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Parents are taking desperate measures because of government discrimination

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We parent three young children – 7, 4 and 2 – all of whom are intentionally not up to date on their vaccinations. This is an educated and deliberate choice.

With this new law coming into play, our family is seriously considering taking my four year old out of Kindy as the full fees will be more than we could afford on our wages. (We could put her into a local private primary school for LESS than I would be paying!)
I would have to stop working and keep her home with me. Which would be less stimulating for her and would have less societal contribution from me. I don’t understand how this is beneficial to our country in the long term?  I don’t see how this law benefits society in the big picture. I also believe this law is very discriminatory.

When I recently wanted to move my two year old from a day care centre to a family day care, we contacted a local scheme and were given a few recommendations in the area. We visited these homes and educators and decided on one that was a great fit. I took my husband back for a look. We went into the scheme office the next day to pay our fee and enrol. I handed over my valid Conscientious Objection form. We had our interview and were given a start date.

The next day, I was given a call to say I would need to come in and collect my deposit. I was confused, but once I arrived at the office, they informed me that they could not accept unvaccinated children. I was made to feel like an idiot and was really taken aback by the confrontation of this. I was really put in a spin that I could feel so discriminated against by something as simple as my choice of health care for my child.

I am an educated, degree-holding valuable member of my community with circles of influence in the community and a career. I find it ironic that I might now be forced onto unemployment benefits and my children, whom I am training to also be valuable members of our society, are going to be denied quality education and wonderful opportunities in life.

I am honestly curious as to how the government can see this as being of long term benefit to our country?

Sincerely a frustrated parent!


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Here is my impact statement regarding the no jab, no pay legislation.

Currently, my only option for childcare is to use my mother and I am limited as she has a life and has things she needs to do. So I am already limited in being able to work due to this legislation, hence earning less and paying less tax. If something happens to my mother such as illness or death, I will be left in a position of not being able to work at all which will be a major stress financially and otherwise for my family. The fact that my daughter will not be able to attend kinder is also extremely upsetting as she will now miss out on the fun, preparation and socialisation of this year for her and again, it’s another year where I can work less. If she were able to attend kinder I could work extra during these hours.


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I am a single mother living in Brisbane and the No Jab No Pay Policy will have a devastating effect on us.  I will no longer be able to afford to work full time and won’t be able to survive on part time hours only.  I am very depressed and basically we will be living hand to mouth.  I have no friends who are pro choice and I am too scared to tell anyone my stance on Vaccines.

I had a hep B shot in 2000 that left me very unwell and this is why I won’t vaccinate my child.  No one cares, no one will listen.  I am already alienated at the school my daughter attends.  I don’t have family in Brisbane and I don’t receive much financial help from my child’s father.  I am seriously depressed and find myself crying all the time.

No matter how tough it gets, I won’t vaccinate and I don’t care what I have to do to survive.  This policy is totally unfair.  I worry that the next thing will be no school for the un- vaccinated.  Yes it’s unfair to the people on benefits and if we complain will they eventually punish everyone!?


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I can no longer afford After School Care for my two sons. I am a single parent and I would like to be more productive at work in order to obtain a permanent position. Leaving work after school to quickly collect my children denies me access to work meetings, training and development and tertiary study. I will not, however risk my boys who are currently very healthy to vaccines I think are defeating the purpose of keeping us all healthy -instead we are sicker than ever with diseases more prevalent today than 50 years ago.


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I am single mother, having divorced two years ago. My second child will be school-aged next year.

I have always worked part time while bringing up the kids, due to having access to the CCB, and was planning to work full time during school hours next year.

I recently became pregnant and have realised that because of this new law, I cannot afford to be a stay at home mother until my baby is school aged.  That’s six years living off welfare and not being able to work. I have no way of earning an income because I cannot afford childcare.  My heart is absolutely breaking because even though this was an unexpected pregnancy, I already love the baby and would have kept her/him if I could see a way to work and support my family.  But I can’t now.

I would never inject my children with the poisons in vaccines.  Both my children are so healthy and vibrant.  I’m so upset that I don’t get a choice to bring this new life into the world. I have no family support and am just scraping by raising my two children.  Holiday care is unaffordable, even for them now that the new law has passed.  How will I even work to support them when I can’t work in the school holidays?  How can what the government has done be legal? How can we as a country, sit back and let this happen?  So sad.


