October 1, 2023

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Australia, the lucky country? – Nope! – Australia The Fascist Corporately Ruled Police State!


Written by Bernie Smith

Australia. The lucky country… Don’t make me laugh. Lucky for the richest of rich. For most, Australia is nothing but a corporate controlled police state. Don’t believe me. Look at the videos of police brutality and note that most of these officers were cleared of any wrongdoing. On top of that judicial powers are being used by private companies, like toll companies to collect their debts. It’s even worse… In Australia, you can lose your license or go to prison for not paying a private company! That’s another box ticked on the way to a police state.

So, I think we can establish that we are living in a police state in Australia. But that’s not all. Australia is fastly becoming a corpocracy. With laws that help only the large corporations and their profit margins. From destructive policies that will see the Great Barrier Reef getting destroyed to laws that give tax exemptions to environmental polluters like mining companies. Building large coal harbors in the middle of the largest reef in the world, waiting for a disaster to happen. Only to supply China with more coal to screw up the world some more. But now they have gone even further. Australia wants to become a top 10 weapons exporter. And by getting this goal they will supply weapons to countries like Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, and The Philippines. That’s not so lucky for people in Jemen, West Papua and drug addicts of Manilla. Not to mention that they want to loosen gun control within in Australia so that more weapons can be sold here.

So yeah Australia is controlled by corporate interest. Just look at the NBN. A broadband network paid for by the taxpayers to be used and exploited by private companies. In most countries in the world, the companies pay for their infrastructure and make their money back by selling a product. In Australia, the taxpayer pays for the infrastructure and then we still pay up to 3 times more than in most other countries to get connected to a slow and underperforming broadband network. Sounds like a scam to me.

It is clear then that Australia is a police state and has large corporate influences “helping” the government make policies. Big pharma with the help of the Murdoch controlled media pushed for mandatory vaccine laws and got what they wanted. With health departments, the media, opinion makers, doctors and scientists all on the wagon stating there are no risks in vaccinating. When people started questioning these new laws the reaction of the Australian government was one of a fascist regime. Instead of debating the pros and cons of these policies, they did what only an oppressive regime could and would do. They made a law that threatened health officials with 10 years in prison if they would talk against or even about these vaccination policies in a negative way. There is only one narrative and that’s one of the safe and effective vaccines. Get with the program.  And these laws effectively stopped any normal debate in regard to our children’s wellbeing. And if you have any doubts just look at the video below which shows how Victorian health minister Jill Hennessy’s disgusting conduct in regard to vaccinations. From stating they are safe and effective to spreading misleading and plain wrong information to push vaccination rates.

Yep, Australia is the lucky country alright.  Lucky for a few. A corporate fascist, police state for most others… Does that sound lucky to you? To most in Australia, Australia is a fascist, corporate police state. Even though, most Australians don’t even see it. Thanks to the media that is making sure that the agenda of making Australia a fascist, corporate police state is not jeopardized.

It is time to bring back the “lucky” to Australia. And the only way that will ever happen is if we the people wake up and start fighting back. Showing the people in power that we had enough. That we see what they are doing. And that we don’t like it!

Source: http://www.truthlibrary.info/blog/australia-the-lucky-country-nope-australia-the-fascist-corporately-ruled-police-state/

12 thoughts on “Australia, the lucky country? – Nope! – Australia The Fascist Corporately Ruled Police State!

  1. Afstralia – the top manufacturer & exporter of guns / arms / war weaponry:

    It sounds great – hey!
    Finally – JOBS for Afstralia Youth.
    No more excuse to be a dole bludger – join & contribute to the global war effort.

    The Abbott Government Told Australian Automaker, General Motors Holden To Piss Off.
    Afstralia lost 200.000 plus JOBS as a result.
    Not to mention a chance to be a part of the global revolution in the manufacture of Clean Green Transport.


    ONLY THAT: these arms are most likely being manufactured in India & / or China by slave labor.
    From India & / or China the sold arms will be delivered to the purchaser.
    ONLY THAT: most likely these arms will actually belong to Israel & / or the USA.
    Aaaand – all profits will go to Israel & / or the USA.

  2. Does anyone really believe that the EU, USA, ISRAEL will allow Afstralia to take away – even a minute part of the lucrative CASH for ARMS market.

    That they would let Afstralia be their stooge – this yes.

  3. The Electronic Intifada – has run articles exposing EU money laundering to & from Israel: THE HEAT IS ON Israel & they need to maintain a low profile – the whole world is calling for Israel to be shut down – lest the bring about – WORLD WAR THREE.
    It could be that Israel & the EU have had to divert their ilegal operations & money laundering through Afstralia’s banking systems?
    This YES.

  4. To find out what is going on in the EU – Middle East – Asia pacific Region – ISRAEL – you need to go over & read their news.

  5. Afstralia news media don’t know what’s going on in Afstralia – they don’t even know that the EU exists – to them it’s just a fairy story.

  6. It’s Greek Easter this weekend – get you 1/2 priced chocolate eggs & bunnies form Cole before they get sold out.

  7. A song.
    Ya to Jimmy Jimmiou – ne, o yatron.
    An old song – but still relevant.
    Youtube – tsetinis empampis – oti arxizei wraoi.
    Yanis Kotsirua also sings it well.

  8. Regarding NBN faults.

    About 18 years ago – one rainy day the land line fell out – telstra sent someone round – he checked the house – all good – he went down to the next street – where a junction (I don’t know what was) – found the fault & fixed it.
    Several months later on a very rainy day it happened again.
    Even more months later it happened again.
    And again.
    At least 3 times a year & even 6 – it happened.
    About 5 years ago a team of Telstra technicians came to do some work & “finally the fault was repaired & not just patched up like it has been all those other times.

    About 6 months ago the land line connection began to crackle – interference?
    Ever few days there is interference on the phone line & the internet is interrupted & even drops out sometimes.

    Why am I telling you this?

    If – after all these years – how long has the landline been in existence & still the service provider TELSTRA don’t have a clue.

    What hope do we – the punter have with NBN?
    Buckleys – hey!

  9. How many time have you been to the SMarket or Gas Station & they say, “Sorry mate, banks computers are down.”
    If NBN is failing the ordinary punter, it is also failing businesses all the way up to the corporate establishment in town.
    At St Vinnies hospital – my 10 day stay over – I managed to get online mostly after midnight – very poor service.
    Oh, but it’s a hospital you say – not a good enough excuse.
    My corporate son sold the fiber optic cable connections to St Vinnies – The Royal Melb Hospital as well private schools – also business & corporate – he is the manager of sales & acquisitions – so I know it from the horse’s mouth.

  10. From day one Australia has been under State Power.
    You can wank your dicks and watch the Idiot Box but the fact remains that we live in a structured class system that promotes State Control under the cover of democracy.
    The State system of power promotes ‘democracy’ but this is merely side salad to the real facts that the State is constantly competing against its own people to gain more power over them.

  11. I should have stated that ‘State’ equals Corporate control!
    Bernie…. thanks for your write and, hopefully, it gets some thinking that we are not all our Media tells us….. Gus.

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