September 25, 2023

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$100k Challenge to the World’s Press and Medical Community

On February 15, 2017, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Chairman of the World Mercury Project (WMP), announced a $100,000 challenge aimed at putting an end to using mercury, a dangerous neurotoxin found to be 100 times more poisonous than lead, in vaccines administered in the United States and globally.

Kennedy explained that the WMP would pay $100,000 to the first journalist, or other individual, who could find a peer-reviewed scientific study demonstrating that thimerosal is safe in the amounts contained in vaccines currently being administered to American children and pregnant women. Kennedy believed that even “a meager effort at homework” would expose that contention as unsupported by science. He believes the science is unequivocal that mercury is a serious health hazard and exposure is linked to many different diseases and conditions.

Kennedy, along with Robert De Niro (actor and father of a vaccine-injured child), showed the journalists in attendance, and the tens of thousands watching the live stream broadcast, a 2-foot tall stack of studies proving thimerosal’s toxicity and the handful of mainly epidemiological studies claiming to show that thimerosal was not a concern. As the science is unequivocal that mercury is a serious health hazard and exposure is linked to many different diseases and conditions, De Niro and Kennedy legitimately offered a reward of $100,000 to anyone who could find a study that effectively rebutted that large stack of published science.

The $100,000 challenge is officially over. No entry met the criteria for the challenge. Below are: the initial press release, an open letter from Kennedy and De Niro, a video and transcript of the conference, the Challenge, criteria for evaluating submissions and the results including our responses to those who submitted entries. The results of the challenge support our position that there are no studies that exist that prove that it is safe to purposefully inject mercury into anyone, especially pregnant women, infants and children.


Press Release (Feb. 15, 2017)

Press Conference Video & Transcript

Challenge & Rules

9 thoughts on “$100k Challenge to the World’s Press and Medical Community

  1. It is important that those in the scientific community – who support incorrect & fraudulent facts & methods – both in medical science & science at large – are weeded out & made redundant.
    These charlatans belong on they dole cues.
    Hard Earned Tax Payer Dollars are pay for the QUACKERY that supports deviance in pursuit of – The Almighty Buck – in medical science & it’s follow on to health care.
    How many oral medication are laced with heavy metals ?
    What is it with BigPharma that they are so adamant in forcing toxic chemicals – detrimental to human life – upon the population of the world ?

  2. Some friends of mine had lunch with Robert De Niro at Cannes Film Festival – along time ago now.
    And they said he was a lovely man.
    And that goes without saying of Robert Kennedy Jr.
    Hooray for the good guys.

  3. Hi Jagg: – long time no speak – dis you know that Alan Finney – once with Village Roadshow is now with the AFI.
    Just in case you were wondering.
    His Joanna & my Alice were best friends & attended karate classes together in High St Toorak – a long time ago now.

  4. Hi Rosie, No, I wasn’t wondering. This old ignorant does not know who Alan Finney is or what AFI is and has had nothing to do with Village Roadshow for at least 10 years.
    PS. I do not consider Blue Poles, I saw last time I was at the National Gallery, is art or the producer of it is an artist. But then we know what is said about opinions, right.

    1. Alan is a nice man – you would like him – he is a regular guy – not pretentious at all – he catches public transport & walks – after work he came to get Joanna – we sat on the carpet out side the door chatting as we waited for the girls – the class always ran late.
      AFI – Australian Film Institute – we have a lot of unappreciated talent in Australia – which is wasted – it is criminal.

      Wasn’t Blue Poles stolen by some anarchist group at one point – & Anna Schwartz of Schwartz Galleries was utilized as a go between to give the canvas back – ?.
      Blue Poles – it is that we – neither – do not understand the concept Jagg – is all.
      It’s not worth concerning oneself as to what “they say” for the have it horribly wrong.

  5. For the record, as I walked through the kitchen the other day, you know, it wasn’t today, I saw and heard Joe Hidebrand, on the Tel-lie-vision, screeching that any parent who didn’t vaccinate their child was a child abuser. You sure he is a good guy, Rosie?

    1. I heard him also – sound travels long distances – I don’t want to be scathing of Joe – why – I don’t know why – most certainly what he said was rubbish & most certainly he has been “asked” to sound off like that – there was an element of desperation about him as he screeched – Joe has a wife & children to support & lets face it …
      Main Stream TV Networks are in desperate financial trouble –
      Jagg: – I do not own a TV & have not done for several years now – I’m not the only one – most of the time the TV is being used as a movie screen attached to the computer.
      We in Australia do not watch TV very much at all – any more.
      Main Stream has lost it’s place in the market of entertainment & news delivery.
      Besides Joe presents as an impulsive & fun loving man – a bit of a wild man & there is this sadness that seems to hover around him – not many parents would consider him the best source of advice – & I’m sure that he is a very responsible – hard working & caring man.
      People with a career need to be very wary of what they commit to – lest it be their downfall – when you lose credibility – there is not much left for you but clowning around.
      Great talking to you Jagg – best foot forward – right left right left right left – have we left the building yet ? – right left right left right left ….. what about now ? can you see outside yet ?

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