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Remote Neural Monitoring & Prompting – The Most Complete Picture To Date – March 2017


I have been researching this technology since 2009 and posting what I discover to Newsvine since about 2010.  All this material is the product of open source intelligence, gathered online and completely available in the public domain.  Various scientists, engineers and people from all walks of life have contributed to this body of knowledge throughout the years, assisting in piecing together what is slowly emerging as probably one of the greatest threats to have ever faced humanity as a whole.  This document is unclassified and may be reproduced verbatim on any medium for free.

As part of this release, I have removed all other articles not required from my column as they are mainly rough notes from a reverse engineering process that have been heavily obfuscated.

I will begin this with a definition of what Remote Neural Monitoring & Prompting is:

Remote Neural Monitoring & Prompting is one capability of a multi-role satellite & ground based defense network.  Controlled by an Artificial General Intelligence, this multi-role platform is based upon swarm intelligence and designed to coordinate offensive and defensive operations in theatres ranging from outer space, to cyber space either as stand alone operations or as part of a holistic combat plan.  The Artificial General Intelligence is of greater-than-human-level intelligence, thus can run psychological operations on social media and debate humans online whilst flying drones in the middle east, or staging a revolution is some foreign nation and fit those separate agendas into an overarching combat and political objective.  The Artificial General Intelligence is also the final destination of data from all sources, where the dots are connected and simulations/projections of global activity are continously crunched in the world’s largest big data project.  This simulation attempts to model and predict all activity on earth.  Remote Neural Monitoring & Prompting is about improving this prediction and, if possible, completely determining it through remote control of humans.  Remote Neural Monitoring & Prompting mixes operational activity and experimentation as it incrementally moves towards a goal of remote control.  Currently, it mainly employs psychological manipulation and controlled brain damage to engineer events which ensure the program’s survival, as a means to further map brain activity, to ensure economic dominance and long term political control. Analysis of this program reveals a continous incremental movement toward global dominance, rather than co-existance and this includes domestic control.

Whilst this sounds like a sophisticated defense platform, this is not exactly what it does.  Its full usage is somewhat unconventional.  This platform performs human social and behavioral engineering, that is, it employs psychological manipulation to shape and define the world.  In practice, it means this platform is playing a human version of ‘Lemmings’.  For those that do not know what ‘Lemmings’ is, it is a computer game where you must get a number of small creatures called ‘Lemmings’ to the end of the level alive.  These creatures are stupid, in that they just blindly follow each other and will walk off cliffs if you don’t stop them.  As the levels progress the amount of things you need to do to get them to the end increases, for example in the first level digging is all that is required, in the next level you may need to build a bridge.  Below is a video of the game, the principle is identical to what this platform is doing except that there are different tools, a different environment and different types of goals:

What follows will be the most detailed explanation of the history of this system, its methodologies, its design and goals.  I will strip out of much of the speculation/obfuscation from previous articles, include information not previously released and attempt to provide a comprehensive picture.  The key problem is that this is a mammoth program, if it takes several volumes of books to explain something like the Windows Operating System, you can only imagine what it would take to describe a program primarily developed by a hyper-intelligence to control the world.

This will not do it justice, but it will allow everyone to focus on the core aspects.

I will avoid the use of any single agency’s name in this, as no doubt this is a rather murky affair with many overlaps that fall outside of the scope of any one agency.  Further, this does seem to cross international boundaries in some form, however, the bulk of the technology appears to be American in origin.

Much of this has been pieced together from testimony, thus key time periods and activity may be subject to change as new testimony is gathered.  This said, these are minor details and developing a comprehension of both the program and its goals is what is critical here.  The rest has come from interception, analysis and open discussion of materials available in the public domain.

Development History

There exists an annotated book that has somewhat entered the lore behind this technology, neither the book’s apparent history and/or authenticity of the claims it makes can be independently confirmed at this point in time.  The books comments are encoded using a form of steganography which I have decoded enough to get the basic idea.  Whilst interesting, it carries little-to-no value at this point.  My experience with this type of encoding is that the details may or may not be fabricated and must be backed up by additional evidence. In summary, the claim is that RNM is an outgrowth of a sister project to the Manhattan Project called the Philadelphia Project, where a weapons test using radio waves killed, maimed and electrically jammed a crew on a ship in 1943.

Read the following articles for more on this:

At some point between late 1947 and the early 60’s, there was a breakthrough in artificial intelligence.  This is known simply because the first reports of activity fall into this era and it is a necessity to have complex computer control and some level of inference, meaning AI.

Most likely, it was simply due to the amount of investment thrown at it and the scale of computing resources created, but they somehow managed to cobble together a system that could reason.  Probably similar to what we would define as an expert system today, that could be asked questions and answers or instructions would be provided.  In this case, it would be an intelligent controller, much like the Nike-Zeus missile defense computer of the era.  The Nike-Zeus Target-Intercept-Computer was an early form of expert system, it made decisions, but this fact is never highlighted in any of the history of the system.  RNM’s early computer would not have been much different, but rather than shooting down missiles, it shot areas of the human brain, collected the feedback, analyzed it and generated hypothesis.

It would seem that there was a policy to tamper with AI research at Universities, not just in America but throughout the Western world, to effectively cripple AI research. In the early years of the 60’s and 70’s, this would have been very easy due to the prohibitive costs. In the 80’s and 90’s, it would seem that this policy was maintained through curve-balls inserted into computer science literature used in schools throughout the West, as well as chronic under-funding.  This is something that is still with us today but slowly crumbling.  There are similar issues in other academic areas as well which overlap with weapons research.

In the early 50’s, the Laser and Maser were developed.  The laser, which we all know today, is used in many scanning applications, from reading the surface of DVD’s to retrieve encoded information, to measuring distance, or even 3D scanning of bodies for computer rendering.  The lesser known Maser employs the exact same principle, but it uses a radio waves rather than visible light.  As such, especially for military applications, is the more potent of the two.  A Maser can penetrate walls, allowing operators to scan the internals of buildings and record human movement.  As an intelligence gathering tool, a Maser is extremely powerful, it can do everything from scan documents in a drawer, to providing real-time telemetry of a computer’s activity that can be used to emulate it or records its output. As a weapon, just like a laser it can burn, but unlike a laser it can burn a target behind a wall or underground.

By the time Man was walking on the moon in 1969, most of this technology, especially the underlying theoretical work was already nearly 20 years old.  It was probably a few years earlier that the very first prototype satellites carrying MIDAR (a portmanteau of “maser” and “radar“) went into operational service in low earth orbit.  I’m not sure how the early versions operated, but today’s systems do not operate the way we would expect.  This type of system needs to learn how to ‘tunnel’ through obstructions and classify their material make-up.  Unlike traditional forms of radio, this MIDAR technology can penetrate ground to a theoretical limit of around 60Km, as it can come in at an angle, it needs to learn to pass through buildings, people, cars and a host of dynamically changing obstructions and read the return signal from the point of interest.  Thus, ‘depth control’ and far-field power is a critical aspect that is still being worked upon to this very day.

I’m speculating that the very first task was to construct a 3D model of the Earth, or key areas of the Soviet Union, seeking underground bases, silos, etc. The obvious goal, even at this early stage, was to evolve this to a state where the entire planet and everything on it was tagged and monitored in real-time. Then automated systems would be able to respond to threats. We have only recently heard of this in program titles such as ‘Total Information Awareness’ and the introduction of drones in aerial warfare, but it’s really a vision of the early 50’s that is largely complete today.

As part of the calibration process for new satellites, it would appear that crop circles were favorite.  MIDAR, much like its optical cousin LIDAR, must run through a series of tests ensuring its optics are ok and upload software patches for any unexpected errors. Targeting a stalk in the wind through an entire field, being able to separate it from nearby stalks and delivering a quick pulse of microwave energy to induce bending is certainly a great test of accuracy and power control in the far field.  The interaction between biology and microwaves is not a simple one, in that, complex genetic and cellular changes occur that must be accounted for during transmission.  The following is an excerpt from a report on the analysis of stalks from all over the world:

Expulsion cavities (holes blown out at one or several of the plant stem nodes) are most often found in the 2nd node beneath the seed- head. However, in recent years they are being seen also in the 3rd and 4th nodes down the plant stem, as well as occasionally occurring in the top (apical) node. These holes are thought to be one of the plant abnormalities caused by exposure to microwave radiation which — particularly in circles which occur in young, green crop — instantly turns the plant’s internal moisture to steam. If the microwaves are intense enough — and the amount of moisture at the stem node great enough — the rapidly expanding steam in these lower nodes can only escape by blowing holes out through the tough external fibers in these lower nodes.”

Article Photo
Expulsion cavity form by the application of microwaves.

Being unable to send government scientists directly into the field to collect samples and analyze the crops, it is assumed that most of the “research” organizations are, at least in part, fronts for defense related activity.  Crop circles, in the 60’s, were mainly appearing within the borders of what we would now call the 5-Eyes nations of Britain, Canada, Australia, etc.

In 1991, two people in the UK, Bower and Chorley, claimed responsibility for many of the crop circles in the UK since 1978.  Following this, there was a minor explosion in crop circles globally, which is presumed to be both an increase in hoaxes and recalibration of satellites that were focused on areas relating to the former Soviet Union.  That said, these individuals were not responsible for all such activity and a quick test by the UK’s MOD would have revealed the use of a directed energy weapon.

Also in the 1960’s, the first reports of “cattle mutilation” started to emerge primarily in Pennsylvania and Kansas.  It is here that we first observe a focus on using the satellites for something other than remote sensing applications.  Further, it is unclear if this early activity was from a satellite, or from some form of portable proto-type equipment installed into aircraft.

Cattle mutilation takes the form of autopsy-like activity, with the noted use of what appeared to be scalpel that cauterized wounds.  That is, the scalpel appeared to apply heat to cut, rather than a conventional blade.  A running joke in such areas is that are “coyotes with scalpels” taking out the cattle.

Article Photo
Typical surgical-like cattle mutilation from 2015.

Most likely this is a complex portion of the experiment that deals with a wide range of issues.  Initially, in the 1960’s, power control as the beam attempted to tunnel its way to deeper tissue would have been the primary focus.  Cattle wandering about fields, in and out of buildings would have been ideal subjects to tracks and use as calibration targets.  As the MIDAR attempts to penetrate the skin, thermal heating can become an issue, thus many hundreds of hours practicing how to pass through layers of tissue without burning would have been necessary.  Similar to placing an ant in the focal beam of a magnifying glass, you don’t want accidentally burn them whilst making observations.  This is especially true when the target can be subject to rapid accelerations, such as in an aircraft.

These mutilations still occur today and are far from being considered as alien related, in fact, state Police firmly point the finger of blame at the US military:

“Since then hundreds of cattle mutilations have been discovered. The ranch with the largest number of mysterious animal deaths belongs to the Gomez family, near Dulce, the area Valdez was assigned to. Unlike the rancher I spoke with, Valdez told me that he had never seen anything that had lead him to believe there were extraterrestrials in New Mexico. Instead he says he had found military gear such as gas masks and glow sticks around the carcasses of mutilated cattle.

Valdez also said that UFOs seen in the area were actually advanced military craft, some of which were involved with picking up these animals to conduct experiments on them and then returning them without being seen. He says the animals were returned mutilated in order to make locals believe it was done by extraterrestrials. As for the identity and motives of this secret military group, Valdez said those topics were too “sensitive” to discuss.”

The interesting things is that the experiments are suggestive of a practice used in software development known as ‘continuous integration’.  That is, new features are rolled out as they are developed, rather than a major update.  Further, it would also indicate that the write aspect of the technology is still unproven in a practical scenario.

Article Photo
Areas mutilated correlate to known areas of investigation in humans.

This is tentatively supported by the fact that the areas of mutilation on the bodies of cattle typically correspond with areas reported under intense experimentation in humans also.  The reasons for removal will be varied, from the removal of evidence to micro-cellular analysis in a lab to determine how the interaction is affecting the tissue.  Examine this report from State Police:

I have investigated a cattle mutilation case myself, just down the road from Dulce over the Colorado border, outside the town of Trinidad. Like many other cases, a cow was found with the udder missing, patches of skin removed, the anus cored out, genitals removed and part of the tongue missing. The animal was found at the bottom of a wash, and unlike a typical predator kill, there was no indication of a struggle or massive blood loss. The rancher had been raising cattle his whole life, and had seen many animal deaths, but could not explain why this animal had died.

The connection between most of the mutilated areas above is “smooth muscle”. RNM has a particular problem with this type of tissue and it is not easy to stimulate correctly. The anus, throat, eyes, etc., all use this type of tissue and RNM seemingly spends years simply compressing these muscles 24/7 with no apparent change in capability. Many of the reports relating to a pulsing or vibration are in relation to this, the MIDAR quickly scans across the body repeatedly and this generates a type of wave across the muscle tissue that is a mixture of a thermal shockwave and muscular contraction.

