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Hitler Was NOT Controlled Opposition (Part 1,2,3)


Note- “Hitler was not controlled opposition” are series of blog posts that debunk the claims (lies) by International Jewry and their many proxies that Hitler was controlled opposition.  These posts will be dropped weekly for a period of approximately 6 weeksDue to the urgency of getting the message out, the content comes from many un-named & un-referenced sources and some additional insight by Noble. Feedback in the Comment Section from serious researched & enlightened readers would certainly be appreciated.

International Jewry will do everything in its power to discredit Hitler and destroy any knowledge of the economic & social miracle that National Socialist in Germany created.  It is for this very reason that Hitler today is type-casted as the personification of evil.”

If Hitler was really just a Rothschild-Jewish agent, there would be no need lie about him, to increasingly vilify his name, throw Holocaust revisionists in prison, spend billions on Hollywood “Nazi” movies, “Nazi” documentaries and books on the “Nazis”.  There would also be no need to shut down small YouTube accounts that praise his work.

Hitler was the real deal!  He had a 99 percent approval rating.  The Germans were possibly the most intelligent people on the planet at that time.  You simply cannot fool all those people; and it also wasn’t just the German people, so many other nationalities joined Germany and the National Socialists in their struggles against International Jewry.

Germans never turned on the Hitler, with the exception, for the most part, of some traitors in the aristocracy.  Even when the war was going very badly, and the German people were suffering immensely, their loyalty was still there.

Warning: By somewhat controlling the field of “Conspiracy Theory” and the “New Age”, International Jewry can steer the narrative regarding World War 2 and the Holohoax.  It has worked to a degree, but now the tide is turning and “disclosure” is happening through documentaries like “Hellstorm”, “The Greatest Story Never Told” and countless pro-White & pro-National Socialist blogs, videos, memes, etc.  Great attempts to stop “Free Speech” are now taking place to prevent further leaks in the Jewish “matrix”.

Watch out for “popular” gatekeepers; conspiracy theorists & researchers who speak clever half-truths, people such as Alex Jones, Jim Condit Jr., Jim Mars, Eustace Mullins, Jordan Maxwell, James Corbett, David Icke, Jordan Peterson, Antony C. Sutton, Christopher Jon Bjerknes, etc.  Some of them might call out “the Jews”, others will call out the “Rothschilds”, “Globalists”, “Zionists”, “Illuminati”, “Khazars”, “Sabbateans”, “Jesuits”, etc., but what they “all” have in common is their willingness to spread dis-info on Hitler & National Socialist Germany, telling their audiences that Hitler was controlled opposition, owned by the global banking powers.

Meanwhile, the big elephant in the room, that the gatekeepers will “not” comment on, is the fact that the NSDAP eliminated the need for usury, conducted international trade without the need of money, went around the global central banking system and arrested & publically exposed the Rothschilds & Freemasons.  This was not a “Conspiracy Theory”! It is omitted fact!

Hitler was the tip of the spear, but it was the German people, in the form of the National Socialist state, and the European Folk “awakening” that truly scared International Jewry.  They (Jewry) created the demonized image of “Hitler” as their straw man and let loose a “Hellstorm”, a German Holocaust on the innocent people of the Third Reich.  Do not let the gatekeepers string you along.  Get passed the half-truths and research things for yourself.

Making Adolf Hitler into a Jewish-controlled agent is quiet a brilliant plot by International Jewry to divert newcomers away from learning the true history and background of National Socialism.

One simple accusation, like ‘Hitler was Jewish’ or ‘Hitler was a Rothschild agent of the Illuminati’ can easily chase truth-seekers away, and divert them back into the Jewish ‘matrix’, into the realm of Jewish-controlled ‘Conspiracy’ & ‘New Age’ theories on the Internet.”

International Jewry, through the power of the media and their hold over academic institutions of higher learning, have created the illusion that they are invincible, and battle to preserve Western Civilization is fruitless. Portraying Hitler as evil & controlled opposition, combined with the Holohoax, is their main front; holding up the whole house of cards.  

If International Jewry were so powerful, the West would fully be in chains and locked down by now; no Free Speech would exist and all of our guns would have been confiscated by now.  The United States is still standing strong at the moment and a European Folk Awakening is happening.  The emperor is wearing no clothes.  The battle is on!

If Hitler was a Jewish-controlled puppet, why did he go to so much trouble to lift the ancestral German spirit?  Why did he stop the practice of usury in Germany?  International Jewry could of installed a Nationalist puppet instead, who would of happily utilized the services of the Rothschild Central Bank in Germany.

Why did Hitler & the NSDAP give many speeches and produced films & booklets that educated the German people and the world on the dangers of Freemasonry, the central banking system, the threat of communism(globalism) and exposed the “evolutionary group strategy” of the Jews?

