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EXCLUSIVE: AI will be TEN TIMES more destructive than nuclear bombs, warns expert

WHICHEVER nation develops AI first will completely control the military landscape as the machine has the potential to be ten times as devastating as the nuclear bomb, an expert has warned.

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AI will be more significant than the nuclear bomb, says Zoltan Istvan

US Presidential hopeful Zoltan Istvan, a Third Party candidate in the race to become America’s next leader, has warned that the development of AI is going to have the biggest impact on humanity that has ever been.

Scientists across the globe have been frantically working on the development of artificial intelligence, which would see machines or software expressing intelligence on par with humans.

Many have warned on the perils of developing machines that are as capable as us, as it could realistically make humans obsolete as they could take our jobs, and eventually see us as more of a hindrance.

Mr Istvan, a transhumanist – a movement that wants to use science and technology to radically change the human being and the human experience by merging our bodies with machine – and futurist, share similar worries.


Robots will soon dominate warfare

He argues that AI will be used to “dominate the military landscape” and will be more significant than the development of the nuclear bomb.

Speaking to, Mr Istvan said: “If I was going to become president tomorrow, I would put a huge amount of resources into the development of AI because I find that whoever ends up controlling the very first or smartest AI is probably going to very quickly dominate the entire military landscape.

“If you have a machine that can programme viruses or hack into any other machine, you have such a distinct advantage over any other world government.

“Whoever gets to AI first is simply going to end up being the global leader.”

He continued: “You have to see AI as you would see the Manhattan Project or the development of nuclear bombs.

“It changed the military landscape the moment the US dropped the bombs in Japan. The first AI is probably going to be about five to ten times that affect.


AI will make the developer the dominant global force

“The idea that we could go into a nation and completely turn off all their power, mess with all of their traffic lights, send viruses to all of their computers, stop the water flowing.

“This is exactly why AI is so important.”

He argued that the world’s governments should form a coalition to create AI as it needs to be so carefully monitored.


The US’s bombing of Japan ‘changed the military landscape’

Mr Istvan added: “To me it is incredibly important that a democratic nation develops AI first because we need to keep it as a democratic power.

“Imagine if North Korea developed AI, that could very quickly destabilise the entire world almost immediately.”

The US citizen of Hungarian descent, who has been vocal in his opposition to AI, has conceded that the development of machines that are smarter than humans is inevitable, which is why the world’s leaders need to work together to develop and subsequently contain it.

Asked whether AI has the potential to rebel, Mr Istvan replied: “Absolutely, which is exactly why I don’t think it is a good idea and why I think an international coalition to develop AI would be the best.

“We have no idea [what could happen]. The machine could upgrade itself 10 times in one night and then its smarter than us.

“Its a huge question for the military and I would say even humanity throughout the 21st century.”


8 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: AI will be TEN TIMES more destructive than nuclear bombs, warns expert

    1. The AI coming down the escalator are ordinary people with body paint.
      I know a psychic who told me that he has regular visitors of the spiritual kind .. who come to freak him out .. “what do you do,” I asked. “you stand your ground & say, stand & face me or go away,” they usually go when they sense you are not afraid, you see they come to feed off your fear.

  1. Any thing spooky happen ’round your place yesterday .. on Halloween day ?
    No strange visitors ?
    They must have skipped your place this year .. hey !

  2. What to do ?
    What to do ?
    If you are confronted by an AI .. what the hell are you going to do ?
    What if it finds it’s way into your house ?
    There you are minding your own business, with Tin Man Tarzan standing before you in your kitchen .. I say kitchen because there are potential weapons in the kitchen .. don’t forget that it is smart & can anticipate your every move .. how do you fend off killer robot ?
    Would an electric shock stymie it long enough for you to disable it ?
    We humans may need to think about this & those among us who are handy could think to invent some kind of gadget/s that would assist in defending ourselves from these THINGS.

      1. Magnets .. a strong magnetic force .. protons, neutrons & electrons .. since opposite charges attract .. protons & electrons attract each other .. all particles have energy & momentum .. the charge on a particle can be found by considering the electromagnetic force associated with it .. this charge, Q1, is related to the charge on another particle, Q2, by the following equation: F= (k) (Q1)(Q2) /r^2. .. in this equation, r is the distance between two particles & k is the constant .. from this equation, the force associated with the particle can also be determined.

  3. Programming by input / output example:
    Today .. a programmer would have no idea how to program a computer to recognize a dog .. but he can create a program with a form of intelligence that can learn to do so .. if he gives the program enough image data in the form of dogs & let it process & learn .. when you give the program the image of a new dog that it’s never seen before .. it would be able to tell that it is a dog with relative ease.
    AI is Slow Learning ..

    A triumph for artificial intelligence equipped with human intuition .. a computer program beat a human brain in the ancient Chinese board game of go .. it shows that a machine has approximated human intuition & outsmarted the best human brain in the game .. scientists had not expected it for at least another decade .. & it’s a giant leap for AI showing that machines can learn on their own ..
    * they gave the program the game space invaders to play .. first try it bombed out .. PLEASE REALISE THAT THE PROGRAM IS PROGRAMMED TO PLAY GAMES & ALL GAMES ARE THE SAME MODE OF ACTIONS .. it was left to play over night / 8 hours .. it now plays at super human level ..
    What they are saying is that because they did not feed every eventuality into the program .. IT learned by itself .. human style .. & they are calling this .. gathering of information on it’s own .. intuition .. what’s more they are surprised that it was able to do this .. in fact .. IT .. is only a machine program .. gathering & committing to memory all information which will allow it to make choices based on what is presented to it.
    This is great stuff.

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