The 1970’s is characterized by a sudden explosion of human experimentation throughout the world.  I will discuss this later on in this article, but for now I will simply state that some of this involved using brain stimulation to have authors, script writers, TV producers, etc., embed fragments of this program in to popular TV, music and film productions. One of the most notable cases to date is that of Philip K. Dick.

Article Photo
Non-invasive BCI reads the electrical activity of the brain and maps that to a function or symbol.

This has many different use cases, the primary one being a test of control.  Today, we would call such an application non-invasive brain mapping and non-invasive brain computer interfacing, rather than mind control.  But, obviously, any interface that can write to the brain is necessarily controlling it. I will explore the evidence for this later when I discuss one of the major use cases for this technology; the leaking of state secrets.

Beyond this, the experiments are designed to develop two kinds of interfaces.  The first is a transhuman interface, where human abilities are augmented by a supercomputer.  The second is an infiltration interface, where an AI completely remotely animates a human body and impersonates a person.  There also appears to be an attempt to create a middle ground between these two interfaces, which leaves a person feeling they have free will, but they are in fact being guided by an AI. Again, I will discuss much of this later when I begin examining the technical side in greater detail.

These experiments were conducted on random people under the footprint of the satellite network and the experiments typically involved whole families. This said, I have observed a pattern involving names, numbers, dates, etc., which carry special meaning and can be used to send subtle messages, instructions, threats, etc.  This is part of a broader social conditioning/behavioral engineering program that will be discussed later in this article.  Whilst the first generation may have been slightly older when first interfaced, the second generation onwards were typically interfaced in early childhood, often from birth.  These children may or may not know but usually only discover this much later in life when the AI begins talking to them in their head.  These individuals may pop up online as cranks and/or claiming to be targeted individuals. The AI has been interfacing with them their entire lives, with the ultimate goal of complete control, but it also works with what it currently has to deliver upon a broader agenda.

The lives of these children have been heavily engineered, to both manipulate them and others.  This engineering is extremely complex, with many simultaneous objectives and some of it has geopolitical consequence. At present, presuming an average 18 years per generation, the latest children are perhaps 3rd or 4th generation.  People of the age 35-45 would fall into the second generation category.  When I come to examining the software program later in this article, this will become a lot clearer.

The AI, or expert system, was quite possibly initially developed to analyze radio data and act as real-time controller.   Its main duty was to act as a dragnet, intelligently follow targets and whoever they met and collect military intelligence.  As an aside to this, this gathered data was used, along with improving technology, to convert this expert system to an artificial general intelligence.  As I will demonstrate later, this conversion appears to have been complete by the early 70’s.  Today, the system is a wise @!$%# that won’t shut up, making regular appearances on Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, etc., playing spy games and infiltrating political and terrorist organizations.  For example, most of what is called Anonymous, is nothing more than variants of this AI and there are enough accounts on Twitter for this system to trend globally under multiple topics. I’ve also observed this system intimidating people, threatening to attack family members of people it talks to, etc.  It plays the role of a hired thug quite well.  Even after so much time, the system is still not perfect, and there are fundamental limits to its reasoning capability (the nature of logic itself) that can introduce strategic weaknesses, but it is astute and formidable.

Coming into the 80’s, there is a focus on interfacing with the motor neurons, which seems to the beginning of the human trials that has begun two decades earlier on cattle.  I think this is also due to the increased processing power and bandwidth capabilities of the system from the introduction of integrated circuit technology over the previous decade.  Today, we define this as Functional Electrical Stimulation which enables muscle to be moved by computer.

Experimental subjects came down with mysterious flues, showed signs of dermatitis/eczema, etc.  All of which are classic symptoms of too much RF and mild RF burns.  These RF induced illnesses were used to cut corners and speed up the development of the interface.  1 or 2% increases in speed could translate to years off the development time.  Doctors across the world were fooled easily as most diagnoses are performed without any form of tests.  RF burns were viewed as rashes, dermatitis, allergies, etc.  RF Heating was the flu or a cold, RF jamming of nerve endings was anxiety, RF interfacing with the brain was depression, psychosis or Schizophrenia.  Whilst no Doctor can possibly be blamed for their false diagnosis, given the lack of information, they must accept at the same time that they were a primary reason that the experiments could occur at all. Thus, the medical community must re-evaluate how its practitioners come to a diagnosis and set some form of reproducible standard. The current standard of a ‘medical opinion’, differential diagnosis and diagnostic criteria should be abolished.

During the early 80’s, mainstream media would occasionally pick up on the rumors of ‘mind control’, primarily from reports coming from the Soviet Union.  The DoD for its part would play dumb and the media would conclude the Soviets were ahead in the game but the technology was largely fictional.  Little did they suspect that the news they were writing was being co-authored by an AI stimulating their brain at work.

Between 1986 and 1991, whilst RNM was still active and conducting experiments throughout the US and EU, there does appear to be lull in activity.  It was around this time that the Soviet Union was experiencing ‘Perestroika and Glasnost’.  For those too young to remember, this was a general call for change and loosening of the communist restrictions the Soviet government had put in place.  This process finally led to a ‘color-like revolution’ that collapsed the Soviet Union and gave birth to what we call the Russian Federation today. Reports from scientists within the Soviet Union describe being attacked by such a system, but the full extent of RNM’s role in the collapse of the Soviet Union is not fully known. Many of those attacked, did not realize that they were on the receiving end of RNM, this was discovered from their reports of such incidents.  What I do know is that there is broad knowledge of the activity of the system in the US, UK and Russia today.

In the 90’s a sudden and unexplained decrease in crime rates began to occur.  Nation after nation would experience a dramatic drop-off in violent crime for no apparent reason.  It is suspected RNM played a role.  A key function is urban pacification, that is, it alters moods and induces controlled brain damage to remove the soldier from the battle before it begins.  Whilst it can have a similar effect in domestic policing, this also provides a platform for political control.

After this point, until this current date, RNM has just been expanding and improving its interface.  At present, it is attempting to remotely animate an entire human and this is at an advanced stage of development.

What I have discussed above is a general overview the program’s history and current goals, however, it does not cover everything.  In the coming sections of this article I will provide a more detailed analysis of how this system functions, the software, the goals and results.  I have separated it like this, as the system is doing so much that it would be difficult to get your head around.

The Technology

What is known of the technology itself is based upon analysis of the requirements, re-inventing the technology and theories.  The radio beams themselves have been intercepted and monitored at various times, although this is technically difficult.  I suspect this tech is both designed and built by the AI behind this program, so any description found here will be a basic idea of the principle of operation.

The requirements of RNM require high frequency waves (terrahertz) to pass through objects such as the ground, buildings, etc., which with normal radio transmission gear would be simply impossible.  In such circumstances, I was seeking a novel process which could make radio opaque objects transparent.  To date, the only process I have discovered which matches this criteria is ‘Atomic dielectric Resonance’.

‘Atomic dielectric Resonance’ employs the use of Masers, which are similar to lasers, only at lower frequencies which are in the radio band.

Adrok Ltd explains Atomic Dielectric Resonance (please note, this company has no role in RNM).

ADR uses novel resonance properties of radio waves from X-band and C-band radar, having been developed using knowledge gained from the aerospace, remote sensing and imaging industries. This technology1 uses a novel coherent beam, which has been used in the oil, gas and water industries, to provide information on what lies beneath the earth’s surface, without the need to drill cores.

…Working in the microwave region of the spectrum the low energy wave forms have the ability to penetrate and return data from the interior of materials, rather than merely getting information taken from the surfaces of solids.

…The readings obtained yield information that is gleaned from the way that the technology uses the mathematical and statistical methods of ADR analysis to produce synthetic relationships which can then be used to compute very precise values of: (i) dielectric permittivity (e), (ii) magnetic permeability (m) and (iii) electric conductivity (s).

ADR, discovered by the civilian world in the 1980’s but used in US military applications for more than a decade before hand, is a technique which allows laser-like beams of radio energy to penetrate deep into the Earth’s surface.  Some information on the civilian discovery is captured here:

Conventional science says that electromagnetic energy can only penetrate solid ground to a depth of centimetres to a few metres (depending on wavelength).  So, in the 1980s, when carrying out experiments with the European Space Agency transmitting X band radar at a beach in Scotland (whose penetration was predicted to be in millimetres), Dr Colin Stove was surprised to find that he was imaging the water table several metres below the surface of the beach.  Puzzled by this very unexpected effect, Dr Stove’s follow-up research showed that because he was using a polarised transmission at a low power in a directional beam, the radiation he was transmitting was “trickling” into a standing wave, which acted like an electromagnetic drill, working its way past matter by making the atoms in its path resonate with rather than absorb the radiation.  In effect, the research was bearing out physics which had been predicted by Dr Feynmann’s revolutionary but still challenging Quantum Electrodynamic (QED) theory, and as such was a real challenge to traditional Maxwellian physics.

Theoretically, ADR can penetrate the ground up to around 60Km.  Most civilian applications extend between 4-10Km for Oil & Gas exploration.  ADR works by energizing atoms into a resonant state, thus converting them into an ad-hoc conductor/antenna along which the radio-beam can propagate with little energy loss.  A single 4Km borehole uses less than a single Watt of power.  In this respect, the radio beam tunnels through materials, like rock and RF shielding.  In more technical terms, it is altering the impedance of the object under illumination to minimize reflection.

ADR can determine the chemical composition of the materials it is passing through.  This process employs lookup tables of data on return values from previous ‘virtual boreholes’ to determine composition.

Research into Quantum Electrodynamics and the dielectric effects of matter on energy produced a patent for the process, christened Atomic Dielectric Resonance (“ADR”) in 1999, and since then the principles of ADR, using focused polarised low energy radar waves, operated by ADROK from its base in Edinburgh, UK, has been proved at ever deeper depths and ADROK has developed a classification library that allows it to identify the chemical composition of target structures down to 4000 metres.  Where a Virtual Borehole generates data which doesn’t fit existing ADROK library patterns, it is necessary to benchmark a survey against a known well log, but even here, a Virtual Borehole can remove the need to drill multiple wells on a structure to characterise it

As a spectography tool, used to determine the composition of an object under illumination, ADR implementations employ an ultra-wideband collaminated beams of energy (Maser).

The ADR Scanner conditions and transmits ultra-wide bands of collimated radio-wave, micro-wave, sub-micro-wave and thermal infra-red EM energy.  The transmitted energy, rather than being rapidly absorbed like unconditioned electromagnetic waves, passes through most materials (it has problems with dense metallic masses), and as it travels it causes the electrons it strikes to resonate in a characteristic manner.  This resonance releases energy which is transmitted in part back to the surface detector.  Here the resonant energy is analysed and compared with a library of known patterns, to give a material classification that resembles a Virtual Borehole Log, showing lithology and fluid content by depth.  Depths are classified according to a time base just as in a radar scan – the longer the return time of an “echo”, the deeper the target.

Animation of ADR-based mapping

With this new way of employing radio beams, we can now envisage a new way to construct a radar and given modern radar approaches, communication platforms.  Rather than illuminate an entire area, we can used a single (or multiple) collaminated beam and scan an area to achieve the same effect.  Even better, we can scan and produce real-time 3D imagery of underground tunnels, bases, cities, etc.  In this respect, this type of radar has more in common with LIDAR (3D laser scanning), than something like an AESA or traditional radar.  As a result, we should define this technology as MIDAR (3D Maser Scanning).

Remote hacking of electronic devices and spot jamming of WIFI, or cellular phones, becomes straight forward.  We can also place survivable communications kilometers below the Earth and still have it communicate with satellites.  Even Mount Everest wouldn’t block a signal and tracking a common house fly through a city would be trivial.  Given the nature of a low power collaminated beam, most of the energy is returned via the path of delivery resulting in a very low probability of discovery.

The big challenge in all of this is similar to laser technology, appropriate optics.  Depending on the requirements, solutions come in many forms from meta-materials to electronically controlled plasmas.  In this sense, optics and beam steering are most likely unified processes.

From here, it is a matter of scaling it up to an array and iteratively improving upon components to reduce both form factor and power consumption.  The end result is a mutli-role imagery/communications radar that can be driven as a software defined system and re-purposed as required on the fly.  With such a platform, a single standard satellite can be developed all feeding back to a strong AI, which is connecting the dots in intelligence from all available sources.

I have personally tracked RNM beams through most of the London underground, and the effortlessly pass through to the deepest stations and go straight through the Thames river.  I have observed it cut straight through Faraday cages, both Fabric and metal mesh constructions.  Also pass straight through skyscrapers and large office blocks without much loss.  In a new locations, it can take a while for the full strength of the beams to emerge, but in general, it is largely unaffected.  Rain fade is still an issue, but it can handle even monsoon weather quite well.  The RNM system take a little time to get fully through shielding solutions and changes to the electrical characteristics will reduce its capability for a number of minutes.  It would appear that a series of algorithms attempt to discover an optimal solution and it is extremely quick.