Why re-build the German Reich, when it was certainly on its deathbed and Marxist terrorists & agitators were everywhere creating mayhem, working on behalf of the (Jewish) Communist International, which could of certainly, on behalf of the Zionists, came up with alternatives (false flags), other than WW2, to chase all of the Jews into the country of Palestine?

The answer is that Hitler was a true patriot of Germany and authentic National Socialist leader.

Don’t be fooled; International Jewry, representing less than 0.2% of the world population, cannot easily create a “New World Order” with the European Folk Soul awakened.  At the end of World War 1 they had their opportunity.  The Soviet Union was under their control, France, the U.S. and especially England, were comprised, and the German nation was completely ruined with anarchy in the streets.  The European Folk Soul was dormant.  International Jewry, however, lost its momentum; Hitler and the NSDAP interrupted their plans and poked the sleeping giant, which is the German Folk Soul.

The “end game” of International Jewry is “Power”; money & “end-time prophecies” are just a tool for them.  It is true that wars do make a lot of money for International Jewry; however, instigating World War 2 was unnecessary after World War 1.  Power was theirs for the taking, it was only a matter of time; yet their attempted German Communist revolution was surprisingly crushed by the anti-Marxist Freikorps and the NSDAP was birthed to steer workers away from Bolshevik agitation.

Note: This whole “Hitler was a Rothschild agent” accusation gets even more ridiculous, when thinking that such a powerful Globalist cabal would have banked on a single agent, some kind of James Bond, who would control the entirety of Germany all by himself.  This sounds like the “story” was written by a Jewish Hollywood script writer, and if Hitler was an agent then he was the greatest actor the world has ever seen.

Alert: The victors write the history and no book on Hitler or the NSDAP post-1945 canbe trusted.  International Jewry has an unlimited supply of money to pay authors to tell the victors side of the story; and they are not ashamed to lie about it and reference others who lie about it.


Below are some rebuttals that will refute common anti-Hitler propaganda…

-In such and such a book, Professor so and so, from such and such, this and that University… revealed that Hitler blah… blah… blah…

To the easily-impressed, junk historians citing the un-sourced (Jewish) garbage & hearsay of other junk “authoritative” historians may sound like a statement of credibility; but it is not.  Fools quoting fools in an endless circle proves nothing. Cherry-picking data points to fulfill their own objectives will only convince lazy people who don’t do their own research.

At some point, one needs to produce real empirical evidence, like “original source documentation”, “validated testimonies”, “multiple credible witnesses”, and “physical artifacts”, in order to support an accusation.  We do not see any of that when critics demonize Hitler and the NSDAP.

Look for documentary evidence, empirical evidence, physical artifacts, validated testimonies, facsimiles of documents, etc.  Especially use caution when looking over “facts” from Jewish sources; they have a vested interest in protecting their tribes’ “evolutionary group strategy”, and will resort to “lies” if necessary.

Note: Many traitors within the German aristocracy, along with people who were internally opposed to Hitler, like Otto Strasser, and former German officers who were tortured and families threatened, were willing to tell “lies” about Hitler and the NSDAP.  This unreliable testimony is sold as “proof” today.


-Hitler was complicit in aiding the Jews by releasing Baron Louis Rothschild in 1939.

Keep in mind that Hitler shut down the German, French and Austrian branches of the House of Rothschild and confiscated their money.  In addition, he allowed the release of the major motion picture, “Die Rothschilds Aktien Auf Waterloo”, which exposed the family’s treachery & banking schemes in Europe.

In regards to Baron Rothschild, the National Socialist Germans received a payment of $21,000,000 for releasing him.  This amount believed to have been the largest ransom payment in history for any individual.

Hitler wanted peace, in order to build National Socialist Germany to its fullest capacity; he did not want to provoke a war with International Jewry that would lead to a 3-front war with Britain, France and Russia, and possibly bring in the Americans.  Baron Rothschild was a bargaining chip.


-Hitler’s early rise was financed (set up) by London & NYC-based Big Bankers, like Schroder Bank, spymasters & deep state operatives, like the Allen Dulles Brothers (OSS), as well as Big Business in Germany.  Hitler was obviously controlled opposition.

There are no receipts to attest to that.  Receipts do show that Hitler’s money came from German businessmen fearful of Communist takeover, Russian emigres, Royalists who fled the Bolsheviks, regular Party members, disgruntled veterans and NSDAP supporters.  Even if a few bucks from Jewish sources did find its way into NSDAP coffers, you can be sure it was minimal and surely intended as a way to hedge bets, as International Jewry always does, funding both sides of any conflict.  As it stands, some Jewish funding might have been given to Hitler’s opposition (Strasser) within the NSDAP party.

