December 6, 2023

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Growing anger as Labor protect their mates but betray an entire nation

The Albanese Labor Government is betraying the Australian people with its broken promises, lies and oppressive policies. 

 The Prime Minister’s latest blow to Australians expecting the promised Royal Commission into Covid-19 is an act that cannot just be waved through without consequences. 

 If this shameless cover up isn’t enough, the proposed misinformation/disinformation bill will stifle your voice even more and this bill must be stopped to protect all Australians. 

 Add to that their insane march to Net Zero that will continue to drive up energy prices and destroy Australia’s spectacular landscape with wind turbine monstrosities and solar panel farms. 

 Then there’s the unfathomable levels of immigration fuelling an already desperate housing crisis that is marginalising more and more working Australians. 

Enough is enough – this government is dangerous. 

 Please help us defend Australia, our values and way of life. If you’re not already a member please join the United Australia Party and help me to hold this controlling left-wing government to account in the parliament. 

 Together we can fight this. Don’t let the state governments get away with ruining the lives of so many honest Australians – they must be held to account.

Membership is completely free. CLICK HERE to join now and help us stand up for Australia before its too late!



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