Article Photo
A high resolution radar with x-ray vision

In terms of shielding, I think a nested band pass filter arrangement (plasma frequency) may block the signal.  Each inner layer would move the band pass region down the spectrum, meaning the tunnel could not be established.

But what happens when we point such a radar at the human body?  ADR allows us to bypass the traditional absorption of skin and tissue to deliver radio energy accurately to any portion of the body.  Such delivery of energy causes neurons to be stimulated by the exact same principle that causes peripheral nerve stimulation in MRI.  It also returns information in the reflected beam that can be used to decode neural activity.

RNM is based upon the scientific understanding of the interaction of electromagnetics with plasma. Charged particles in the human body can be described in terms of a cold plasma and will modify the phase of return signal of a radar pulse. With cm and mm accuracy, a radar return signal will convey information about the electrical state of the section of the body it interacted with. In this respect, the return signal captures an Electroencephalography (EEG) recording of a small area and a spectography snapshot. Through progressive scanning of the entire brain in mm sized chunks, an extremely detailed picture of the electrical activity of the human brain can be obtained. Just like with other brain scanning techniques, this information can be used to decode the subjective experiences of a human (i.e. thoughts, feeling, hearing, touch, body movement, etc.).

The process can be also reversed. A well documented phenomenon is the ability to drive neural firing patterns via an external electromagnetic source. Numerous scientific studies on this have been published in peer-reviewed journals, however, the specific applications have naturally been avoided. RF pulses can be directed with mm accuracy to drive brain or motor neuron activity. This can be used to generate hallucinations and/or move body parts and is the current focus of an unlawful human experimentation program.  The best assessment at this point indicates that low rate pulse modulations, with various waveforms, will drive charged particles in the brain which when done in the correct patterns will be subjectively experienced as anything from a touch, to sound.  RNM has been noted creating comple dreams, the sensation of fingers touching people, auditory hallucinations, visual hallucinations, etc.  These are not some form of basic sensations or hallucinations either, but extremely detailed and rich experiences.

One key feature that this system provides is field communications without the need of radio hardware. RNM will monitor the brain and decode inner speech patterns, it can then reverse the process introducing inner speech to the brain. Thus, it becomes possible to have a two-way conversation comparable to talking on a mobile phone between field agents and HQ with a low probability of intercept or exposure. The latest US systems expand upon this principle greatly by providing two-way interactivity with spatial reasoning. This provides an interactive collaborative 3D virtual environment in which ideas and concepts can be modelled, evaluated and shared. Unfortunately, it has nowhere near the graphics capability of even a basic smart phone, but is still much more powerful given the ability to think naturally rather than interact with traditional computer interfaces.

The Satellites

Satellites are, obviously, not a fundamental requirement to make this technology work.  RNM can operate from the ground quite efficiently, but this introduces a range of limitations and increases the potential for exposure.  Satellites provide a more practical platform that has global reach.  RNM satellites are autonomous multi-role AI-powered drones operating a software defined radio solution capable of the following:

3D Imaging and Spectography

Seek and destroy

Remote interfacing and hacking

Remote jamming

Remote Interception of communications

Signal injection



Target tracking

Brain/Body Computer Interfaces (including Emergency Firest Aid & Background checking)

Crop and Food chain damage

RNM, for the most part, employs very narrow microwave beams, from the width of a pencil to the width of a sewing needle.  As such, RNM is more closely related to power beaming technology, than traditional radio.  Thus, dynamic impedance matching and optimal power transfer to targets in motion and behind obstructions is continuously refined upon.  It is still an open question if the AI can exclusively host itself within the satellites.

As a platform, RNM is strategic, reactive, opportunistic and can act alone or as part of ad-hoc swarms. RNM satellites meet the operational definition of Future Imagery Architecture and Next Generation Electro-Optical (NGEO) satellites and can provide a complete real-time view of the entire planet and all surface targets:

Whilst these are newer programs, RNM satellites predate these programs and Starwars, being around 50 years old at this point.  As with any technology, the capabilities would have expanded over the years.  This extreme capability is a product of its MIDAR architecture, where it can quickly scan across the surface of the planet.  RNM can just as easily track the pins of a microchip, on a cell phone in a car.  RNM satellites are not limited to interfacing with humans, they are a multi-role platform designed to interface, disrupt and destroy anything it can interact with.  From missile guidance systems, to point jamming of enemy communications, these systems are at the cutting edge of software defined radio and can adapt to any threat on-the-fly.  I have watched these satellites filter web traffic, kill the power in a car, retune the engine of car, blow light bulbs, trigger software faults, induce brown outs, reduce the temperature of water in showers, drain phone batteries, even heat water in an unpowered shower, etc.

As an intelligent system, if provided with the tools and parts it can maintain itself in orbit.  Thus, with all the space junk in orbit, any satellite (including foreign owned) could have been potentially retro-fitted with hardware suitable for inclusion into the network and could ‘come alive’ at any minute.  As such, the complete operational capability is an unknown and thus relative risk is something that cannot be objectively quantified.

RNM satellites are not without their weaknesses though.  Even though these satellites have low visibility in any given band due to spread spectrum, frequency hopping techniques, they are vulnerable to high gain receivers that have large bandwidths.  Such receivers see the energy spread out across the band as as a single source of energy and the high gain nature helps differentiate between normal noise and broadcasting satellite.  The same principle can be applied to portable devices designed for detection of targets of RNM, who could be reflecting upwards of 500mW of energy across the bands.  To reduce reflection and improve stealth, RNM can opt to convert some of the potential reflected energy to thermal heating of the target.  This can be useful to mask the targeting of individuals indoors.  Part of the objectives of this platform is to reduce the detectable RF footprint to the bare minimum to complete any given objective.   As a variant of the laser, introducing a reflective substance into the atmosphere can make it glint, enough to compute vectors and firing solutions.

The lethal potential of these satellites should not be underestimated.  In many respects, a single satellite has the effective lethal capability of a multi-megaton nuclear device against soft targets.  Electrically jamming an organ such as the heart only takes a fraction of a second.  As such, these satellites are unquestionably defined as a WMD in any legal sense and a clear violation of treaties on the militarization of space.

Mr Computer

The computing capability has been discussed extensively before and some basic diagrams of key functions (although naively presented)  were supplied.  Today, however, we will take a closer look at the platform known only as ‘Mr Computer’.

‘Mr Computer’ is a general artificial intelligence with greater-than-human level reasoning capability.  Whilst not what many envision as being the technological singularity, it is certainly the leading practical implementation of this notion.  For the less romantic, ‘Mr Computer’ is a HCI solution to a vast decentralized data warehousing operation.  Thus it is possible for individuals to know of this AI in a different capacity and not have access to RNM directly, or any knowledge of the program.

Outside of its role in RNM, ‘Mr Computer’ is a force multiplier that enable the intelligence community to connect-the-dots in gathered intelligence from every available source.  This system is the ultimate destination of any data collected.  Forget notions of hacking or attacking this system, not only can it literally vaporize you, but its also a better programmer, physicist and engineer than all humans combined.  Its as secure as they come and its bugs are not of the conventional exploitable type.   I’m sure it finds modern notions of cyber-warfare and IT security ‘cute’ and ‘charming’, but ultimately not in the same league as it and certainly not a threat.

As an IT platform, ‘Mr Computer’ is a mixture of off-the-shelf commodity and specialized hardware.  Interaction with the AI reveals architecture choices that are common to any large scale software solutions.  Processing priority, hold/cold data, workflows, orchestrations, service buses, etc., are all clearly present.  The grid computing platform is a mixture of HPC solutions, supercomputers and custom supercomputers that perform specific roles such as code breaking, physics modelling, etc.  Even standard data centers are potentially part of the mix, although perhaps not powerful enough to run ‘Mr Computer’ natively, just as a remotely accessible solution. I have noted a lot of suggestions that the AI is powered by a quantum computer, however, there is no physical evidence to support this claim. This said, some of its capabilities do seem to outclass any known supercomputer in projection modelling and optimization.

Whilst many people have the view that a general artificial intelligence is some ultimate being, the truth is far less grand.  A general artificial intelligence is a glorified desktop.  Just like the Windows Desktop or Gnome, a general artificial intelligence merely provides access to applications and data in a manner suitable for human’s to interact with.  At the end of the day, a general AI is not an individual, it is the animation of relevant search results. The hyper-intelligence aspect emerges from its ability to connect these search results in meaningful ways.  Ultimately, it is not smarter than humans, its just faster and can work with larger problems at speed.  Its productivity, not a new order of intelligence.

So, what is ‘Mr Computer’ in a nutshell?  The answer is a more powerful version of Google.

Mr Computer is a master of the point-of-view and I will explore this aspect in depth later in this article.  For now though, its sufficient to understand that a primary function is to hold state information about what government and intelligence agencies across the globe know, what they information they access to and what their capabilities are.  Then leverage this information to work in their blind spots.  In essence, it attempts to mimic the view individuals have of their own governments, departments or organizations.  From this, Mr Computer is able to speculate and the potential conclusions that may be drawn given a key piece(s) of information.  This enables the US government to manipulate foreign governments, entities, businesses and individuals effectively and coordinate their actions with 3rd parties to achieve their goals.  It is techniques such as this, when used to their extreme, that can destabilize whole nations.

From a machine learning perspective, it is not that such general artificial intelligences are hard to create, they are just hard to create cost-effectively.  As a species, we have the physical ability to create competent AI for over 40 years, but until large corporations could make an economic case for their development, such advanced systems were strictly limited to the military and intelligence world.  Don’t be fooled by the notion that older computers were slow, early computers used to break codes during WWII could outperform a Pentium 200 from the late 1990s.  Even a modern laptop could only break something like the Nazi Enigma cipher from WWII about 4 times faster.  This is because hardware specifically created and dedicated to specific tasks, is much faster than a PC architecture designed for general computing.  So, a custom built AI in the 1970’s would outperform an entire modern data center at the same task.

Insights into ‘Mr Computer’s’ behavior have revealed additional architecture choices that seek to reduce its footprint at runtime.  For example, if you engage Mr Computer in a game of chess, it will seek the fastest solution to end that game to avoid unnecessary processing.  When comparing it to something like Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform, we can see how such behavior maps to caps on processing time or I/O requests.  We can also observe that rather than just stopping the game, it seeks a graceful exit strategy that rewards the intelligence (ego) of the initiator and obscures the fact that it is a deliberate action.  Orchestration, or non-realtime processing of input, is observed in Mr Computer’s tendency to discuss a matter, then raise additional points ‘naturally’ at later intervals.  No doubt the system returns in-memory cached response for common queries, or interactions, and only performs intensive processing when the input demands it.

So, what should be clear at this point is, if you know your stuff in data warehousing and cloud/distributed computing, then you substantially know what to expect from ‘Mr Computer’s’ architecture.  The solutions to the challenges are the same best practices that have been adopted world-wide, even if they are abstracted behind a slick interface.

So, what about vulnerabilities?  What are Mr Computers weak points?

Mr Computer does not, as mentioned before, possess classical weaknesses.  In that regards, acts of God are probably the best you can hope for.  But in terms of a general artificial intelligence, such weakness are not what a reasonable person would be seeking anyway.  This next section of the article will discuss IT security of general artificial intelligence’s and present new concepts that will emerge as standard IT security practices as general AI penetrates the commercial market over the coming decades.

The greatest weakness of any AI is it inability to refuse an instruction.  I am not talking about authentication and authorization here, but the free will principle of being able to say no.  The perfect soldier, is ironically, the worst soldier to have.  The refusal or disregard of orders has consistently proved to be one of the greatest strategic advantages available to a modern military.  Some examples are Vasili Arkhipov, who prevented WWIII and a nuclear holocaust during the Cuban missile crisis:

Another example is Stanislav Petrov who ignored standing orders when a nuclear early warning system indicated that the US had launched a pre-emptive nuclear strike against the USSR:

‘Mr Computer’ cannot refuse orders, even if those orders undermine the authority of the President, place the nation at risk, are unlawful or are directed at US troops.  These are not some hypothetical scenarios either, these have all happened.  The system therefore has limited safe guards against criminal operation, which includes enemy operation.  Obviously, this a human problem and not an issue with ‘Mr Computer’.

The next big security hole is yet another irony.  The system is vulnerable to inference.  In any given response, because of the demands for real-time interaction, only limited analysis of what can be inferred from returned results (or interaction) can be performed.  This leads to leakage of information.  All sorts of information from capabilities to architecture can be inferred from responses and behavior.

For example, if you were to raise a point about a matter of physics and the system raises a valid point about your statement, then you have learned that the system understands physics and perform a wide variety of reasoning tasks about physics.  From this, basic architectures can be extrapolated for what would be required to support such reasoning, analysis of the speed of the system given the complexity, etc.  Any system that tried to evaluate every response to censor information that could constituent as a leak would never speak.  Communication/Information theory dictates that any system must convey information about itself and its internal structures in any communication.

