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“DISGUSTING” Health Minister Greg Hunt Pushes Experimental Pfizer Jabs Onto Immunocompromised Children

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Australian children as young as 12 years are now being targeted with untested, experimental and potentially lethal COVID-19 jabs.

The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) is expected to announce on Friday it has approved the experimental Pfizer vaccine for use in children as young as 12.

It is now up to the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation to give total approval with this particular group being directly related to Big Pharmaceutical Corporations so it’s a win win for all of these disgusting criminals.


Unable to control his excitement at the prospect of poisoning and killing Australian children, Health Minister Greg Hunt made some comments about the approval of Pfizer jabs for kids that defy belief.

Children with serious underlying health conditions are expected to immediately be bumped to the front of the queue. SAY WHAT???

Describing the decision as “good news,” Health Minister Greg Hunt told Sunrise: “the early advice I have is they (ATAGI) will fast-track vaccines for 12-15 year old’s who are immunocompromised or have underlying medical conditions.”

This is absolutely outrageous and beyond belief that the Australian Government  would target immunocompromised kids with dangerous and experimental COVID jabs that are causing so much misery all over the world

The Australian people need to wake up and understand that the Government are not here to protect you, they are here to KILL YOU!!!.

Minnesota Woman Loses Both Legs and Both Hands Following Second Pfizer COVID-19 Shot

This is Gross medical misconduct with the threat of causing physical violence and death against vulnerable Australian kids and Greg Hunt, in particular needs to be held directly accountable for any damage or deaths caused.

The Australian people are now being kept in a vicious circle of never ending lock downs because an out of control and criminal Government serving the needs of Pharmaceutical corporations are desperate to lift low COVID jab rates at any cost.

Freedom of Information Request Reveals 5,522 People have Died Within 28 Days of Receiving COVID-19 Vaccines in Scotland

We are now being told to get a jab in your arm or stay in lock down while millions of people are out of work and billions of dollars wiped form the Australian economy.

Pushing untested and potentially lethal COVID-19 jabs using weaponized propaganda has now become a full time job for our so-called Government and MSM dirt bags.

The Australian Government has openly and directly declared war against the Australian people and are now targeting our children so what will it take for the Australian people to stand up and fight back???




2 thoughts on ““DISGUSTING” Health Minister Greg Hunt Pushes Experimental Pfizer Jabs Onto Immunocompromised Children

  1. No matter how you look at this vaccine agenda it must be concluded that there is an effort to destroy our children.
    Some 16 vaccines are administered to the young with additional injections required depending on the Doctor administering these toxins and the Health people who abide by the rules of unelected Non Governmental Organisations controlled by the Pharmaceutical industry.
    Now, we have this loose cannon CoVid injection an experimental toxic soup to be let loose on our children.
    Dr Moulden spent decades studying the effects of vaccines on children and summarised saying “all vaccines do damage”.
    Amazingly you can still get Dr Mouldens Video’s on You Tube and this is a important watch for parents with young children.

  2. Hunt is not a scientist he merely accepts his info from a bunch of bureaucrats who also are not scientists but via the various Acts pushed thru our parliamentary, behind the door process, allocate broad powers to uneducated dills. Hunt is one of these political dills along with his State counterpart Hazard who is merely a monkey on a music box. Tell me I am wrong.

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