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I’d like to anonymously share our story with how the new no jab, no pay legislation has affected our family.

It is our right to make an informed choice regarding vaccination and considering all the information is not given regarding the safety and effectiveness, it can hardly be called an informed choice. My choice not to vaccinate is based not only on scientific findings and information given (or lack of), but also on people in our communities that have been adversely affected.

I will not be returning to the workforce after having our second child in 2014. The cost of childcare full fees is far too much for 2 children and will not warrant my return to work. The responsibility is now on my husband who lost his job last year after returning to the workforce after 5 years as a full time carer for his elderly father.

One less person in the workforce is one less person paying taxes and I don’t see the payoff for punishing families in this situation.

This legislation also has the ability to backfire on the government as more and more people realise the discriminatory nature of this law and the lack of facts backing it up.


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My child is 3 years old and has attended daycare 3 days per week for the last 2 years. He has formed a very special bond and relationship with a great friend his own age. With the CCR and CCB ceasing for us this Friday, 18th March due to our pro choice attitude, he will now suffer incredibly with emotional pain and loss when we have to remove him from his familiar environment due to the agenda of our country’s government.

This decision is bringing more harm than good to us as a family and we are still at a loss as to what we can do now he must be removed from daycare. We cannot afford the cost now and we are most concerned regarding the emotional pain and social implications now he is unable to continue in his familiar social environment.

Shame on our government for being so one-eyed and biased when it comes to the issue of vaccinations.


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As a matter of an informed decision, my wife and I have decided to withhold vaccines from our children. As a background, we have six kids ranging from nine years down to eleven months. We knew from the middle of last year that the powerhouse known as government legislation alongside influential policy makers would not be easily swayed away from popular opinion.

It is great to hear that a grass-roots organisation is standing its ground against policies that use financial coercion to force parents into ‘consenting’ to a medical procedure.

As we should all be aware of, any medical procedure in Australia is governed by laws stating that informed consent be given which includes the sharing and understanding of known and theoretical risks and benefits. This policy is a challenge to this particular law and therefore illegal.

As the father to our children, my wife and I have decided to continue on the current path and not vaccinate our children. This will potentially be a financial burden as we are a family of eight. However the benefits of vaccines in relation to long term health are debatable. Money helps, there is no debate about that, however the rushed decision through parliament with minimal input from all faculties within society was unjustified.


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I am a carer for my brother who, according to my mother, had vaccine reactions as a baby. He was also 3 months premature. He has Cerebral palsy. He also had a tetanus shot and developed schizophrenia, long story. I will have to sit down when I have the time to tell you my story. I will lose around $180 dollars, but I am unable to work as I care for my brother. My children are completely unvaccinated and will stay that way.



3 thoughts on “Parents are taking desperate measures because of government discrimination

  1. “I canot afford AFTER school care for my 2 sons” so the 2 little guys have been at school from 8.45am – 3.30pm … that is a long tiring day ma’m … 6 hrs & 45 min.
    ” leaving work to quickly collect my after school denies me access to … Bla, bla, bla bla,
    Hire a NANNY ma’m – pay some nice woman to pick up your kids for you ma’m. She will take them home, feed them, watch TV with them as they CHILL OUT from their long day … do all the things that you should be doing.
    Pay her cash in hand & your problem is solved.
    I was a single mum with 5 little kids children –

  2. With other mothers & one dad, we organised, child pick ups, baby sitting, sick kids can’t go to school care .. most parents send their kids to school sick .. dosed up on Panadol & do not respond to the school calling to have them come pick up their kids .. after care at even private schools .. exhausted kids are picked up over the allocated pickup time .. left in the school yard or street waiting for BUSY MUMMY OR DADDY to collect them .. kids left at home on their own while mummy & daddy go out for the evening.
    It is a sad state of affairs indeed.
    And, of course that gutsy PM Ms. Julia Gillard cut Sole Parents Benefits with a very sharp razor .. even the UNITED NATIONS questioned the need to be so harsh.
    These cuts to Sole Parents Benefits were LESS THAN COFFEE MONEY IN THE SCHEME OF THINGS .. so why did she do it .. to prove that she had what it takes to be …………… !

  3. 1 little girl who attended Morris Hall .. who’s mummy went overseas for 8 months solid .. for her job .. well paid academic professional – she was .. she left the little girl with the 18 year old nanny to care for her.

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