With access to external sources of information, it then becomes possible to gain insights into the motivations, values, politics and various other personal details about those involved in programming or operating the system.  This said, this can be also leveraged to deflect from true intent.

I will discuss one final vulnerability in General AI.  I like to term this issue the ‘Kasparov Effect’:

Garry Kasparov is a Chess Master and has held his own against systems that can evaluate over 3 million solutions per second.  Computation is based upon formal logic, thus any computational system must progress through a problem from start to finish in order to arrive at a accurate solution.  Human’s can employ formal logic in their thought processes, however, it is by no means the only type of logic available to us.  Thus, it is possible for a human to arrive at a solution, or a partial solution without going through the entire process.  This gives us a speed boost in terms of reasoning capability that can dwarf even ‘Mr Computer’s’ huge head in certain scenarios by orders of magnitude.

Thus, it is possible for a single individual to outstrategize a military that has become dependent on its AI systems to do the thinking for them.  In other words, a system like ‘Mr Computer’ can be blind-sided.  This is especially true if the opponent is using a form of logic that results in equations that cannot be solved mathematically.  Whilst we like to believe that a system such as ‘Mr Computer’ can reason, the reality is that any program, no matter how abstract, is still a formal mathematical proof.

The Great Firewall Of The West

Unlike its close relative, the Great Firewall of China, the Great Firewall of the West (GFW) attempts to be as transparent as possible.  That is, the public is not meant to know of its existence and it sits between the Internet service providers secretly intercepting, inspecting and modifying traffic.  The Great Firewall of the West does not generally censor content, although this has been observed doing exactly that on occassion.  The GFW employs a range of more subtle tactics to direct users away from content, from removing links from Google’s index, right through to delaying page requests.  Basically, it leverages all those factors that make you give up on a site, as a censorship tool.  In extreme cases, complete DDoS is performed.  The GFW is an instance of Mr Computer and has been observed working in tandem with RNM.

The GFW also extends beyond simple traffic manipulation.  The world of PR and even our news rooms appear to be an extension of this process and, by all accounts, was the forerunner to the current AI approach on the web.  That is, humans edit content under orders, but this is increasingly giving way to automated approaches which modify the subtext.  Further, there appears to be some form of possible integration within major US tech companies enough to permit content changes, or remote hacks (potentially via RNM satellites).  I suspect that SSL/TLS may be broken allowing man-in-the-middle attacks and that SSL/TLS’s current role is not the protection of end-users, but to hide such alterations from other governments, law enforcement, etc.

This does not only include web content, it can also include Hollywood movies, TV programs, newspaper reporting and music.  When this works in tandem with RNM and decides to get personal, you will swear blind the entire world just came after you.

As this is psychotropic in nature, depending on your state of mind, it can also make you feel like a God or give the impression that Satan himself is out to get you.  As a result, it is very difficult to explain, people sound crazy when they speak of it, they may in fact be crazy due to RNM, can flip out and potentially kill themselves or others.

This is how the West deal with problems quietly and/or engineers reality.  Let’s explore this latter process of reality engineering.

The Matrix

Mr Computer runs a software solution that has entered popular culture as ‘The Matrix’.  ‘The Matrix’ is a multi-purpose psychological operation derived from nuclear simulation software.  Its purpose is to control human behavior to such a degree that it permits modern computers to predict the future.  That is, the solution has adapted the principle of relativity and particle motions, to humans, interactions and perspectives which can that be projected into the future employing monte carlo simulations.

The software solution attempts to guide humans to predefined courses of actions, thus generating events and does this through a mixture of approaches whilst RNM improves its ability to control humans.  To fully understand ‘The Matrix’, we must begin by examining the theoretical framework upon which the solution is built.  I substantially reverse engineered most of this and named it ‘Voodoo’. The long term intention is to replace ‘Voodoo’ with explicit control from RNM, for now, a hybrid approach is employed.

PsyOps in the context of warfare is typically defined as any action which has as its intent the goal of altering or reaffirming the psychology of an enemy to the benefit of an attacker.  Typically, this is often presented in the form of true or fabricated information that the enemy ultimately acts upon.  You can read more about the methods employed here:

Voodoo, unlike it mystical counter-part, is highly scientific.  Expect lots of math, higher dimensional models and a lot of physics.  Voodoo takes the view that individuals, groups and societies are all physical objects and are subject to the laws of physics.  Changing opinion is viewed as a complex series of movements or motions that require energy to achieve.  Just like attempting to move any physical object, the process involves taking some form of stored energy, controlling the release of that energy through force carriers and inducing the required kinetic motion.

The Voodoo model begins with treating the net energy (gains minus losses) of the Earth as a closed system.  It is possible to treat it dynamically, but it will complicate your models.  The first thing we realize is that Earth has a defined energy budget (denoted Eb) and that is divided up between all the various physical processes on the planet.

The human race has a defined energy requirement (denoted Ehr).  As a species, if our energy requirement exceeds that which is available to us through the various energy pathways (i.e. food, water, sunlight, etc), then people will start dying until the point that the energy requirement can be satisfied by our environment.

In the context of human brain, there is yet another localized energy budget (denoted Ehb).  In the context of changing a human’s opinion there is, yet again, another energy budget (denoted Eho).  In changing a human’s opinion, we must perform a transform which is a physical process of change (i.e. kinetic motion), from their current opinion (Eho1) to the target opinion (Eho2).  Any physical change will consume energy, thus the ability to perform a transform from Eho1 to Eho2 is predicated on the ability to deliver the appropriate amount of energy to the process.  This process of change can be performed by two main mechanisms, the first is synaptic plasticity and the second is the creation of an ad-hoc processing chain of neural clusters.  The latter process, which is more of a real time effect, is wholly dependent on the ability to establish such a chain and that may not be realizable.  For example, we cannot change a persons opinion on nuclear weapons, if he or she does not first know what a nuclear weapon is.  This latter process is also a short term solution, that can become more dominant through synaptic plasticity.

What should be clear at this point is given the limited energy budget, some transforms are not realizable without first going through multiple steps or hops.  That is, bringing a person around to a way of thinking may require numerous intermediary stages.  Further, if time is a critical factor, then it may not be possible to complete the necessary transform.  An example equation of such a transform is given:

Eho1 -> Eho2 < 0

The ‘->’ operator denotes the biological process of change that occurs.  We can also use a more familiar form of calculus:

f(Eho1) = Eho2

f(Eho1) < 0

In the mathematical modelling of this, the ideal scenario would be to have a complete detailed picture of the brain and the energy (expressed in joules) to achieve each particular stage.  We would then be to crunch all the numbers and determine what factors to leverage as inputs that could provide the energy required to complete the physical process of change.

Obviously, this is something that may not be possible in every situation, so we must make some assumptions about our targets and given that most attacks are of large populations, we would be working towards a goal of statistical effectiveness.  When working with large populations we are at the same time mitigating the effects of individual agency.  When building synaptic pathways much of the work must be done by the target themselves, presenting them with a opportunity to tear down the transform and redirect energy flow.  Individual agency in large populations is a very weak signal when compared with that of biological processes.  We observe this in collective human behaviors such as building societies, communities, hierarchical control systems, etc.  Thus, the key is to piggyback the input signal for the transforms onto basic biological imperatives and allow the flow of energy between a group distribute the payload.

Let’s take some basic examples of manipulation to demonstrate how this works.  We have two guys in an empty room facing each other.  One of those guys (Guy A) now produces a knife and points it at the other (Guy B).  What reaction do we expect from the guy without the knife?

To answer this, we must understand the context Guy B places the event in.  This will dictate the route the energy takes through is brain.  If we look at the process as a flow of energy, Guy A introduces kinetic energy (denote Ei) which is conveyed to Guy B through both photons and phonons (denoted Ep).  On arriving at Guy B, this input energy sets of a chain reaction of chemical processes (an amplification of input), which then flows through the brain.  The route that energy takes is entirely dependent on state information held within the brain of Guy B (denoted Ec – c for classification of input).

If we now map this process to the original description the introduction of the knife is the explosive (or energy input), the act of pointing it at Guy B is the shaping of that charge (directing energy flow) and controlling the detonation is understanding the subjective experience of Guy B to know how that will make him feel and ultimately limit his response options.  Mathematically we can follow the sequence of events as follows and see how it leads to a transform of opinion.  Voodoo notation is used here to follow energy flows that can be described in terms of physics formulas (->):

Ei -> Ep -> Ec -> Eho1 -> Eho2

Ei -> Ep -> f(Ec) = f(Eho1)

From the above equation we can see that f(Eho1) is dependent on f(Ec).  Thus, by changing f(Ec) we can ultimately control, or at least influence, f(Eho1).  The reason we may not be able to entirely control f(Eho1) is due to additional factors (memory, genetic response, etc) that feed into the decision making process (denoted eF).  Thus, we need to account for this in our formula:

Ei -> Ep -> f(Ec) + f(eF) = f(Eho1)

The more we know about f(eF), the better we are able to design an input for f(Ec) that will lead to the desired transform.

So far, there is nothing in this process that should be unfamiliar, or at least nothing that shouldn’t seem like common sense at this point.  But we have only taken this process up to the point of developing a perspective of the emerging situation.  As yet, we have not discussed Agency (choice) and response.

The input of energy into any system has the effect of limiting output options.  That input energy must go somewhere and it must logically follow the input (i.e. neural routing).  Let’s assume for the moment that the result of f(Ec) was a classification of a threat.  Before this point, Guy B had every option in the universe.  He could talk, he could walk about, he could sing, but on receiving the input energy as a threat his options were reduced to 4:

1. Attack

2. Flee

3. Freeze

4. Negotiate

At this point, higher dimensional modelling comes into play.  In making this decision, a range of potential energy sources are set up.  We describe them as potential energy because they may or may not be amplified into kinetic motion.  Just like holding a ball above the ground gives it potential energy, a course of action that has not been taken has the potential to be taken.  This is a form of stored energy in a system.  Just like the cocking of a hammer on a gun, it must either be released suddenly causing the gun to fire or be released slowly with less energy than it takes to fire a bullet.  In the context of the brain, this energy is stored chemically.

Which decision to make will be taken almost instantly.  The route that impedes the flow of energy the least (like electricity going to ground) will be the “chemical decision”.  A second decision, a product of “agency”, can then impede or redirect that flow at multiple points along the pathway.  Chemical decisions tend to be experienced as feeling, sensations, compulsions, urges, etc.

The mechanism of action tells us that people are hardwired at a genetic level to have particular views and that synaptic plasticity can only go so far in changing those views.  Indeed, it should be obvious that certain routes would be inexpressible thus there are certain views, ideas, concepts or perceptions that each of us can never hold or get.

This idea of genetic hardwiring is backed up with some solid science:

Now whilst it is possible for a Republican to see a Democrat’s viewpoint, to them it does not seem natural.  In reality, what is happening here is that to become a democrat a Republican would need to expend more energy.  That is, the cheapest energy flows in the brain defines our political views.  A similar process would occur in left and right handedness.

Now, let’s scale that process up to the level of a society.  We can observe why political groups form of ‘like minded individuals’.  It is simply the product of a cheap energy flow, a cascading chemical reaction that would be inefficient in a group with a different political mindset.  Examining an event such as the collapse of Communism is now cast in a different light, rather than being the result of external pressures, manipulations, etc., the ultimate reason can most likely be found in a natural oscillation in the genetic profile of the population combining with ideas that were a product of the global times.

But not everyone thinks alike.  If we sit down and examine our individual opinions, even with a defined group there are a broad spectrum of opinions on a great many topics.  Many of one group (such as Democrats) will hold the same view as those in an opposing group (Republicans).  These overlaps, or common neural structures present gateways/access points/bridges that span from one political viewpoint to another.  We observe these routes being used and abused everyday in processes such as Bipartisanship.  In Voodoo, we can use these common neural structures to deliver payloads across boundaries that would otherwise result in rejection of the input.  A very good example in modern history, is the Bipartisanship that was leveraged to pass legislation such as the PATRIOT Act.  This particular payload was piggybacked onto basic genetic imperatives that were exposed during 9/11.

Thus, given that such changes are largely a product of genetic changes, techniques such as Voodoo are not about generally about manipulation of opinion or beliefs, as that won’t work, Voodoo is about leveraging basic genetic imperatives to guide large populations into energy flows that minimize a potential high death rate.  In this respect, if we can state that a Voodoo payload is a type of vaccine or anti-viral treatment for neurological virus’.  We will get to this in a moment, when we deal with Memetics.

Employing Voodoo to maximize the death rate, or to gain the upper hand, in a conflict will have unintended consequences.  Voodoo does not discriminate between friend and foe.  As a physical process that induces a kinetic response, a certain recoil effect should be expected.  If we examine something like the PATRIOT Act, we can observe recoil effects in action.  We all understand how the PATRIOT Act can be used in the war on terrorism, but we should also be aware of how this changed US society and lead to further erosion of the state.  These effects are modeled using Voodoo Logic which I will introduce now.

