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David Rockefeller: Mastermind of the 9/11 Nuclear Terrorist Attacks


Abstract: As we approach the 15th observance of the 9/11 nuclear terror attacks it is time to reflect on who was behind the attacks and what the ultimate goals of 9/11 were. 9/11 researchers are familiar with names like former Pentagon comptroller Dov Zakheim, 9/11 Commission executive director Phil Zelikow, Larry Silverstein, Westfield America owner Frank Lowy etc. but one name that rarely comes up in 9/11 discussions is David Rockefeller. Closer scrutiny reveals that Rockefeller was in position to guide the events of 9/11 from the construction of the World Trade Center in the 1960s to placing his henchmen on the 9/11 Commission.

Mastermind is defined by as a person who originates or is primarily responsible for the execution of a particular idea, project, or the like. In the 9/11 context no one fits this definition better than David Rockefeller. There are schools of thought that Benjamin Netanyahu or Dov Zakheim were the masterminds of the 9/11 nuclear terrorist attacks but only David Rockefeller was involved in the planning, construction, operation or sale of the World Trade Center complex. Rockefeller was intimately involved in the entire life cycle of the World Trade Center from its planning in the 1950s to its nuclear demolition in 2001.

Rockefeller is Jewish

While serious 9/11 researchers are keenly aware that 9/11 was largely a Jewish operation, one big Jewish name has thus far been missing in action: David Rockefeller. It is not widely known that Rockefeller is indeed Jewish:

A book overlooked by most people and published for sale mainly within the Jewish community states that the Rockefellers are Jews of Sephardic descent (meaning Spanish and Portuguese Jews). The work was compiled by the Jewish historian Malcolm H. Stern and entitled “Americans of Jewish Descent.” [A search confirms that this book indeed exists.]

That book weighed 10 pounds and gave the history of 25,000 Jewish individuals in America. It is extremely interesting to note that only 550 copies of the book were printed and each copy was consecutively numbered. The book was delivered to the top Jewish community leaders in America for their personal reference in dealing with and contacting Jews who are “Marranos” (those Jews who “PRETEND” to be Christians in their community but secretly hold to their Jewish “faith” and race when among their own kind.)

Stephen Birmingham in “The Grandees” reports: “Who would expect to find the Rockefellers in the book.” Stern’s work traces what he calls the “Nobility of Jewry – the Sephardim who lived in Spain and Portugal as princes of the land.” Many centuries ago the Jews flooded into Spain in great numbers and through usury and stealth became vast land owners. The Jews controlled both Spain and Portugal through their monopoly over the finances of the country.

In 1492, King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain expelled the Jews from their country and confiscated their ill-gotten wealth. It was during this period that the Rockefeller family moved to the Turkish Empire which welcomed the Jews at that time, believing them to be a “poor persecuted people.”

The grandfather of our former Vice-President Nelson Rockefeller admitted that his family once moved from Turkey to France. It was from France that they moved to America. John D. Rockefeller, Sr., was a wealthy man even before he took over Standard Oil Co., which made their family one of the richest in the world. No one has ever explained how this family came into such wealth as soon as they arrived in America from France.

There is no known information on how the Rockefellers came into huge amounts of money in France. Some think they got their money from the Rothschilds and were originally their agents in buying up Christian businesses in America.

Jewish Roots of the Rockefeller Family:

Rockefellers Behind the Construction of the WTC

Building the World Trade Center Towers:

David and Nelson Rockefeller were instrumental in the construction of the World Trade Center complex:

Though the idea of the World Trade Center was first proposed in 1946, just after World War II, for nearly 15 years it would remain exactly that — an idea. When the concept did re-emerge in the late 1950s, it would begin to move with an all but unstoppable force, propelled above all by two men, sons and brothers of one the most powerful family dynasties on earth.

Capitalist Internationalists

As much as anyone else of their time, David and Nelson Rockefeller embodied the potent mix of pragmatic capitalist drive and visionary internationalist outlook that underlay the new world order that America had put in place at the end of the war. More than anyone else, they took it upon themselves to ensure New York’s role at the very center of that burgeoning commercial imperium.

David Rockefeller’s Thoughts On WTC Towers:

Some WTC History You Might Not Know

The Twin Towers were a millstone around the neck of Lower Manhattan. Author George Trinkaus states that the Towers were basically doomed from the get go:

Planned to last for at least a century, that grandiose Titanic called the World Trade Center, soon revealed itself to be an engineering stupidity and technological embarrassment. The facade, made of cast aluminum, had been directly connected to the steel superstructure. This caused a battery-like electric flow between the two metals resulting in what’s known as galvanic corrosion. The chemical problem had been text-book predictable in the marine-air environment of lower Manhattan, hence the embarrassment.

The formidable-looking facade, weakening day by day, was in danger of peeling off and falling into the street, which is what they did on 911. Another built-in irreversible problem was that the WTC buildings were full of asbestos. They may have been “sick buildings” in other environmental ways. The twin towers were white elephants waiting for replacement. The entire WTC complex, including Building 7, had become, prematurely expendable. Consider, though, that the WTC had paid for itself and profited the investors and profited various landlords, public and private, over and over during its life. Also consider the pressure of insatiable New York developers to raze anything in sight on any pretext and to build anew the latest gleaming office structures and luxury condos for the new booming yuppie class.

WTC demolition planned in ’80’s

A demolition was actually planned out in detail for the twin towers in the 1980’s. The planners developed estimates for a complete take-down and rebuild, and engaged architects to make conceptual drawings.

