December 7, 2023

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Listen to this human rights breaching gronk

Listen to this human rights breaching gronk.
Former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said people who refused a vaccine needed “tough love” and should have their rights curtailed.
“We have basically got to say: you can’t get on a plane unless you have been vaccinated, you can’t go to the movies if you haven’t been vaccinated, you can’t do this or that,” he told Channel 7 on Thursday.
“We do it with kids … You can’t take your kid to a childcare centre if they haven’t been vaccinated.”

3 thoughts on “Listen to this human rights breaching gronk

  1. This sad piece of excrement made his pile associated with the Packer group along with Zionist Israel.
    Could you possibly expect anything but crap emanating from this mouth.
    He advocated open borders and suggested that 50 million population would be a good balance for Australia.
    This creep added to his pile investing in the pharmaceutical corporations whilst in government advocated mandating vaccines.
    He originally attempted to seek a role in the Labour party but was rejected and as the Liberals will scoop up any shit that floats on the top made Mal Prime Minister. Tough for the fiction writers.
    You can’t make this stuff up!

    1. Well said Gus. He’s just filth. A typical, patronising, stuffy, progressive elitist hypocrite. I tell people all the time that Covid is the new climate change. In my mind there is no difference between them. I could write an essay on it. Turnbull sees us humanity as cattle, and as filth. Just like man creates filth according to him (climate change), man also spreads filth (Covid). Turnbull promoted climate change tyranny, so, appropriately, promotes Covid tyranny.

      1. Absolutely, and Governments now pushing to link Climate Change to this CoVid-19 BS. I understand that it is no joy being right sometimes but humanity need individual creative thought.

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