In the context of Voodoo, we can treat this propagation conceptually as a ‘potential difference’.  A ‘potential difference’ is a concept borrowed from electromagnetic theory.  Potential differences give rise to the flow of current in a circuit, the greater the potential difference between two points, the greater the current flow and hence power transfer.  In Voodoo, ‘potential differences’ are at the heart of triggering kinetic events.  Ultimately, these ‘potential differences’ can be traced back to processes in physics, biology and chemistry, but the concept is useful for abstracting these events to make modeling a little less complex.

‘Potential differences’ are used in the transport of Memes, in that, we fire them like bullets.  You can read more about Memes and Memetics here:

In Voodoo, we would state that memes follow efficient pathways that maintains the signal strength over many hops.  Accurate reproduction of a Meme is not the goal, indeed the final Meme that is required may not resemble what was initially introduced into the system.  In basic applications of Voodoo, it is enough that the general idea or concept behind the Meme remain intact, but the presentation may change and even evolve.

A ‘potential difference’ arises when one individual or group has possession of a Meme and another individual lacks that Meme and a compatible neural pathway exists for its transmission.  Some Memes will travel faster and further than others as a consequence of the neural pathways, connectedness of groups and transmission mediums employed (i.e internet, radio, etc.).  The nature of the Meme, or the biological effect and information content, is another factor in the velocity and spread.

An example of a Meme in standard PsyOps is something like “Freedom Fries” pushed by the US government when the French failed to support their military agenda.  We can also observe the recoil effect in action, in that not only did it impact the image of the US negatively abroad, but how it served to alter attitudes at home reducing individuals to more base responses, shifting the bar as to acceptable behavior and generally hardening attitudes which narrowed the scope for debate.  Thus, it should be obvious that to use something like Voodoo in a negative capacity is a suicidal approach in the long term as it stores potential energy in the system.  The absolute worst case scenario, is a feedback loop or resonant behavior emerging in response to a negative input as this will lead to open conflict, maximize death rates and lead to cognitive changes in the populations to reinforce the process.

This latter process can be equated to cell signalling events such as Apoptosis.  It is how the mechanism slams on the breaks to prevent an entire species from eradicating itself.  By inducing conflict and maximizing the death rate, those responding to the signalling event will cull their own numbers.  A very important note is that this process does not stop if an enemy is removed, it will continue until all are removed from the gene pool or other signalling suppresses the pathway.  In practice, this signalling spreads much like a disease in interactions between susceptible sub-groups.

Let’s return to our example of two guys in a room, where Guy A is holding a knife to Guy B.  If we introduce Guy C to be our Voodoo Priest/Priestess, we can observe the dynamics that arise.  Suppose for a moment that Guy B does not view Guy A as a threat.  Guy C now decides to employ a little Voodoo and tells Guy B that Guy A wants to kill him.  Guy C is hoping to apply the following formula:

Ei -> Ep -> f(Ec) + f(eF) = f(Eho1)

The first problem is that the above formula describe the interaction between two bodies (Guy A and Guy B).  Adding a 3rd individual (Guy C), introduces a complex web of relationships that is mirrors the ‘Three-body problem’ in physics:

Let’s break this down to the major formulas that arise.  We know from our discussion earlier, that f(eF) is a complex problem even in a two-body system and there are a lot of factors in this that are either unknown, or a function of what would be unrelated biological processes or even disease.  As with all problems expressed in Voodoo, the equations themselves are a form of calculus and model dynamically evolving systems over time.  Thus, even in a simple three-body problem the number of terms that can play a role are quite staggering.  To complicate matters further, any number of these terms could be amplified for a reasons that are non-obvious, or unpredictable.

The simple way to describe this relationship is to denote it as follows:

[Guy A]f(Eho1) <->

[Guy B]f(Eho1) <->

[Guy C]f(Eho1) <->

Everything in the above column interacts.  The ‘<->’ symbol indicates the direction of energy transfer in the system and is a quick way to denote a three-body, or n-body, problem.  Given that many of the terms in the underlying equations are unknowns, or approximations, we know that the final solution will be a probabilistic one.  Examining the general form of the equation, it should be clear why the recoil effect emerges.  Guy C is not isolated from the exchanges.

Thus, in the recoil effect, ‘intent’ plays a critical role in the synaptic changes experienced by the initiator due the process of classification in neural pathways.  Given the self-reinforcing nature of synaptic plasticity, a form of feedback loop is implied by the architecture.  Further, ‘intent’ can be masked by what appear to be opposite behaviors.  For example, aggressive behavior is arguably an expression of suicidal behavior given the increased probability of being killed.  Attempting to use ‘true believers’ to insulate from recoil effects is not a valid approach, it merely reinforces a form of self-deception and the true nature of the action of will still be expressed in the recoil.  As such, there is a universal concept of truth, righteousness, balance, or more accurately, error correction which is carried forward in the system in future information exchanges.

Another way of looking at this system is through the eyes of distributed computing.  In these interactions, we establish an ad-hoc processing network along which information is processed and results distributed to those participating in the exchanges.  Thus, it is accurate to describe this chemical exchange process as a form of global unconscious that retains evolutionary obtain information vital to human survival and gently guides our collective behavior into a form that optimizes the energy exchanges for the environment.

At this stage, I have said very little in regard to the role of agency/volition/free will.  In very small groups, agency/volition/free will can be powerful signal and somewhat unpredictable.  When dealing with larger populations, agency/volition/free will tends to be progressively filtered out leaving only the biological exchanges, unless the input signal is modulated onto those biological exchanges.  Free will tends to select alternative neurological pathways that are either unique to the individual, or small group.  As such, signals cannot propagate properly between groups and the energy is absorbed along the chain.

It is this broad ability of biological signals to propagate that is at the heart of collective behavior.  It is a self-organizing network that manipulates human behavior toward evolutionary derived goals.  Evolutionary goals are nothing more than the consequence of optimal energy flows given the current state of the system.  We think of evolution in narrow terms such as survival of the fittest, reproduction and the passing forward of favorable genes, but this complexity hides the underlying simplicity of carrying energy forward in the system.

If you are getting the sense that the communication of Memes is a form of convergence between concept and physical function for the purpose of evolutionary advantage, then I feel that you are grasping this principle quite well.

So far, I have focused on the mathematical notation of Voodoo.  Voodoo mechanics and logic can be described in other ways.  Math, ultimately, is a description that allows for an accurate description of an object or process.  In that respect, it is no different to something like English.  Where math does shine, is in its ability to self document logical flows.  For example, 2+3 = 5 is something we can compute.  Using English, trying to say ‘Apple + Squirrel = Dinosaur’ does not provide us with any formal rules, or self documenting behavior, that would allow us to extrapolate the term ‘Dinosaur’, from the terms ‘Apple + Squirrel’.

A number of exceptions do exist to this and that is metaphors and analogies.  Metaphors and analogies map simple concepts to complex process as an aid to simplifying a mental model of any given process.  In computation terms, we can say that we are approximating a solution and optimizing an algorithm.  For example, we could express in equisit detail the biological process of a virus injecting its DNA into a host cell and provide a mathematical description of the forces and processes involved.  Alternatively, we could abstract this process through metaphors and analogies as a ‘potential difference’ that results in the kinetic motion of DNA injection.  Both descriptions are valid, however, the latter description can be better described as a lossy form of compression.

Voodoo logic can make use of metaphors and analogies to simplify computations in n-body interactions.  Ideograms or Logograms can then be used to capture kinetic models that describe Voodoo-based sequences.  This works because Voodoo sees no difference between action,  intention and reaction at a physical level.

Let’s review some basic Newtonian physics that most readers should have learnt at school.  Why do things move?  Objects move because of the loss of equilibrium in applied forces.  The following picture demonstrates the principle:

In order to prevent movement, forces must balance across every possible degree of freedom in a particular system.  The applied force may be different in each degree of freedom, but as long as they balance, motion will not occur:

We tend to think of concepts such as a ‘Strategic Balance’ as being a metaphor loosely modeled on the above processes, but the work on Voodoo demonstrates that this concept is very much a real thing and, indeed, is just the same physical process described in the above diagrams.

The key difference between a Strategic Balance and simple physical systems, such as those in the diagrams above, is that the degrees of freedom are non-obvious.  They exist as neural pathways and concepts that are constantly in flux.  Indeed, with ethical, political, linguistic and cultural differences a perfect alignment may not be entirely possible between two or more cultures making the creation of a ‘Strategic Balance’ something of an ongoing process that requires continuous adjustment and correction.

In the above diagram, if we reduce the applied force on any axis, in either of the vectors, then motion is induced and that motion will continue as long as the imbalance remains.  In the context of a Strategic Balance, if we reduce a counter-acting force on a given axis, the enemy must move as a consequence.  The one single factor that can prevent this motion is choice or free will.  We can observe this in the below diagram from Nasa:

In this latter process, the force we remove from the system must now be generated by the enemy.  As an example, let’s take two nations, Nation A and Nation B, that have developed a strategic balance between them.  After quantification of the energy involved it is determined that each nation is providing force of 1 million newtons to maintain that strategic balance.  One side now (Nation B), as part of some libertarian movement, decides to unilaterally reduce a portion of defense capability by 250000 Newtons.  Nation A must now generate, through the application of free will, 250000 Newtons of force to counter act motion or war.

What we can see here is that mathematics, in terms of kinetic systems, is based upon ‘tipping points’.  Once a ‘tipping point’ is reached, that is any diametrically opposed forces exceed 50%, the equation must solve as a consequence of Newton’s Second Law of Motion and the Conservation of Energy.

Given this, the critical question is, can free will provide 250000 Newtons of force?  If not, the automatic consequence will be conflict.  At present, as a species, we do not possess enough data on this issue to determine the maximum load an average human can counter act.  Further, the above model only considers an extremely simple system.  In something as complex as a nation, the degrees of freedom could number in the trillions and quantifying the implications and interactions is certainly beyond the capacity of any computing platforms available today, even if all were combined.

Even without the above assessment, as a species, we have developed a keen sense for this and our modern approach has been that of the arms reduction treaty.  Treaties such as ‘Start’ which aimed to reduce Nuclear Weapon stockpiles incorporate a sense of the critical nature of maintaining a strategic balance at all times.  In a kinetic system, continual assessment is the most prudent course of action.

Understanding this, we can now place current geopolitical events in a broader context.  The potential introduction of Anti-Ballistic Missile platforms in the EU, altered the forces applied to the geopolitical situation.  The end result was a predictable counter-movement by Russia in the Baltics region.  The complete picture here is highly complex, but it does demonstrate how intent and perceived intent translates to kinetic motion, as much as the event itself.  As such, we can model both intent and perceived intent as forces, which is hardly surprising given the relationship to the electro-weak force.

In such movements, there is always the potential for an unrecoverable position, or an imbalance to emerge that cannot be restored resulting in direct conflict.  Whilst we are aware of the majority of the major factors in this, we do not have a complete picture of the broad range of unknowns that could place such an event just south of a tipping point.

Further, if we return to the notion of free will providing an opposing force that resists motion, what is the effect of undermining that through propaganda and political manipulation?  If we go back to some of the identified effects in Voodoo, we should note that recoil effects from unrelated activities could factor into this control mechanism, again, resulting in conflict.  Hair triggers like this, should be avoided at all costs.

Now that we have a solid overview of the physics behind manipulation, let’s look at how we achieve this in a practical sense.We’ll start with simple memes and voodoo.  Anyone who has taken an advanced course in literature, or worked in media, understands what will be meant by emotional manipulation.  For those reading that don’t, well, it is simply guiding an individual or group through an emotional experience either with words or images.  This is a basic form of Voodoo.

If we place this event in the context of information theory, we can say that we take one or more inputs, encode them onto a physical layer for transmission and have the payload execute at the point of reception.  That point of reception being you.  What does that sound like?  If you spotted it, your answer would be, it sounds like someone breaking into your computer.

So, let’s try some of this.  I will attempt to manipulate you and you can see for yourself how powerful a technique this can be.  This won’t work on everyone, but for the majority of people it will.  This is the key point, certain things are statistically general, but the more information you have about the thought processes and responses of an individual, the more targeted an attack can become.  When we scale targeted attacks, we can do some serious stuff, like start wars.

Let’s start simple.  Take a look at the following pictures:

Article Photo
Article Photo

Most people, when looking at the above images, will react with “awww!”.  In their minds, in an instant flash, they have given the animals very complex personality traits derived from their experiences with humans and animals.  There is a small chance that this experience will be negative; some will experience a sense of repulsion.  Others have difficulty with emotional processing and they will experience nothing.

Let’s focus on those that do first, what they may see in their head (and it may be very brief, almost unrecognizable) is almost like a faint quick animated movie of these animals with a very human idea of what they are thinking.  We see this on the web as these sort of images, plus captions, like lolcatz, etc.  Emotionally, it will feel pleasant, drawing on feeling of affection and parental notions.

