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Red flag: grand experiment: the plan for a future Australia



A new report, undoubtedly overblown in its predictions, but still important, states that up to 40% of Australian jobs could be transferred to machines in the next several decades, with a projected loss of five million human jobs by 2030.

See “Australia’s Future Workforce,” issued by CEDA, the Committee for Economic Development of Australia. Stephen Martin, the head of CEDA, states:

“Australia and the world is on the cusp of a new but very different industrial revolution and it is important that we are planning now to ensure our economy does not get left behind.”

Martin is talking about automation, not just in the mining and trucking sectors, but in offices, healthcare, many transportation services—wherever machines can do the jobs now occupied by humans.

Obvious result?

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2 thoughts on “Red flag: grand experiment: the plan for a future Australia

  1. Australia and NZ have been the target for political experiments for decades now.
    The Lima Declaration was introduced without a whimper from the ‘old bronze Aussie’ right up to the ‘Port Arthur Massacre’ when the Howard government, under instructions, de-armed us without a whimper from the ‘old bronze Aussie’.
    It seems we have lost our masculine balls as around the 1980’s old Sydney Town achieved the inglorious mantle of….. “Gay Capital of the World”!
    What happened to the bronze Aussie who achieved immortality fighting for the Bankers to protect Aussie soil….. no response it seems as the TV has done it’s job!… luv and protect those who hate you!…… Gus

  2. Better late than never –
    The tribe of bronze Aussie that went off to war – included several of the inglorious gay … Q:- … and … are we suggesting that they are whimps who have no masculine balls – ?… and if so … ouch might be a good word here.
    THE IDIOT BOX is a good thing Gus – we are all the better for it – who was more capable to sow the seeds of discontent in mankind that that thing. It showed us what could be & was not & why it was not so & how to get it despite the hickup’s & we are working on it – time is a factor – everything takes time & look around Gus – we are getting there.
    And all this time on … look how effectively Abbott has stuffed himself up, but not only stuffed himself up, he has also effectively undermined Turnbull capacity to be anything but a lame duck & as a result the whole party look bad – to the point where we Australians wish we had someone to vote for, just to get rid of them.

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