December 5, 2023

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EU Civil War: Austria Threatens to send Army to Italy Border in 24 Hours over Migrant row

Austria has warned it will send soldiers to close the border with Italy in 24 hours if Rome decides to take the “nuclear option” and grant visas to almost 100,000 migrants stranded in the Mediterranean country.

Desperate Italian officials have said they are considering allowing thousands of migrants out of the country and into the rest of Europe, as they struggle to cope with the 10,000 people arriving every day.

Austria, which shares a border with Italy via Brenner, an Alpine mountain pass, has reacted to the proposals with fury, saying it would immediately introduce border controls in the region.

Yesterday during a border visit, Austria’s Interior Minister Wolfgang Sobotka said: “Italy granting humanitarian visas to migrants is unacceptable. In that case, we would immediately introduce controls in Brenner.

“Humanitarian visas are a European issue, not Italian.”

Today he elaborated further on his government’s possible response, in an interview with German newspaper Bild.

He said: “If the number of illegal migrants towards Austria keeps rising we will close the border in Brenner.

“Within 24 hours we can close the border and carry out strict controls with our soldiers”.

Italy has long complained it is being left alone to cope with the brunt of the refugee crisis with high numbers of migrants arriving on Italian shores, as the country marks an entry point to the EU on one of the most popular routes for people arriving from Libya.

Deputy Foreign Minister Mario Giro said Italy is considering issuing 200,000 temporary migrant visas, allowing them to travel throughout the EU in a bid to force other countries to take note of the problem.

Mr Sobotka said he wanted to “close the Mediterranean route” taken by thousands of refugees each day and added that “co-operation between the so-called rescuers and the trafficking mafia has to end”.

The crisis has revealed deep divisions within the EU, with Italy demanding Vienna “lower the tone” regarding threatening to send in the army.

Mr Giro told Il Manifesto: “We are in a tug of war.

“We don’t accept being turned into a European hotspot, or feeling guilty because we rescue people, so deciding what to do with the migrants who arrive is everyone’s responsibility.”


4 thoughts on “EU Civil War: Austria Threatens to send Army to Italy Border in 24 Hours over Migrant row

  1. Radio National
    Conversations with Richard Fidler – Thursday 20 – July 2017 – 11:am.
    Fighting the wars of others: mercenaries & private armies.
    Guest – Sarah Percy.

    I found this program very enlightening & informative – Crazz Files might want to have a listen.
    Please know that I found some of the facts hard to believe – according to my mind
    – there is not the unlimited source of male “nut jobs” that will hire themselves out to go fight “the wars of others” at the risk to their own lived – not for all the tea in China.
    Security work is one thing – but I suspect that actual soldiering would be “a hit & run” affair – where the mercenaries go in – shoot to kill anyone standing & get out as fast as possible – mainstream media will fill in the rest of the story to make it legit.
    Notice that theses Soldiers for Hire Companies constantly change their Corporate Identity – is this so as not to incur blame – a case of “sorry but the company does not exist any more & all the files have been shredded”

    The program is worth listening to –

    1. How long has the establishment been afraid of losing it’s grip on the lucrative life style of life on planet earth.

      reg,. article Plot To Replace Europeans With Referees Exposed. –
      Open borders are an exciting way to move –
      * illegal drugs / illegal arms / illegal contraband which will compete with the economy of the infiltrated nation / transporting children – women & young men destined for the abundant sex markets across Europe / illegal meats for human consumption & including human flesh.
      The bastards want a freer run.

      We need to gift the ABC to Sir Rupert Murdoch – he will gut them for the obsolete white elephant that they are – As a result BILLIONS of Australian dollars will be saved each year.
      Mainstream media provides us with all the necessary news that we require to be assured that the status quo is being maintained in due & extravagant pomp & ceremony at the expense of the humble tax payer.

      Today is one of those days where negative energy is running with a sense of humor.
      I have bumped & knocked & dropped all manner of things & me since – being good & tidy I leaned over the toilet after I flushed to put the pack of toot paper on the shelf as the corner of my dressing gown was being drenched by the flush of toilet water.

      1. The Vanishing – movie with a large cult following.
        A respectable French Professional Man – crosses the boarder – picks up women & bury them alive.

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