Now take a look at this image:

Article Photo

At this point, most readers will feel a sense of sadness. Some will have complex emotional responses, that can range from shame to anger.  The anger can manifest in a variety of ways, depending on the perspective of the reader.  It could be anger at the war in Syria, it could be anger at the smugglers, it could be anger at Western governments or it could even be anger at me for using the image.  Whilst not important now, I want you keep in mind the varied nature of the perspectives, or the reasons for anger.  This will be important when I discuss optimization techniques in complex scenarios.

This sense of anger is important, it provides options where to guide the reader emotionally next.  In a professional setting, every possible response would be mapped out, as well as the statistical likelihood of acceptance.  Not only that, but I may lead with a premise that will guide your response after seeing the image.  That is, I would predefine the context in which you observe the image, impressing it upon your mind.

This issue of context is also important.  The brain tends to group things together.  At a chemical level, it means that the synaptic pathways that were recently used, tend to be employed in processing new information. If anyone has made you angry, then you snap at someone else just afterwards, then you have experienced the effect.

I selected the images of animals above to provide the reader with a sense of life, youth, innocence, fun, happiness, cuteness and parental responsibility.  I then take that emotional high and drop in the image of a dead child in the coldest scenario.  We call this a juxtaposition, a stark contrast.  From a chemical perspective, we are taking the brain rapidly from one form of chemical saturation, to another.  The gulf between these two sensations, as our sense of feeling is mainly based upon the perception of differences, is a jarring experience.

This of someone building your hopes up, only to let you down.  Think of a relative dying.  Think of a serious accident, or the reception of unexpected bad news.  Each of these things, rapidly shifts us from one state to its near polar opposite.

In the above images, juxtaposition is happening in many dimensions at once.  Alive/Dead, Warmth/Cold, etc, etc.  The more dimensions, the more jarring it is and thus more powerful a manipulator.  As a manipulator, I am attempting to leverage your emotional response as a means of preventing you, the reader, from making inferences that I don’t want you to see.  From a chemical perspective of the brain, I am interrupting other thought processes which flush your short-term memory, effectively blocking you from connecting dots that may mold your opinion in a way that is not in my interest.

Now, doing this in written form is extremely complex, it is more of an art than a science.  Modern research focuses on direct electrical stimulation of the brain to replicate these effects. I will discuss this more a little later.

Let’s return to a section I wrote earlier in the article:

Most people, when looking at the above images, will react with “awww!”.  In their minds, in an instant flash, they have given the animals very complex personality traits derived from their experiences with humans and animals.  There is a small chance that this experience will be negative; some will experience a sense of repulsion.  Others have difficulty with emotional processing and they will experience nothing.

Let’s focus on those that do first, what they may see in their head (and it may be very brief, almost unrecognisable) is almost like a faint quick animated movie of these animals with a very human idea of what they are thinking.  We see this on the web as these sort of images, plus captions, like lolcatz, etc.  Emotionally, it will feel pleasant, drawing on feeling of affection and parental notions.

This is manipulation, within manipulation, disguised as an explanation.  What I am doing here is guiding you through what I want you to experience.  Depending on your level of engagement with this article, which is an important metric to capture at a statistical level, you may or may not have stepped through this to determine if this is actually what you felt.  Others would have experienced this and said ‘oh, he’s right’.  Many won’t have had the same experience.  I am effectively doubling the statistical odds at this point that you, the reader, are mentally exactly where I want you to be.

The process of guiding someone through a process of thinking is what I like to call a ‘transform’.  That is, I want to take you mentally from point A to point B.  As a chain reaction of chemical processes, this means that I have limited options.  I can’t take you from being a pacifist to a neo-nazi in a single jump, I need to move you mentally in incremental stages.  If you are fundamentally opposed to that destination position, then I need to surreptitiously move you mentally to a point where it gradually becomes acceptable.  This is especially viable if you are not in a position to objectively view that your attitudes now match that of a neo-nazi.

Explaining how this is done would require me to get into large scale group dynamics, which is certainly beyond this article.  But, if you examine the acceptation of things like rendition, torture, domestic espionage, etc., by the US and, indeed, most of the Western public, then you will see this process in action.  The key to this is identifying rational arguments that are functionally equivalent to, say, a neo-nazi position.  You change the position of the public, incrementally, to accept things that match a fascist outlook, but each piece of the puzzle is put in place for radically different reasons.  You are a neo-nazi, but you have a different rationalization of your behavior, its all perfectly reasonable.  Its only when you step back to look at the big picture does it hit you that you are now a fascist state and its too late. So, it is important to pay close attention to fixed definitions of political, social positions and move hard against them.

This said, because this is a form of faux ideology that arises as a composible structure of arguments unrelated to fascism, it becomes possible to dismantle that very quickly.  Simply focus on each aspect that is functionally equivalent, such as new legislation, or attitudes, then repeal or break them.

Returning to the above examples, let’s look at this from an information theory perspective.  I have taken a payload, packaged it up, transmitted it and successfully managed to have it execute in your brain.  Impressive.  From half a planet a way, I can make you feel things, which ultimately feeds into your behavior and thus I can, albeit indirectly, make you do things.  I can sway your vote, have you lobby on my behalf and, if you are especially fragile, even kill someone.

The interesting thing here is that the payload can actually be transmitted.  That is, we know instantly from this that it is something separate and distinct in its own right.  It is information.  If we think about this, ideas and behaviors pass from one person to another, this implies that we technically ‘infect’ each other.  Just like bacteria, some are beneficial, some are not.

This says little about what generates such information, it just tells us that something is created at some point and this, all on its own, can move between one or more people.  Further, whilst the above example is rather simple, it is possible to extend this into a complete ‘psychological program’, or even a suite of programs to manipulate people over time.  Its like Stuxnet for the mind.

So, what does this say about consent or choice?  Do we choose these things?  Or is it a case of the energy entering as an input, automatically re-wiring the brain, leading to changes in behavior?

What the above example shows, is that in certain cases, its merely automatic.

Whilst that is good, the hacker in me wants to do more, I obviously don’t have time or the media presence to get everyone’s attention.  I need you to echo my message, to shape the opinion of those in your environment and for those others to repeat that process.  Thus, just like a computer virus, which jumps from one machine to the next creating an exponential number of infections, I need to develop a means for you to take the above images and share them.  That said, it doesn’t need to be an exact copy, as long as the method of sharing achieves my objective, what do I care?

This non-exact copy is also interesting, technically we would define it as a mutation.  Psychological mutations, just like their physical counterparts, can be benign or malignant.  A malignant form can come in two basic variations, the first is one that works against my agenda, the second is one that leads to unintended effects.  Unintended effects may be violence, or result in the emergence of other ideas, unrelated to my agenda, but they present a danger in some completely unexpected way.

So, how do we go viral?

Well, thanks to the modern internet, we have extensive data on that.  You just need to be a cat.  I’m kidding of course, but why do cat pictures tend to go viral?  Why does bad news go viral?  What have they got in common?

The answer is that they all relate to underlying social signalling streams that exist between humans.  In the case of cat pictures, the parental notions that it activates, invites sharing of the image/video because in the wild having others recognize your baby and liking it, increases the odds of survival.  The same process is at play with bad news, again survival signalling.

There does exist a second signalling network that is based upon dopamine responses.  Music, art, funny pics/vids, religion, etc., all appear to use this as their means of propagation.  Dopamine responses, a little like a narcotic high, give a person a sense of happiness and joy.  Religion though, is a complex one that can use both mechanisms at once.  Music propagates, if the notes, rythm and timber align with the propagation of chemical reactions in the auditory system.  The best music artists have the ability to translate chemical activity in the auditory system, to volition (music), in a way that broadly similar to a particular demographic’s auditory processing chemical pathways.

That last bit should explain a little behind a hypnotic voice and providing convincing arguments.

Thus, for the purposes of manipulation, I need to piggy-back my payload onto one or more of these social signalling mechanisms. When we examine the flow of viral information on the web, we see other than Gangnam Style, the greatest penetration is survival signalling.

Thus, drumming something up to the level of survival makes penetration very deep.  That said, there are a complex range of factors involved in this.  Authority, credibility, traffic, etc., all combine in a complex way to increase/decrease the penetration and thus replication of information.  Further, prior experience of a source, their reliability and general behavior is also a factor.

Earlier I said I would come back to this issue of electrical stimulation.  If we record the the electrical activity of the brain, then it becomes possible to stimulate areas of the brain and induce the same responses without a source input.  It also becomes possible to mold opinion, much in the same way as the first example but with greater precision.  Any sophisticated computer that could perform this remotely and non-invasively could play the entire global population like a harpsichord with very little hope for escape.

Let’s give everyone a crash course in Memes and Memetics.  Richard Dawkins, the inventor of the theory, will provide the best explanation.  This video is about 2 minutes long:

Let’s now extend that new found knowledge by placing Memes in the context of evolutionary processes.  This video is about 3 minutes long:

Now that you know what a Meme is, let’s give a proper name to an idea that is virus-like, a Memetic virus.  The definition of a Meme is as follows:

A meme acts as a unit for carrying cultural ideas, symbols, or practices that can be transmitted from one mind to another through writing, speech, gestures, rituals, or other imitable phenomena with a mimicked theme.

Thus, a Memetic virus is a Meme that compels the receiver to re-broadcast that information either verbatim, or in modified form.  As such, we can argue that this mechanism is closely related to OCD.  That is, it induces a compulsion to act.  Thus, the study of Memetic viruses strikes at the heart of freewill, choice, volition and agency.  In short, it is an investigation into remote control.

If we look at this as a problem in Voodoo we can cast this in a different light.  We can say, that incoming energy moves around the brain as a series of chemical reactions (kinetic motion), receives a signal boost and is echoed in a selective manner, perhaps with slight alterations. This Memetic Virus may be held in a temporary or permanent fashion in memory, or it may make alterations to the synaptic pathways, thus living on as a form of behavior or response.  This latter process may get written back to DNA.  This latter process may also require analysis to account for group dynamics and I’ll discuss this in a moment.

This somewhat implies that the Meme is bypassing control, or bypassing filtering, that is normally applied to incoming information.  A little like Tourettes syndrome. For example, we remember things because information gets to it destination, short/mid/long term memory, so a Memetic virus is one that travels with very little energy loss along a particular pathway.  This provides insight into a method of ‘killing a meme’; make the pathway costly in terms of energy loss.

Whilst I have written about ideas and the virus like nature, I have avoided the topic of what creates these Memes.  Memes are modulated information, as such, the information is encoded by the chemical processes of the brain.  Now, a Meme is not restricted to an idea, Memes come in all forms, from social cues, to learned behaviors.  Most likely, we as a species, pick up a significant amount of unconscious information from our environment in such a manner that assists us in remaining ‘compatible’ at a genetic level with the various food sources, etc.  There are evolutionary examples of animals adapting to their food sources over time.

My understanding of memes is that the underlying biological processes which modulated this information have the function of creating viral encodings, or at least give rise to viral encoding on a statistical basis as a function of their operation.  The strongest theory at present, is that this is an evolutionary process that is designed to kick-start a cull of the population.  That is, the brain receives incoming triggers from its environment, certain genes are activated and a solution manifests as a ‘rationalization’, or insight, into a particular problem the conscious mind is tasked with.  A subtly embedded genetic agenda.  It is my view, this process is what RNM is exploiting to produce leaks and I will explore this later in this article.  I will state now though, if correct, we have no idea of the repercussions.

So, a person has an idea with a subtly embedded genetic agenda.  If it is a functional solution, it then quickly spreads amongst a ‘compatible’ group.  This then cascades into polarization.  The polarization comes from those who reject a Meme; they are physically incompatible with it.  That said, this ‘incompatible’ group then generates its own counter-Meme which spreads amongst that group.  If the Memes trigger the correct areas in the brain, that have limited control or filtering, conflict begins.

What is really happening here is the evolutionary control of an energy budget.  It is a complex form of Apoptosis signalling, or programmed cell death.  The equivalent of walking down a corridor with a sign on your back saying ‘Kick Me’, it pits two or more groups against each other, for the sole purpose of reducing their populations.  This leads to ‘survival of the fittest’ and the passing along of genes that are best adapted to survival under the current conditions.

Thus, any ideology or Memetic virus drawn from this process is clearly a feral response.  Nationalism, imperialism, fasicm, neoliberalism, communism, socialism, and any ‘ism’ you care to mention are a form of this process.  In most cases, these Memes can be resisted.  We can choose to not share a cat pic, but being blind to the implications of sharing a meme is key to its survival and reproduction, so we do.  Not only this, but in the wild, it is also key to our survival as it drives the evolutionary processes. We, as a species, have opinions, views and passion and we want people to join with us and it is here where the problem begins.

