October 5, 2023

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Australians, You Have Been Duped


Australians, you have been duped. You have allowed the Government to remove Gender from the cornerstones of our society. What we were really voting for was‘Transgender’ Marriage and therefore ‘Transgender’ sexuality education. The push to force Gender Theory into schools has been forceful and relentless since the redefinition of marriage.

During last year’s Plebiscite to redefine marriage, thousands of LGBT people joined the chorus to make their relationships ‘Government Official.’ Little did they know, they were all being used as pawns by Elites who knew something they didn’t – It was never about marriage.

The slogan ‘Marriage Equality’ should not be used in place of the ‘Same Sex Marriage’ proposition

New stats reveal that LGBTQ people are not getting married and most never intended to. The ABC promised a billion dollar injection into the economy as a direct result of redefining marriage. That target is laughable now.

Safe Schools co-founder, Roz Ward lamented at a Marxist Conference the ‘heteronormative’ and ‘capitalist’ ideals such as male and female, marriage and natural family (forcing parents to take responsibility for their own children) that have been imposed on us.

And from the home of Safe Schools, La Trobe University, in 2008, Gary Dowsett co-authored an article entitled: ‘Gay and bisexual men’s interest in marriage: An Australian perspective‘. His research showed that the majority of gay men did not intend to marry their ‘primary regular partner’ and  “Those who did not intend to marry their primary regular partner offered a number of reasons, including that the nature of their relationship was incompatible with marriage, and reported a critical position towards marriage as a heteronormative institution.”

So why did they push so hard for it? Why did Greens Senator Richard Di Natale tell LGBT people that if they weren’t allowed to get married, it would be perfectly natural for them to want to commit suicide? Which is absolutely false, by the way.

The truth was revealed before the ink was even dry on the new marriage law. After demonising and doxing the brave mothers who said ‘gay marriage means radical LGBTQ sex education,’ the very first thing on the post plebiscite agenda was….. radical LGBTQ sex education.

The Conversation, December 8, 2017:  “The results of the same-sex marriage postal survey were clear: Australia voted in favour of equality. The marriage equality bill has passed, and the mandate to deliver inclusive sexuality education in schools is more pressing than ever. LGBTQi+-inclusive sexuality education should embrace diversity in the classroom, the staff-room and in whole-of-school policies.”

And now the Queensland Government is citing ‘Marriage Equality’ as the reason why they need to remove gender from official documents….

“Now that we have marriage equality (same sex marriage), the time is right to examine whether Queensland’s life event registration services meet changing community expectations and the needs of LGBTI Queensland.’’ – Attorney-General Yvette D’Ath.

Elite Transgender Activists don’t want ‘equality,’ they want complete domination. And now the LGBT have served their purpose, the lesbians are no longer required. Just search #GetTheLOut on Twitter and see the physical and emotional violence faced by Lesbians, culminating in a protest float at London Pride March this week. They were labelled ‘Anti Trans’ because they refuse to have sex with biological men. Now, Lesbians want OUT of the ‘LGBT’ rainbow ‘family.’

Women in general are under threat of erasure. Journalist Miranda Devine recently posted an article about a rich, white biological man who paid for plastic surgery and competed against biological women in a beauty competition. Their natural beauty was no match for the workmanship of a plastic surgeon, thus, this biological man took out Miss Universe Spain.

For writing about it, Miranda was subjected to this vile tweet by biological male, Hannah Mouncey, who is lobbying the AFL to allow biological men to play in the newly formed Women’s AFL competition…

Now that it’s clear [most] LGBT people don’t actually want to get married, it’s time to repeal the changes to the Marriage Act, which no longer recognises biological reality.

Share this with everyone you know and lobby your local MP to restore common sense.

Source: http://youreteachingourchildrenwhat.org/2018/07/australians-you-have-been-duped/

8 thoughts on “Australians, You Have Been Duped

  1. Before I read this article – MARRIAGE is not at stake here – fuck marriage man.
    The real issue is that young persons are being FORCIBLY PUSHED into GENDER ROLES that have been DESIGNED FOR THEM BY THE ESTABLISHMENT.

    WHY is the big question here ??
    Is it a campaign to hide the fact that BigPharma & MONSANTO have actually destroyed gender differentiation in mankind on planet Earth ??
    And for all time ??

  2. google – MONSANTO – Wikipedia & read that
    MONSANTO —-> WAS this &
    MONSANTO —-> WAS that &
    MONSANTO —-> WAS even this & that

    BUT –
    ALAS –
    TODAY MONSANTO ON LONGER EXISTS … conveniently MONSANTO has been swallowed up by BAYER.

    WHY ??

  3. This gender bullshit is – A GLOBAL INITIATIVE TO cover up DAMAGES INFLICTED UPON MANKIND.
    Go Richard Di Natale —-> his pocket is fuller by the minute.

  4. People all around the world are being GUIDED into FABRICATED & DEFINED ROLES to prevent them from questioning sexual discrepancies about their person.

  5. It is not whether you win or lose
    It is to be a player
    It is to go all out
    To give it your best shot
    I also like to win
    So that’s the direction I aim at
    To win is the ultimate zing man !!

  6. interesting article & especially for Jon Rappoport –
    Consortium News – Living in a World Bereft of Privacy by Annie Machon in Brussels.

    Amazing how technology has evolves ??

  7. “France Passes Law Saying Children Can Consent To Sex With Adults”

    “President Macron’s government has voted against having an age of consent in France, becoming the latest nation to give in to pressure from an international network of liberal activists determined to normalize pedophilia and decriminalize sex with children across the world.”

    The LGBTQ lefties have had another victory and one may suggest that it will not be long before a similar law is passed in Aus.
    NSW voted some 75% assisting to allow these people control, sad indeed!
    Are our Pollies hand and glove with the LGBTQ?
    We are just viewing part of the iceberg tip re the Catholic church and its follies into millennia of child abuse. Our political folk should be at the helm, but no, it seems they just want it to all go away, why?

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