Military checkpoints may form part of Sydney lockdown


NSW is bracing for another rise in Covid-19 cases today after a record rise yesterday and a state of emergency being declared.

Amid the concerning case numbers, the state’s lockdown is set to remain until mass vaccination, with the government considering military assistance in the meantime to stop the Delta strain spread.

According to a source quoted by the Daily Telegraph, troops may be brought in to guard barriers set up around Sydney as the government works to “harden the lockdown” and ensure safe travel out of “hot zones”.

Premier Gladys Berejiklian yesterday confirmed there were 136 new Covid-19 cases detected in the state and announced new restrictions.

Two local government areas in Sydney’s west will be locked out from the rest of the city.

Residents of Cumberland Shire and Blacktown will be prohibited from leaving their suburbs unless they are health or emergency workers, or are otherwise deemed “essential”.


2 thoughts on “Military checkpoints may form part of Sydney lockdown

  1. The more they test under the PCR system the more positives they will find.
    The plan is to increase testing and manufacture a crisis.
    We have all these positives but do we have any scientific proof that these people do have the CoVid-19; why all the coverup, surely if they were stating the truth they would not need to be evasive and offer the facts in scientific proven fact.
    We just keep getting numbers but no facts.

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