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Pop the Champagne: Greens dying at last


Is Richard Di Natale the Meg Lees of the Greens? Or has the green religion simply peaked? Simon Benson:

OF all the excuses offered for their abysmal election outcome, the Greens leader Richard Di Natale’s has to take the cake.

The reason the Greens did so badly, he claims, is because they themselves fell victim to a protest vote … [P]eople have come to regard them as a major party.

And because this election was about protesting against major parties, the Greens suffered a similarly ignominious hiding as the Liberals and Labor…

As of yesterday counting in the Senate revealed a swing against the Greens of almost one per cent.

It stands to lose possibly three Senate spots… Its dream of a lower house crusade was also crushed. They couldn’t even win the seat of Batman from the bumbling Labor frontbencher David Feeney…


Backing Malcolm Turnbull’s Senate voting reforms may come to be seen as a grave error of judgement by the Greens on a par with the Democrats support for GST in 2001.

And its taste for power over participatory democracy may very well be its undoing…

The Greens saw opportunity in the senate voting reforms for it to increase its number in the Senate by cleaning up the micro-parties.

Its support for the reforms ensured its passage while costing it the campaign donations of the CFMEU because of the reciprocal arrangement of a double dissolution election based on the restoration of the Australian Building and Construction Commission…

The irony that the Greens appear to have failed to recognise is that in its pursuit of being a major player, its appeal for voters diminishes…

No one seriously wants the Greens in power.

A JWS post-election poll, first revealed two weeks ago in the Daily Telegraph confirmed … almost a third of all people who admitted voting Greens – which assumes there are a lot more who are too ashamed to admit they did – did so only as a protest against another party.

Since the 2010 election, the Greens have lost more than a third of their Senate vote.  Power prices have meanwhile shot up, the disasters predicted by warmist extremists have failed to come and standards of living have fallen.

Been there, prayed to that. Heaven did not come. Nor did Armageddon.


Why Richard Di Natale & The Greens Are Dangerous

3 thoughts on “Pop the Champagne: Greens dying at last

  1. The Greens party have only ever been the paid concubine of the main players of the political arena – the Liberals, Labor & some independent candidates – Nick Zenaphon types.
    Good riddence to them, they were only in it for the position & regular money it gave them.
    Australai need real people who know what is going on in the world & not a bunck of tamborine rattlers promising pie in the sky fairytale solutions, instead of tackling the reality.

    * – 18/07/2016 – article – Men who dress up as dogs:The Feed on SBS TV delves into pup fetish.
    In relation to Canada passing laws allowing oral sex with dogs. It may speak to reincarnation.

    * wolf street – article – Who’s most afraid of contagion from Italy’s bank melt down – there is this brilliant word – SUPRANATIONAL – having power or influence that transcends national boundtris or government……The European Union Group has this power ver the EU member countries & should not have.

    *rageing bull-shit – property bubbles & banks – the property bubble of the 2008 GFC – it was said that houses were sold to poor persons of the USA – persons who could never afford to qualify for a home loan & these poor persons of the USA defaulted.
    There were rumors which wnt around for a couple of years & I looked & found two articles telling that there were NEVER any houses built in the first place.
    If there are no houses built, there are no houses to purchase, and therefore there are no mortgages & most certainly no mortgage default.
    It was a lie –
    Coked up traders tripping on Cyber websites.
    When will this end ?

  2. “no one seriously wants the Greens in power” .. but is this true, dear ?

    The recent Council Elections 22/10/2016 .. the Green voters came out in force in the electorate of Wills .. WHY (?) .. what’s going on in Wills that the Greens “Yes Men” Party & their supporters are here on mass.
    Um, .. um, .. um.
    The electorate of Wills has been re-zoned .. could this have something to do with the need for “Yes Men” .. (?)
    Big money to be made in going up, up, up, .. the 10 story complex proposed on the Pentridge site need support ..
    There is talk that Arab Oil Money has come to compete with Chinese Property Investment Money in Australia.
    Is the electorate of Wills being eyed off ?
    Inner-city living, is how the suburb of Coburg in being described today.
    Crickey .. !

  3. PM Julia Gillard look straight into the camera at the Australian people & said ..
    “under my government there will be no Carbon Tax”
    Then Gillard & the Greens “Yes Men” Party set about implementing THE CARBON TAX.

    Of course Gillard & The Green Party though that we the people of Australia would forget what lying, two timing, four flushing, .. dishonest, say dishonest .. right ..

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