Laboratory goldmines do not reveal DELTA stats


NSW Health Laboratories have performed 3.4 million tests and private providers have carried out 5.2 million tests up to July 25, running up a Medicare bill of $587 million.

Laboratories have performed 2.2 million COVID-19 tests since the Sydney outbreak began several weeks ago and more than 8.6 million tests since the pandemic started last year. Private pathology companies receive a Medicare subsidy of $85 per test and public laboratories receive a benefit of $42.50.

Australian Clinical Labs is Australia’s third largest private pathology network and expects $621 million revenue by December 31st

Australian government spent over $19 million on imported testing kits to identify COVID-19 antibodies that the government conceded are of “limited use”.

Taking the lead from Government Public Service as Australia’s top growth industry, pathology, swimming in taxpayer money, is riding this panic-pandemic agenda for all it is worth.

This recorded conversation inquiry to a pathology laboratory paints a picture of lies and deceit portrayed yet again by the spin doctors in power. There is no records available differentiating covid-19 from DELTA, so how is NSW puppet master Glady quoting delta figures of mayhem engulfing NSW when they do not exist?

Listen Here

You may always confirm when politician’s are lying, their lips are moving.

Do you feel being subservient to this political control is Australian?

At what point will you feel enough is enough?


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