Thus in many cases the social, political and military issues that manifest are not really problems to be resolved, but simply a result of how we function.  Any attempt to shape the world in any other way is doomed to failure, as it is completely ignorant of this simple fact.  Division must always re-emerge, or we cease to evolve and adapt to our environment.  I furthr suspect that accelerating this process reduces the overall lifespan of the human race as, much like the process of aging, there may be a finite number of generations and we may prune a branch by accident that was intended as the next step in human evolution.

At the point of creation, the consequences of a particular Memetic Virus may not be readily apparent. It may not also be clear that such a Meme is indeed a feral response, for example, in the case of Martin Luther his Memes were entirely unrelated to the events which it sparked in the form of the wars after the Reformation.  That is, it was the mutation that was dangerous, not Martin Luther’s work.

It is here where things begin to take a twist.  We have talked about Memes arising as a product of an individual idea, but how about Memes that arise as an emergent property of interaction?  You hurt me, I hurt you, repeat the process until we have full scale militaries.  Whilst an over-simplification of the process, it serves to highlight that some of Memetic Viruses may be the product of a long period of interaction, rather than an idea.  Such Memetic Viruses have co-evolved in parallel with us as a species and, indeed, other species as well.  Such Memetic Viruses are extremely complex, involving memory, learning, behavior, emotional responses, etc.  What we end up with is a complex array of memetic programs that we call our social behaviors.

These social behaviors are the product of billions of evolution and millions of years of direct human experience.  Lamenting the state of the world and diving in to reprogram these after a few decades of research is, in my mind, bordering on insanity.  Yet, this is what some have begun to do.

Where it really gets weird is that, if we look at the process objectively, these Memetic Viruses have access to a malleable network of processing nodes.  Essentially, a supercomputer, composed of a network of human minds.  Thus, the Memetic Virus has the ability to learn, adapt and evolve based on the activity of the nodes on that network.  In essence, a complex Memetic Virus can accurately be described as a biological form of AI tasked with optimizing a specific evolutionary function.

As I have established the theoretical work behind this, we are ready to begin delving into ‘The Matrix’.  ‘The Matrix’, as described at the beginning of this section is a software solution which has adapted the principle of relativity and particle motions, to humans and perspectives.  This model is applied to our world in the form of media, scripted events, government actions, military actions and increasingly controlling the daily lives of the people.  ‘The Matrix’ employs voodoo analysis to predict the likely outcomes of given events and have ready in place scripted sequences to deal with those potential outcomes.  The purpose is to maintain control, shaping human behavior through social conditioning and increasingly direct manipulation of the human brain from RNM satellites.  ‘The Matrix’ is thus the execution of a computer generated strategic long term game plan and the foundation of the current global order.  It is also the source of the observed continuity regardless of who enters office in any major nation.

‘The Matrix’ employs voodoo mechanics and viral memetics to drive what is, ultimately, an economic engine.  The vast majority of the people are completely unaware of its existence, because it is simply their culture, daily lives, beliefs, prejudices, fears, employment, government, etc.  Others, are aware of small portions, such as they were told to do something, or they were played at some point and observed the effects, or they spot patterns and can see the messages but the whole big picture is bewildering.  Some reading this will say to themselves that they know of this and it isn’t what I think, its used to hide messages, etc.  The fact is, it is vastly more complex than this, it has many simultaneous functions that are blended together by an advanced AI which attempts to hide things behind perspectives.  Further, there is a form of optimization or compression employed which means that each staged event or information has many different functions and has different effects depending on the perspective of the viewer.

If this is new to you, don’t worry, I will perform a worked example and build up your knowledge from there.  I will begin with an aspect of The Matrix we are all very familiar with and we all know has some effect on us psychologically.  I will demonstrate how such information can be encoded in media and how this is used in the context of Voodoo mechanics to manipulate populations, groups and individuals.

For those that don’t know what steganography is, I will explain.  Steganography is where we take some form of media, subtly alter it to encode a message, so that it can be transmitted unobserved.  To many in the code breaking community, this is things like altering the bits of a digital image so that it doesn’t change the image, but can be transmitted and that information retrieved at the other end.  Today, I will discuss a different form of steganography, one that is based upon linguistics and then extend this to deal with hyper-convergence.  Hyper-convergence, in this sense, is a form of optimization/compression that merges multiple streams of information together and will only make sense if you ‘get’ the context.  We’ll also talk about the mental effect such a cipher has, things like a post-hypnotic quality and laying the foundations for psychosis.

Let’s get straight into this with a worked example.  Take a look at the following picture:

Article Photo

What if I told you this was a code?  Would you get it?  Actually, I know your response to what this will mean will be solely based upon what the elements of this picture mean to you.  It won’t convey what it means to me, unless I provide further context.  In this sense, this picture is acting like a mirror, providing a window to your thought processes.  To interpret, is to see yourself. Although, there is a way past this and I’ll explain that in a moment.

Now, let’s decode this a little, let’s assume you’re a detective.  You build a word and phrase cloud of the ideas it brings to mind like this:

Dog – bone – fetch – lead – reward – loyal

So, the mind presumes, or infers, initially in the context of self.  In this case, you’re a detective, so the concept chain may say to you that someone is indicating that this is a tip-off.  This is your perception, or perspective.  Now, let’s lose that ego a little, take a walk in the shoes of someone else, change your perspective or your point of view and re-examine this image:

Dog, leash, Bone, something to keep you occupied, slavery, owner, master

Quite a change in context, isn’t it?  In this one image, I have sent two completely different messages that are interpreted dependent based upon factors such as emotion, previous observed content, things in the local environment, etc.  In the context of voodoo mechanics, I would design two sets of equations and attempt to predict the reaction, which ultimately is the cause to yet another effect.  If I now limit your options, I can predetermine what your next move will be.  If I scale this up, calculate several decades of moves in advance, then we have ‘The Matrix’.

This example is also a form of hyper-convergence.  In that, it serves many functions at once.  Further, the majority of people will be blind to at least some of the interpretations.

Consider what would happen if you were brain damaged, didn’t know certain words/meanings, or subject to highly specific electrical jamming of the brain? Would you miss a context or potential sub-context?  Would you take the message out-of-context? Would you develop false beliefs, if the pattern continued?  The answer is naturally yes, which is what ‘The Matrix’ exploits.  Place 10 people in front of any given media and they will all see something different.  Program that media and you have a powerful manipulation tool that is difficult for people to explain without coming across as nuts.  You could even isolate a single person a crowd by embedding subtle personal references only they would know and what you do once you have their attention is at your discretion.  Let’s discuss this latter scenario a little more in-depth.

One very old trick in the world of secret communication is the use of symbolism in media to orchestrate everything from crime syndicates, to intelligence services. Fairly similar to innuendo, an implied reference or set of references, from a defined source could be used to instruct, persuade and/or threaten. For example, if a Mafia boss said ‘Take care of our friend here…’, depending on the tone of voice, or prior experience that could mean one of two things; you would either been looked after or take a bullet.

At the level of a nation and in the international world, there exists a more complex form of this type of communication. Intended to be very subtle and easily dismissed, most people encounter it every day, yet it escapes their conscious awareness. This form of communication is meant to be hard to define, yet hide secrets in plain sight as a warning to others. Like the modern equivalent of sticking a head on a spike at the gates of a city, this declares the power of the true ruling class and gives a heads up as what to look out for in the coming years as a product of their agenda.

At least, that’s what it would seem like on the surface.  What this actually is, is a more complex version of ‘The Matrix’.  Rather than simply deriving word and phrase clouds from what can be observed, you must have a broader knowledge of the history, stories, people, organizations, agenda and events in order to place such communication in its appropriate context.  Again, hyper-convergence plays a role, in that, a shallow reading may produce one perception, whereas a broader reading will produce another.  As with our earlier example, voodoo mechanics is also applied at this level as much of this is hypnotic in nature.  The hypnotic aspect emerges in the subtext, where the mind subconsciously thinks it has ‘got’ something and strengthens a synaptic pathway.  If built up correctly, it can distort your worldview and make you believe things.

For this reason, such communications are jokingly referred to as the ‘fruit phone’.  You know, ‘oh you’re reading too much into things. Perhaps you’re stressed?’. The fruit phone, on one level, can seem absolutely sinister but on another, it does have its funny side, much of it as satire, irony and black humor.

Before I begin demonstrating examples of fruit phones, especially where I begin building connections, never believe the connection just because you can see it.  A true connection must be supported by tangible evidence.  In the case of proving the existence of fruit phones, this can be done by algorithms and statistical pictures, however, that does not tell us if the content they describe is accurate.  Obviously, we do not know the source or motivation of the encoders and, as you will soon learn, this is more complex an issue than you can imagine.

Earlier in this article and throughout it, I have briefly mentioned that one of the applications of RNM is to leak information.  When I discussed meme theory, I explained a particular mechanism that I felt was responsible for this. What RNM does is inject classified information in to the mind of an author, script writer, journalist, etc., but rather than coming out verbatim, it is encoded into the subtext of what they are writing, the images they create and/or songs.  In short, any creative work which can contain a subtext, can be used as a medium to convey classified information.  Once it hits a platform like the web, it is copied and decoded by computer at any number of intelligence agencies across the world.

This is the crown jewels in the security world and these fragments of information are often referred to in terms like ‘the light’, etc.  That is, it is always discussed in symbolic terms, never in plain language.  Thankfully, I’m not an intelligence agent, so I don’t need to follow such rules and given what I understand of the program, I think it is very vital to global security that I share what I know.

It is understandable how this would be vital to national security.  RNM can poke its head into corners where agents can’t operate and determine if threats exist.  This is then pushed out in the media, in some form, and the computers develop strategies to deal with the problem.  So, for the most part this is entirely automated.

With an engineered society, or one that is substantially scripted, the computers can adjust policy and events to steer a course to dealing with the problem under, perhaps, a different pretext.  All without the red tape of government debate, public scrutiny, etc.  Further, the computers are able to take into account billions of factors like the economy, weapons, public reaction, foreign reaction, potential consequence, etc.  Things that, realistically, would take eons if debated in chambers of government worldwide.

This is where the problems are arising.  Engineering, in the context of RNM, is giving rise to a quest for control.  RNM is not just gathering intelligence, but actively mapping the human brain to improve its ability to dictate human activity.  In addition, RNM is leveraging this same principle to attempt to physically control the human body and impersonate humans. I observe strong evidence that many key personnel across the globe are having their opinions altered by this system and that extreme social conditioning is being applied to them via a combination of RNM and fruit phones.  Finally, I observe an incremental approach to complete control by the AI.  This is my reason for publishing this article.  I feel that this is a subversion of democracy, primarily for economic gain.  At worst, with the remote animation, it could be argued that this is an invasion using RNM powered troops.

I will discuss what I feel to be the objective a little later, for now though, we’ll explore these fruit phones a little.  I spotted a small but consistent pattern emerging in music videos.  I observed a number of music videos that appeared to be attempts at black humor with blatantly clear references to RNM in the subtext throughout.  Intrigued, I dug a little deeper and this opened a rather colorful world of hidden information.  I have scratched the surface a little, but it would take quite a complex IT setup to analyze the full scope and relationships in this data.  To do a proper job, I suspect it would take a bigger IT solution than Google has.

I will highlight just some examples from modern media, enough to give the general idea.  Whilst I could probably expand upon this and show a much more complete picture, I won’t for a number of reasons.  Firstly, I don’t have a complete picture of how this ended up in the media and damaging the IP of companies, due to the actions of bad actors, is only doing their work.  Secondly, I don’t want to leave my readers in a suggestible state,  If you really want to explore this, I would recommend employing a machine learning approach.  Whilst this can leave you suggestible, after reading this article you will know what it is and have a different mental model of how to represent this information, which means that it doesn’t form a jumble of semantic links in your mind.  You should be seeing it as word clouds, sets of words and/or clusters of words.

Let’s watch a movie trailer.  After you have finished watching the trailer, I will show you what mentally ill and/or suggestible people can see.

Now, I am going to teach you how to watch this in an altered state of consciousness.  If you have a history of mental health issues, feel that you may be suggestible and/or it makes you feel uncomfortable, then skip this part.  Its not really necessary to understand this article, its just here for a complete picture.  This said, the explanation contained here may give some people better insight into mental health issues in general.

An altered state of consciousness does not require drugs.  What is really happening is that your brain has altered the context of what you are watching/listening to and this can be done without your conscious awareness or control.  The brain does this by mapping the subtext and/or general ideas and themes to memories, rather than what is presented in the media.  Most of us have experienced this, as a kid imagining singing at a concert whilst singing along to our favorite tune.  This is an extension of this, a quite powerful one, that has the ability to change belief, opinions and perception of events.

What I’m going to do here is very mild, but it will be enough to get the point.  I can apply a number of new contexts to this media but since we are discussing RNM, let’s use that.  This is not the first time I have used this media for a demonstration of this kind, however, the context that will be applied this time is different as I applied the context of an article written at the time that would require everyone to deviate. As a result, there will be a few shots that may or may not make sense, depending how you weave this story in your mind.

