Get off your knees and fight for your rights Australia!!!

Australia is now under medical martial law with a dangerous Government that has lost the trust and support of the people.

Australia needs to stand up right now to fight back against this tyranny because we are under attack with over 11 million people now being held hostage and being told to get the experimental jab or stay in lockdown.

Australia has recorded 1 COVID death this year but the experimental jabs have killed nearly 400 people with over 3k adverse reactions but half of the country are in lockdown.

This means that the experimental COVID-19 jabs are injuring and killing more Australians than the fake virus is but we are still locked down and now being threatened with Military intervention.

If this nation does not stand up together to unite right now then we are absolute goners so it’s your choice Australia.



2 thoughts on “Get off your knees and fight for your rights Australia!!!

  1. Morrison is a traitor and the death penalty should apply but it seems that Whitlam, another traitor, had the laws for treachery changed; just in case, to cover his treasonous arse!
    We must cease lining up for the CoVid Jab with hanged heads and masks on.
    This is what they want.
    Orwell in his prophetic book 1984 wrote “Ignorance is strength”
    Orwell did not explain that Big Brother requires Ignorance in the masses for him to get strength.
    Research for Gods sake as the info is out there and become informed for your own survival.

    1. I can’t believe Aussies are so gullible to go along with all this nonsense, are people so blind to what this whole plandemic is all about? I go to the shops and see everyone QR coding in, it seems people don’t value their freedoms at all, they are so willing to do as they are told by our communist Governments and Premiers, it’s making me quite annoyed I just want to shake some sense into them all. I think the human race has just become so dummed down they have forgotton how to use their critical thinking skills and are too lazy to do their own research, or perhaps they are just so busy being good little slaves, getting deeper into debt and no time to think about the agenda that’s playing out around them, maybe all the chemicals in our food, cleaning products, fluoride in our water, pesticides, the constant propaganda has effected a part of the brain and made it lazy? Governments want total control of the people and its happening so quickly it’s making me dizzy. I hope people will wake up eventually but I think its just a little too late now.


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