No Jab, No Pay: Protesters rally against compulsory vaccination in Brisbane



Protesters rallied at Queens Park in Brisbane yesterday to oppose proposals to revoke family tax benefits of conscientious objectors to vaccination, through means of legislative reform, and to promote the ideals of freedom of choice from state-enforced measures through lies, deception and propaganda.

The Australian Government is set to introduce measures to remove family tax benefits from parents who are “conscientious objectors” to childhood vaccination from January 1st, 2016, as part of an attempt to “crack down on the anti-vaccination movement.”

Following a number of speakers, including Lissa Weckert from Our Will Be Done and Allona from the Fit To Parent Network, over 1000 individuals from a variety of backgrounds – parents and educational scholars; for and against vaccination – marched through the streets of Brisbane to voice their concerns with the government’s new proposals.


Full Interview with Lissa Weckert: [UPLOADING]



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