If was true, which evidence so far proves it’s not, that Hitler received personal finances from the Jews, history has shown that he certainly “out-jewed the Jew”, and used those funds to advance a pro-White National Socialist political movement that will continue to grow, despite all attempts to squash it.

If National Socialist Germany received loans as claimed, these Big Banks certainly did “not” control Germany policies as evident by the well documented actions the NSDAP took to elevate the German people out of financial & social ruin.

All this (Hitler’s ‘Big Banking’ financing claims) sounds like a Holocaust (hoax) story… A lot of, “They did this and that secretly, but we know they did it.”, with nothing consistent to credit the allegations told.” -Anonymous blog commenter

A historian, Henry Ashby Turner, he wrote a book in 1985, called “German Big Business and the Rise of Hitler.  In his book he shows how little big business had to do with the rise of the NSDAP, and Turner proves, with receipts, that the largest portion of the National Socialist party fundraising was memberships, and the sales of “Mein Kampf” provided Hitler a steady source of income.

Note: Sales of “Mein Kampf” would later make Hitler a millionaire.

Note: Henry Ford did not provide funding to the NSDAP, contrary to popular myth.

Note: There were extensive financial investigations of Hitler every year by Germany’s version of the IRS, and thanks to all the attempts to destroy him back then, we know now that Hitler’s income & transactions were clean.

Note: Franz von Papen, the German statesman & diplomat who played a leading role in helping Hitler to become German chancellor in 1933, was very concerned that the Communists would take over Germany and ruin big business.

The most cited source for the story that Jewish bankers paved the way for Hitler is “Hitler’s Secret Backers”, supposedly written by a Jewish banker, pen-named “Sidney Warburg”.

There was no Sidney Warburg!  But those who actually read the spurious (fake) book will find that the unknown author says himself, in contrast to what people think, that the Jewish bankers didn’t finance Hitler.  Instead, the book claims some naughty non-Jewish bankers did. But even that isn’t true.

Another accurate assessment, by James Pool in “Who Financed Hitler”, absolutely refutes the legend that big banking or industrial interests played a substantial role funding Hitler.  Pool research indicates, again, that most of the National Socialist party’s money came from small contributions and sales of literature.

“The Pool’s book is actually very truthful and totally dispels the very inaccurate rumors of Hitler being financed by International Bankers. I watched a video on Antony Sutton and could only watch a little bit. He doesn’t even know Third Reich history. He just believed whatever he was told in high school.” -Anonymous blog commenter

No Rothschilds backed Hitler.  That’s a myth!  One banker, a practicing Christian of one-quarter Jewish descent, was said by one source, passing on a rumor, to have donated money to Hitler.  And that’s it. The one Jewish banker known to have given money to any National Socialist gave it to elements in the NSDAP, the Strasser brothers, who were trying to stop Hitler.

Many think that Antony Sutton “proved” in “Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler” that Rockefeller-controlled Standard Oil funded Hitler.  However, in his book, Sutton says flatly, “Standard Oil apparently did not finance Hitler’s accession to power.”

Note: The Germans bought the patent & license from Standard Oil to manufacture tetra 4 fuel, they were not receiving shipments from Rockefeller in New Jersey.

Some cite Sutton’s book as evidence the Bush family, with the Harriman banking interests, funded Hitler.  In fact, Sutton says only that the Harrimans, like many American financial groups, had connections to corporate interests in Germany. And he concludes that this “does not suggest that the Harrimans directly financed Hitler.” He never mentions the Bush family at all.

Sutton could not substantiate the Jewish “conspiracy theory” and claim that Hitler’s rise was personally funded by International Jewry.  He was obviously biased in his deceptive attempts to write an “authoritative” anti-Hitler book. Sutton believed that democracy was the best type of government, and to do this he needed to discredit the National Socialist economic and social miracle that was accomplished by the NSDAP.

Another problem with Anthony’s “research”, and many other critics like him, is that he barely understands what National Socialism is, and he confuses it with other forms of political ideologies that include the term “socialism” within them.

German “big business” were alleged to have played a key role in the establishment of the Third Reich.  This allegation rests on the authenticity of the memoirs of certain key individuals who either participated in, or witnessed, Hitler’s rise to power from close proximity.  Perhaps the two most important were Ruhr industrialist, Fritz Thyssen, and Hitler’s press secretary, Otto Dietrich.

Thyssen, whose contempt for the Weimar Republic led him to support Hitler’s NSDAP as early as the fall of 1923, was long considered to be one of its most important sources of funds.  His memoirs, which were ghostwritten, have been used by historians to substantiate the close connection between big business and the National Socialist movement from its earliest days.  Questions arise, however, concerning the memoirs’ authenticity. Otto Dietrich’s 1934 memoirs of the “Kampfzeit” are likewise, more propagandistic than substantial.

