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The Real Globalist Plan Isn’t Merely to Overthrow America, But to Overthrow Earth


When people get awakened to the truth about what’s happening in our world, they tend to think too small.

The truth, it turns out, is much bigger — and much more horrifying — than what almost anyone imagines.

Many people realize there’s a battle taking place on Earth right now between globalism and populism.

A global cabal of controllers seeks the complete surrender of human freedom and absolute control over all speech, all thought, world “money,” national economies, science, medicine, history and even “truth.”

The push for global control over the planet is real, but it’s only the first step in an even bigger plan that’s also under way right now… a plan to quite literally exterminate humanity and terraform the planet to prepare it for a post-human future.
I suggest reading my bombshell story that outlines the effort currently under way to terraform planet Earth.

All of us who are pro-human are not merely in a fight for human liberty and freedom against global tyranny; we are actually in a fight for the very survival of the human species.

Defeating the globalists is now a matter of life or death for the entire human species.

This must-listen podcast explains why:



2 thoughts on “The Real Globalist Plan Isn’t Merely to Overthrow America, But to Overthrow Earth

  1. “POST HUMAN FUTURE” – we are talking aliens – the little green men that come from planet Mars.
    We are saying that a bunch of coked up junkies – who have given themselves brain damage – know aliens well enough to invite them to take over planet Earth.

    STILL TODAY – 2019 – we have not got the technology to leave our own atmosphere.
    These persons watch the Sci Fi moves & believe them to be true – is all that’s going on.

    AND WITCHCRAFT … yes folks – good – old fashioned – witchcraft …
    These morons – our leaders have been persuaded that magic exists & can be controlled by mortals – they have bought into the bullshit in a big way.

    Another topic:-
    I have not been in to the CBD Vic, for the last 15 years – yesterday my son told me that there were so many homeless people laying about in the streets of Melbourne Central:-
    You see
    I know for sure that there are many Commission flats that are EMPTY …
    I know for sure that there are many houses throughout Central Victoria that are EMPTY …
    So – what is the reason that the Victorian government have people sleeping in the streets of the city of Melbourne ??
    And according to media – welfare agencies receive REGULAR BIG MONEY to manage & care for these homeless people.

    1. how can the government afford to give all this money away ??
    2. where does the money come from in the first place ??
    3. is it BLACK MONEY being laundered through private schools & church do gooders ??
    4. where does all this vast & continuous money go – because it is not being spent on the needy – the aged & the homeless ??

  2. The US TV series Suits – at this law firm, they have a COMPULSORY – monthly “pee in a cup” drug testing policy.
    I believe that it is prudent that the Australian people expect the Australian political arena to be DRUG FREE.
    I believe that Australian politicians should be forced to comply with REGULAR & COMPULSORY DRUG TESTING by an INDEPENDENT DRUG TESTING GROUP answerable to the people of Australia.

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