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Hunted Australia will premiere on Sunday, July 17, on Channel 10 and 10 Play.

The Andrew’s regime will test it’s new Chinese style, AI surveillance and tracking system in a new TV show called, Hunted that is about to air on Channel 10 in Australia.

Basically, a bunch of fugitives are taken in vans then released in federation square, Melbourne and then must go on the run while trying to stay hidden from the new AI beast network that was installed during the harshest and longest lock downs in the world.

Yes, while the people of Melbourne were being locked inside their homes and brutalized by storm troopers in black, the Andrews Dictatorship were quietly installing their brand new tracking system.

The basic idea of the show is that a prize of $100,000 awaits the winners, but they must first evade a team of ‘hunters’ comprising former intelligence agents and police officers.

Hunted, which was produced by Endemol Shine, was being filmed right in the middle of the city under our noses during brutal lock-downs where it was a crime to even put your nose outside.

We followed many reports during the darkest hours of the Melbourne lock-downs that clearly showed planes entering and leaving Melbourne in the middle of the night with the planes coming from China.

Many reports out of Melbourne were stating that planes were carrying huge amounts of new AI enabled track-trace and surveillance technology to be installed all over Melbourne during lock downs.

What better way is there to show off the newly installed, AI track and trace surveillance system to the public than to wrap it all up in a new and exciting TV show about people being hunted by this very technology? In this way, people are being shown the truth of what is really happening but are distracted away because they believe it’s all just entertainment.

Hunted is basically a cunning way to introduce Australians to the new AI beast system which is all part of the agenda 2030 and global reset with the story about a virus being the excuse to implement it all so Aussies need to show their disgust with this evil content.

Here are just a few articles outlining the new AI beast system that was just freshly installed into Melbourne while most of the public were terrified of a fake virus.

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