October 1, 2023

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BOMBSHELL ADMISSION: “They never isolated the virus. That’s the issue” – Dr Wu Zunyou


A stunning bombshell admission by a Chinese Centre for Disease Control Doctor in a NBC interview should be the nail in the coffin for this so-called global pandemic.

This whole pandemic was sold on the idea of a novel coronavirus. One that has never been detected before. One that is supposedly extremely virulent and deadly.


This admission, albeit glossed over by the useless NBC reporter Janis Mackey Freyer, is the BIGGEST BOMBSHELL.

They didn’t isolate the virus. That’s the issue.

Dr Wu Zunyou
Chinese Centre for Disease Control.

The full segment is available here with the segment beginning at 13:30: https://youtu.be/TjjA-8JXzYI

Dr. Wu Zunyou from the Chinese Center for Disease Control admits on camera to NBC that they didn’t isolate the SARS-COV-2 Virus.

Why did NBC reporter Janis Mackey Frayer not pay the slightest attention to this statement and ask immediate follow up questions? Alarm bells should have been going off for any decent reporter with that stunning admission. At the very least ask the Doctor to repeat that statement.

This interview took place in January 2021. After nearly a year of ridiculous social distancing measures, being ordered to wear masks, being locked down and prevented from living normal lives, we have this leading Chinese Doctor come out and say it was all based on a lie.

A non-isolated virus means that scientifically the existence of this supposedly deadly virus has never been proven. The whole pandemic rests on the shoulders of this proof. A proof which is admitted to not exist.

Source: https://realnewsaustralia.com/2021/06/27/bombshell-admission-they-never-isolated-the-virus-thats-the-issue-dr-wu-zunyou/?fbclid=IwAR00y9UAqkDtu1UbAYgP26Nhh2k7myXbs5ZvWc0ntJA75OHFK_D6OAvymEI

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1 thought on “BOMBSHELL ADMISSION: “They never isolated the virus. That’s the issue” – Dr Wu Zunyou

  1. Has been suggested by many informed people ever since the CoVid farce started; there has never been a scientific paper claiming empirically that this CoVid Virus has been isolated yet our Medical Mafia and Government clowns have gone with the garbage issued by the UN and WHO that are both Communist organisations controlled by the Anglo hierarchy from London.
    More and more the truth is coming out that CoVid is nothing more than a total farce and we should take our Governments on to prove that it is not a farce. We can do that if we want to protect our children and future.

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