I can therefore say neither that foreign policy nor economic policy is of primary significance. Of course, a people needs the business world in order to live. But business is but one of the functions of this body-politic whereby its existence is assured. But primarily the essential thing is the starting-point and that is the people itself.” -Hitler

Hitler’s approach to big business during his early rise, was, in reality, an attempt to neutralize them, and to not prevent its leaders, who he distrusted, from actively getting behind the NSDAP or to exploit its financial resources for his party.

German big business had little to do with the NSDAP early success.  In Republican Germany, the big business community was a loosely organized, politically ineffective interest group, that was held together primarily by its opposition to the growing menace of the modern welfare state.  Its political dealings were mainly with the so-called bourgeois parties of the center and right, the DVP (Deutsche Volkspartei), the DDP (Deutsche Demokratische Partei) and the DNVP (Deutschnationale Volkspartei).  However, the general disdain big business had for the republican form of government, which had jeopardized the privileged position it once held under the defunct Imperial order (monarchy), precluded any serious attempt to use the system to its advantage, a system where “votes, not money” were the determining factor in political success.

In this milieu, the NSDAP was only one of many political parties big business considered funding.  However, because of the NSDAP’s anti-capitalist economic policies, evident since the proclamation of the 25-point program of February 1920, the big business community was never able to reconcile itself to lending more than half-hearted support, and this was invariably of a tactical, rather than an ideological, nature.  This distrust of a party that seemed more often than not ready to side with the radical left on important social & economic issues, became so pervasive that not even the NSDAP’s strident anti-Marxism, and its desire to inculcate support for national values, could overcome it.

It may be true that contributions of various sorts came from big businessmen and the coal industry, like Fritz Thyssen, the Berlin manufacturer, Ernst von Borsig, and the retired coal executive, Emil Kirdorf, but despite statements to the contrary, they were never a critical source of funding.

Most of the NSDAP funds were derived from the party itself; membership dues, insurance premiums, interest-free loans, and the gate receipts from the many mass rallies the party held.

After the parliamentary breakthrough in September 1930, sales from “Mein Kampf” skyrocketed, providing Hitler himself with a steady source of income. And during the depression the volunteer labor given by party activists helped ease the effects of the increasingly austere economic conditions.

The NSDAP was a prototypical “grass-roots” political organization able to expand and prosper during a period when most of the bourgeois parties suffered a serious loss of support.  Only the Communist Party could compare in this regard, and it never attracted the mass following the NSDAP did.

Even the Rothschild agent, Hjalmar Schacht, admitted at Nuremberg that Hitler’s rise to power was grassroots.  Schacht didn’t invoke Jewish money secretly bringing Hitler to power.  He talked about the injustices of the Versailles Treaty infuriating most Germans of that time, the very bad economic situation of the German citizens & German state, getting even worse after the 1929 economic crash, the very efficient National Socialist propaganda, the incapability of all preceding governments to settle the daily problems of average Germans and the too harsh policy of the foreign countries toward Germany at that time.  All that brought many votes to the National Socialist party and turned Hitler’s party into an inevitable political force in Germany at the time.

Thus, in those conditions, “a Hitler” necessarily had to emerge in Germany sooner than later.  Nothing surprising!  There is no need to invent “plotters acting behind the scenes” in order to explain that.  Less desperate situations have made similar regimes and parties emerge in other places of Europe too.

Note: Hitler’s goal was to increasingly inhibit, and thereby financially squeeze, the foreign banks until they were unable to exist any longer, and had to relocate outside Germany; the same policy he employed to encourage Jewish emigration and business closures.

Note: The NSDAP did not receive as much industrial or banker funding, before 1933, as the Strasser brothers, the Social Democrats (SPD) or even Hugenberg’s Nationalist Party.  The reason why Hitler and the NSDAP never received the same level of financial or moral support early on was three-fold: (a) the industrialists and many Junkers did not trust Hitler given his socialist stance on many issues; (b) most industrialists and Junkers were not financially threatened enough to back a revolutionary party like Hitler’s, since they were still satisfied with the status quo; and (c) they were leery of Hitler’s anti-Jewish stance.

Note: To recap; the alleged 1931 “miracle financing” was no miracle at all; it came from German coal companies, not Sidney Warburg, and most of the NSDAP’s money came from the party itself; insurance premiums, dues, speaking fees, etc.  It was Bruning, not Hitler, who was backed by IG Farben.  Chancellor Schleicher, backed by Paul Silverberg and other industrial bigwigs’ money, conspired with Ernst Rohm on a plan to incorporate the SA into the German Army and thereby betray Hitler.

Note: Be sure to check out the free 1,100 page E-book, “The Battle to preserve Western Civilization (European Folk Soul vs. Jewish Supremacy), presented by The Noble Protagonist.  http://www.battleforthewest.com/

Hitler Was NOT Controlled Opposition (Part 2)

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