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Incredibly disturbing animation reveals how vaccines are really made

Image: Incredibly disturbing animation reveals how vaccines are really made… WARNING: this will turn your stomach

(Natural News) Isn’t it interesting how so many people scrutinize the ingredients in the groceries they buy, yet they allow themselves to be injected with vaccines without having any clue what ingredients they contain?

Vaccines are deliberately made with all sorts of bizarre ingredients, the CDC confirms. These ingredients include toxic heavy metals, animal blood components, human fetal tissue, monkey kidney cells, inflammatory chemicals that harm nerve cells, chemical preservatives, taste-enhancing chemicals (like MSG) and much more.

Even more shockingly, the way vaccines are made is beyond merely gross… it’sinhumane! Did you know that African Green Monkeys are raised in cages, infected with disease, murdered by drug companies then organ harvested to extract diseased kidneys that are used to make Smallpox vaccines?

Did you know that the human chickenpox vaccine is made from human tissue harvested from aborted human babies? Did you know that the abortion industry and the vaccine industry work to make sure a steady supply of aborted baby parts is supplied to vaccine manufacturers to keep the factories humming?

If any of this comes as a shock to you, you’ll really want to see this short animation that explains how vaccines are really made. The CDC hopes you never learn any of this, by the way, which is exactly why you’ll only see it here. (RELATED: Learn more shocking truths about vaccines in the upcoming Truth About Vaccines docu-series, broadcasting beginning April 12th. Register here to view all the episodes.)


4 thoughts on “Incredibly disturbing animation reveals how vaccines are really made

  1. Q:
    “How long do cold & flu germs stay alive after infected people cough and sneeze”
    “Cold & flu germ-laden droplets may remain infectious for several hours”

    Big Question From Someone Who Does Not Know Shit .. Here.
    * How do they keep the virus alive in the vaccine.
    * The don’t .. a virus is dead .. or supposed to be dead.
    * So what is transferred from the syringe to the human body in a vaccine.
    ……………. so that the immune system can read the CODE / experience the ILLNESS .. no, no, no, when injected with a vaccine you do not become ill with the virus BECAUSE IT IS DEAD & once the immune system has read the CODE of the virus it can make up an antidote / game plan of attack .. to disallow the real living virus evolve.

    If the infectious aspects of the cold & flu virus die within a few hours ..
    How do they keep the virus alive in an artificial environment long enough to .. the virus must deteriorate .. AND BECOME USELESS.
    There a big lie being told here.

  2. For the next 3 plus hours .. I’m going to watch video lectures on virology .. to see if I can gain some insight.

  3. If you believe that mankind originated in Africa ..
    You can trace the migration of humans all around the world .. from Africa via their viral genome.
    If you believe that mankind originated in Africa & from there spread all around the world.
    And this was the common belief .. until recently .. that is.

  4. To have a virus infection can cause you to become immunosuppressed
    Measles Virus immunosuppresses you
    It replicates in immune cells & therefore you end up getting lots of other infections .. not just viral but bacterial infections
    HIV virus makes you unable to repel any kind of infection and that’s usually the cause of death .. at end stage HIV .. opportunistic infections are what kills you

    What Is Pus
    Pus is a thick whitish to yellow material composed of primarily dead cells that generally form as a by-product of bacterial infection. The inflammatory cells that participate in the body’s immune response at the site of an infection eventually degrade & die, creating the substance known as pus.

    Chickenpox rash & Smallpox Rash
    The skin rash starts as flat, red sores that a few days later become raised bumps.
    The bumps turn into fluid filled blisters.
    The blisters become pustules.
    The pustules crust over .. scabs form over the blisters & then fall off.

    Is the fluid & pus in the Chickenpox & Smallpox blisters .. DUE TO .. OPPORTUNISTIC INFECTION .. as a result of immunosuppressence by the Chickenpox & Smallpox Virus ?

    AND .. if so .. why is the Bacterial Infection not treated .. but ignored & presumed nonexistent ?

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