Why Vaxxed 2 Is Mandatory Viewing For Every Man, Woman, And Child With Jon Rappoport

I recently hosted an hour of the Alex Jones show.  I had set up video clips from the life changing film, Vaxxed II, to show the audience. Ten minutes before the show was to begin, all the power in my house went out.  At about the same time, my blog went down for about an hour.

I was sitting there in the dark, with no way to contact the producer of the show.  But a friend showed up with a cell phone, and while I was stomping around and cursing, he and the producer calmly set me up to broadcast via his cell phone.  It worked.

I was very ragged, but I did show 5 clips from Vaxxed II, to a worldwide audience, revealing the tragedy of vaccine damage to children—from the first-hand testimony of the parents and the children.  Vaxxed II will change the lives of everyone who sees it.  Here is the link to my segment:

If YouTube Video Is Taken Down Permanent Link Can Be Found Below


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