An Open Letter To The Australian HEMP Party

By Bernie Smith

Australian HEMP Party. You have seriously screwed yourself now. Aligning with the The Australian Sex Party. Have you guys thought this through. Have you guys had a bit too much of the bong may be? 

The Australian Sex Party has stated that they are in support of Big Pharma. They will support the fascist laws that will push vaccines on every Australian, young and old. They are supporting the business that is trying to make natural weed disappear. They are growing a synthetic, GMO version to be legalised in Australia and will keep natural cannabis illegal. Like they attack everything natural. Is this really what you guys stand for? Or is it may be that your presidents are good friends?

Australian HEMP Party you are completely screwing your own cause with this alliance and the only reason I can see is that your president wants to be in the senate so bad that he will give up on his beliefs before he even gets elected. That’s the worst kind of politician.
Knowing how important your friendships with The Australian Sex Party is, just consider how many friends you will loose when people realise what you have done.


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