promoted ‘No Jab, No Play’ for coercive vaccination of children in a media campaign during 2013-2015, which resulted in the No Jab, No Pay law in 2016, after a bill was raised by then Social Services Minister Scott Morrison. The ‘No Jab’ concept initiated by the Murdoch media and supported by politicians has now been used to coerce people to submit to the Covid-19 jabs, e.g. No Jab, No Job. The Murdoch media beats up fear about Covid-19, and promotes Covid-19 jabs – is this about supporting Murdoch/News Corp Australia’s corporate interests via the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute and the Doherty Institute? This is another subject that requires urgent investigation. You should consider the SA government’s position on this matter, Peter Malinauskas, and your relationship with the Murdoch media.

Peter Malinauskas, for the record, please see below hyperlinks to my emails to you on the disastrous Covid- 19 response, which you have ignored – apparently par for the course with governments refusing to be accountable to the electorate for Covid-19…

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You’re in the hot seat in South Australia now Peter Malinauskas. I hope there will be a global investigation into the disastrous Covid-19 response in the not too distant future.


Elizabeth Hart

Independent researcher investigating the over-use of vaccine products and conflicts of interest in vaccination policy


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