The demolition of such gigantic steel structures, with their thick concrete floors, if lawfully performed in conformance with New York City codes, would have been an immensely arduous and expensive task, estimated back then at $5.6 billion. (This included the slow and laborious task of cutting, with oxy-acetylene torches, the giant hardened steel members of the high-rise structures.

In 1989 the architects assigned to the WTC demolition were told that the entire project had been cancelled and that their office, located in the WTC, was to be closed. One source states that someone told the architects that, “In ten to twelve years they are going to blow it up and start over.”

Silverstein and Lowy Take Over the WTC

The Port Authority of New York New Jersey leased the WTC to Larry Silverstein and Lowy owned Westfield America on July 24, 2001:

New York Governor George E. Pataki and New Jersey Acting Governor Donald T. DiFrancesco today hailed the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey’s decision to privatize the management and operation of the World Trade Center, a world-renowned icon that for three decades has been New York City’s most famous landmark.

Silverstein Properties, Inc., and Westfield America, Inc. will lease the Twin Towers and other portions of the complex in a deal worth approximately $3.2 billion – the city’s richest real estate deal ever and one of the largest privatization initiatives in history.

“From my first days in office, I have pushed hard to privatize the management and operation of the World Trade Center because I believe that government is at its best when it focuses on its core mission. Today, as we make history, we can say: Mission accomplished,” Governor Pataki said. “By sharpening the agency’s focus on our airports, seaports, bridges and tunnels, the Port Authority can improve services to all its customers and become a stronger economic engine for the entire region, helping the private sector create good jobs and opportunities for our citizens.”

Port Authority Chairman Lewis M. Eisenberg said, “No private developer would have built the World Trade Center when it was proposed nearly four decades ago. It was simply too vast and risky an undertaking, and even the Port Authority with all its resources faced great opposition. But the agency persevered and constructed a first-class complex, which succeeded in revitalizing Manhattan’s downtown real estate market.

Typically privatization means taking a profitable public asset and selling it to a Jewish oligarch for pennies on the dollar. In the case of the World Trade Center though we see a huge liability going from a public entity (the Port Authority) to private Jewish interests. This should immediately raise red flags since it is almost unheard of that a Jewish oligarch would ever act in the public’s interests. They do often act in their own self-interest and that of the Jewish people as a whole.

What we see with the WTC is one Jewish oligarch (Silverstein) taking on the white elephant Twin Towers to get another Jewish oligarch (Rockefeller) off of the hook. For his efforts Lucky Larry was rewarded with a $4.55 billion payout for his original $15 million investment. Silverstein has had to deal with scrutiny from the conspiracy theorists while Rockefeller has remained largely under the radar. This arrangement also reveals the true power behind the 9/11 operation. While Silverstein was allowed to profit off of 9/11 he had to shield Rockefeller and his larger global interests.

Larry Silverstein – New WTC7 designed in 2000


Rockefeller Henchman Ran the 9/11 Operation and Cover up

Meet the men behind the 9/11 attacks: David Rockefeller And Dick Cheney:

Mere weeks after unloading the World Trade Center to Silverstein and Westfield America, Mossad operatives along with Rockefeller henchman Dick Cheney were responsible for the nuclear demolition of the World Trade Center buildings. Cheney appears to have controlled the operation from the Presidential Emergency Operations Center (aka The Bunker).

911 Commission – Trans. Sec Norman Mineta Testimony:


Bush nominates Kissinger as head of 9/11 taskforce

There is no more disgusting, corrupt and downright evil character on the world stage than Henry Kissinger. Kissinger was forced to resign from the 9/11 commission due to conflicts of interest with his consulting firm. But clearly long time henchman Henry the K was the man the Rockefeller cabal wanted to head the 9/11 cover up effort. Even though a Kissinger led 9/11 Commission would have had even less credibility than the Warren Commission with Allen Dulles on board.

White Genocide: The Ultimate Goal of the 9/11 Attacks

The true purpose of the 9/11 Wars that followed the nuclear bombing of the World Trade Center and Pentagon was to create the “immigration crisis” that flooded Europe with millions of non-white “refugees.”

Wesley Clark is a Jew well known to both 9/11 researchers and White Genocide activists. Clark revealed the Bush regime’s plan to overthrow seven governments in five years Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Iran:

General Wesley Clark: The US will attack 7 countries in 5 years:


Clark asks the $64,000 question the clip above: why are American troops fighting in the Middle East? There is a lot of speculation that we are fighting wars for the Greater Israel project. But 15 years after 9/11 we do not see Jews settling in these countries. We do see the “refugees” from these countries flooding Europe in an attempt to ethnically cleanse the native Europeans and replace them with non-White mongrel Muslims. The true goal of the Satanic Jews behind the 9/11 wars is the destruction of the White European race (True Israel).


This is the Kalergi Plan in a nutshell:


End Game

David and Nelson Rockefeller were major forces in getting the World Trade Center built. The Twin Towers were often referred to as “David and Nelson.” Once the Towers became a liability Rockefeller then discreetly disowned them and pawned them off on Larry Silverstein who promptly took out a large insurance policy on the white elephant Towers. The destruction of the Towers was used to further the Jewish agenda: wars in the Middle East for (Greater) Israel which unleashed a flood of “migrants” into Europe, the United States and other White nations. The goal of this massive immigration is to ethnically cleanse White people from the earth which will allow Jews to rule over a slave race of mud people.


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  2. Thank you, Crassfiles, for your efforts. Yes, the Jews in the Bible were brown-skinned, but due to their being scattered over the world for not recognizing Jesus as their Messiah, we know that they married people of other races, even white-skinned people in Europe and in the United States. I have personally known a few part-Jewish families.

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