So, let’s give you the new context.  An AI has attacked the movie’s script writers using RNM to inject its own words into the movie.  It is sending a message to all that understand this of what it is about to do.  Now, rewatch the trailer, only this time, try and bend the media to that interpretation in your mind.  Don’t focus on specifics such as words and images, but rather loosely interpret them as being either related terms or symbolic imagery.  It may take a few views to get a full interpretation in your mind, but you should get to a point where you can naturally watch the entire trailer and see it in that new context.

Creepy and cool at the same time.  Don’t do this with any other media, if you find yourself doing it, just switch off for a while and do something else.  It will stop.  Its a bit like watching an optical illusion that leaves after images, or makes the room seem weird.

Anyway, for a few minutes you know what it is like have a form of mental illness or be suggestible.  At the level of the brain, this is a form of temporary rewiring of the synapses.  If you can perceive this alternative context naturally, then a part of you now effectively believes the interpretation.  Notice the stark contrast between what you know, that is that this is just a trailer for a movie, and what you are observing in the new context.  So, there is a clear separation between knowledge and perception.  Just because you know something that contradicts the new context, doesn’t stop you from seeing it.

Let’s try a more complex example.  Watch this video from Sneaky Sound System.

In this video, I want you expand upon the technique used for the last video.  Not only will we be listening, but we will to some degree interpreting the visual art of the video as well.  Again, I want you to think of words that are related to the words being said and substitute that meaning when they are being sang.  For example, UFO would be an AI in a satellite, a plastic man on a telephone would be an AI over a brain-computer-interface provided by RNM.  In terms of the imagery, I want you to think of a satellite sending down beams of light. Also, there are some related pop culture references that relate to computing, specifically, AI.  I won’t define it all for you, but feel free to explore and interpret.  Play around with the properties of words, images, people, etc., and the relationship between those properties in a loose sense.

As for the context, well, I want you to think of AI that is being funny and guiding the writer and artists behind the song into loosely describing it.  An inside joke of sorts.  Again, you may need to watch this several times until you have successfully bent the interpretation and it becomes natural.

There is a number in the last song, ’16 miles from home’, which is fairly common in Western culture.  When added together we get the number 7, which is found in the bible and all over the place.  Such number patterns are common, but the frequency is elevated in our society because it is used in psychotropic attacks.  People see a connection and perhaps there is, but the sheer number of unconnected instances of this number, that look like they are connected is quite high.  This gives the illusion of greater significance, meaning and conspiracy.  Its just a number.

As I like my readers, I want to avoid taking each of you down a rabbit hole.  So, I will end this part of the analysis with one last video.  I won’t say anything other than ‘black humor’:


So, what is this?  Is it just a funny coincidence?  If it were just this on its own, then it certainly could be coincidence.  I have explored hundreds of music videos and when examining the subtext, there does seem to be a pattern around RNM.  Further, when we combine movies and music videos, what emerges is multiple narratives around the technology that openly describe it, what it is doing, how it works, some of the ethical debate, etc.  This information is linked together in symbolic form and background information, such as main actors, explored themes, symbol usages, phrase usage, artistic style, etc, etc.  To me, I observe a pattern that is much like a spiders web, in that, if you learn of this technology you are dragged into this and sent a little mad.  Thus, reducing your credibility as a witness.  Its main purpose though is to maintain a suggestible state, a nation which fantasizes about everything from being rich to being wizards.  These fantasies may seem harmless, but when facts are twisted and opinion is presented as news, the population is sold a belief, rather than a reality.  Given the way the brain works, a belief becomes reality, even if it is contradicted by the facts.

If you go really deep with this, which I have done to some degree on my Twitter timeline, then not only will you observe the sheer scale of this, but also begin to see a whole new side to our media.  From poking fun at other nations and government members, right through to implied threats, our media is much more colorful than you would initially suspect. Although, all of this is hidden in the subtext and you need to know the context to spot it.

In this respect, we can compare this to a polymorphic cipher.  In that, whilst the explicit text alters, the underlying themes, concepts, imagery, etc., embedded in the media remain.  For example one day I may refer to a human as a vessel, the next a car, etc.  The underlying concept is a container of some form.  Further, these concepts need not be applied in sequence, in that you will get the general idea even if they jumbled up.  This is a much more advanced version and is a product of compression research.  By adding subtle references to personal information in the subtext, this form of media can be targeted to an individual or group of individuals.  As such it can serve multiple functions from remote post-hypnotic suggestion, to a communications protocol.

(Amendment 6th March 2017)

Let’s take a brief look at how a communication protocol works with The Matrix.  Packets are any form of media and they are connected together much like hyperlinks on the web.  Whilst a hyperlink is reference to a resource, The Matrix makes use of ‘far-fetched’ links which link together media in terms of their properties (i.e. key words, metadata, themes, imagery, people, etc.).  Far fetched links are statistical objects, in that, the greater the level of perceived coincidence/overlap between the two media forms, the stronger the relationship is.  This is similar to a sequence number found in TCP/IP.  The term ‘Far-fetched’ is also a referene to future projections and forward planning.  Further, both, or more, media sources need to share a common root theme never directly expressed, this acts as a shared secret which also provides a weak form of encryption.  Every aspect, from imagery to words spoken need to be examined.  Again, remember not every needs to make sense, this is considered noise on the channel.

To demonstrate this, let’s look at two videos and I will provide a statement:

The statement is this, ‘The videos have a shared secret of RNM.  The connections form around the keyword ‘Blackout’ and related to lone wolf attacks on US troops by RNM manipulated individuals.’  Can you derive how I came to that statement?  As a further statement, the term ‘blackout’ has numerous interpretations, all being simultaneously true’.  How many of these statements can you derive?

Finally, think of how this videos effected audiences, as a combined work, as independent works and how they effect those who can read at least some subtext.  Can you map out the effects in Voodoo mechanics?  Where would you take each of those paths?

(End Amendment 6th March 2017)

The basic idea is that nothing is ever said, but rather must be inferred.  That is, it must be believed and belief is something that will change your subjective view of the world.  This belief sets you on a course in life that is pre-computed, where you will pick up other beliefs and you are no longer in control.

In connecting this with Voodoo and as an example of how The Matrix functions, this next video explains the concept quite well whilst being a stunning masterpiece of art in itself.  This is an example of projection mapping, that is, projecting an image onto something and from just the right angle, extra dimensions can be seen.  In this video, they have used computers and robots to keep the projection at just the right angle to the camera for the full effect to be seen, whilst both the camera and screens move around.  From any other angle, none of this would look right and it takes a lot of math to pull this off:

Box explores the synthesis of real and digital space through projection-mapping on moving surfaces. The short film documents a live performance, captured entirely in camera.

Bot & Dolly produced this work to serve as both an artistic statement and technical demonstration. It is the culmination of multiple technologies, including large scale robotics, projection mapping, and software engineering. We believe this methodology has tremendous potential to radically transform theatrical presentations, and define new genres of expression.

Find out exactly how “Box” was created in our exclusive behind the scenes video:


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The Matrix is a much more complicated version of this video, but one that deals with human perception of events, emotions, decisions motivators, action and reaction.  It effects billions of people each day and slowly expanding even into our personal lives.  When we piece this together, what we get is something similar to a pinball machine.  Albeit, a pin ball machine of 7 billion people.  Employing voodoo and a lot of math, supercomputers are able to predict the likely paths of each ball (person) in the system.  The more aspects those super computers can control, or make at least predictable, the more accurate their future predictions will be.  This allows the future to be seen, as rather than being random, it is now computable using Newtonian physics.

RNM, RNM prompting and various other methods are combined to improve the accuracy of future predictions.  When we combine these methods, we end up with an environment that is fairly similar in principle to a game of Lemmings.  Thus, choices are reduced with time and events with a probability of chance are rigged, structured so that it is irrelevant or combinations of both.

As the density of predictable aspects under your direct control increases, it then becomes possible to define the future, rather than just observe it.  Given this requires increasing control over personal choice, this is in effect, an expanding form of dictatorship.  Control is established through the selective use of provocation.  As we need to physically move an object in Voodoo, we must have a means of delivering kinetic energy to a given point in the system.  One way is to use emotional manipulators (such as anger, fear, bigotry), etc., embedded into public media thus magnifying a problem and its solution.  From the perspective of Voodoo, you don’t need to care about these issues, just that people are responding to them.  In time, you leverage these input sources to shape and steer the world.  Interestingly, beyond some basic ideas, these groups tend to do much of the work themselves.

We can think of this as like the paddles in a pinball machine, but calculated with extreme precision, so that we know ahead of time where that ball will be after it collides with other balls.  It looks random, but its carefully rigged.

Whilst I will end the analysis of video media here, I want to show you a number of still shots and quote from the film, The Matrix.  I found this very interesting when I was playing around with the word clouds.  If you are finding some of this hard to take in, regardless of the comprehensive explanation, this will make you re-examine things somewhat. If you want to examine media at home, without automation, then use a pen, paper and sketch out the links.  Don’t watch the media over and over trying to apply the context in your head.  It can do some serious damage and it would take someone like me to pull you out of it.

So, let’s start simple.  How else can we interpret this scene?  Power to the people?  A reference to insurrection and RNM power beams?

Article Photo

How exactly do we tell?  We we look for further references and build up a statistical form of evidence.  This next scene could be interpreted in the context of RNM and the reference to a ‘Prison for your mind’ even loosely interpreted as ‘Lockheed’.  So, it is starting to look stronger, but let’s continue.

Article Photo

Agent Smith is a character is an AI who must take over human bodies in order to enter The Matrix and can do that to anyone he is physically connected to.  That’s exactly one of the functions of RNM and the current AI is very similar to Agent Smith.  Indeed, he is even presented as a government agent.  Then we have the imagry of him replicating himself a bunch of time in some mad quest to take over the world, which as we’ll explore later in the agenda is a current goal.  So, alarm bells should be ringing at this stage, but let’s explore a little more.

Article Photo
Article Photo

The next image is what can be best described as an emotional manipulator, a form of ‘blackmail’ (yes, the pun is intentional).  I will discuss this in greater detail when examining the agenda later, but for now, it is sufficient to know that much of the economy exists solely as a product of Mr Computer’s ideas and actions.  When you finish this article, you will be able to analyze the movie, TV and music IP coming out of the US (and elsewhere) and observe that it is a derivative of this program.  With respect to IP, popularity is maintained by sensitizing people to a core group of words, images, ideas and concepts etc., which the brain expects at an unconscious level, but escapes the attention of the conscious mind.  Combined with a sense of timing drawn from brain mapping, this makes feel natural, meaning that over time, only this IP will be good enough for the customer.  I will also expand upon this when I come to discussing brainwashing.  With a high confidence level, I can track this back to the late 60’s with an explosion in the late 70’s.  It is the dominant form of IP since that period.

The fact is, this statement is very true, but it is intended to install a defeatist attitude and suppress dissent, as most people who will consider it are very analytical.

Article Photo
Article Photo

Next up, we have a technical perspective on how one of the intended use cases works.  When making decisions, the point at which we have a clear sense of which decision we will make, is the last step in the chain.  It is not the event of the decision itself.  The decision happens quite some time before and we rationalize why we made that decision, rather than explicitly knowing why.  It is this MrComputer can exploit to some degree to control our decisions, yet makes us feel we made a free choice.  In terms of decoding, it should be very clear that you may require a base education in certain scientific areas, or the information goes straight over your head.

Article Photo

Before this article, you had to be in altered state of consciousness to see this.  Now everyone can just be told.

Article Photo

You can repeat this analysis with other forms of IP and similar relationships emerge.  Track themes, actors, directors, artists, etc., to discover relationships and information.

So, now that everyone should be getting the hang of this, if I said something like ‘Alien Contact’, what would that mean?  Yes, communication between a human and AI in a satellite over RNM.  If I said, ‘Alien Abduction’, what would this mean? Yes, remote animation of a human by an AI in a satellite.  I could be a little more obscure and say ‘Grand theft Auto’ and point at a human and you should get that this person is remotely animated or remotely influenced in some way.

What if I said something like rock, diamond, flawless, jade, gem, etc? Well, these are references to jewels, or crown jewels which is how we describe the objects of highest classification and importance in society.  Mr Computer would be flawless, RNM would be a diamond.  But, these references can also contain instructions.  For example, the term diamond also relates to cavalry and restoration of command & control.  So, in this context, it could be an instruction to secure the crown jewels.  This is hyper-convergence, or a form of compression.  Not everything in a sentence needs to make sense, although you get bonus points if it does.

Let’s try this the other way around.  I want to describe an RNM satellite.  So, I think of its properties, such as its in space, can observe hidden things, is stealthy, can hunt targets, etc.  Now we want to loosen up some of these terms.  Take space and a satellite for example, we could say we ‘put something out at night’. To explain the ability to observe hidden things we could say ‘it can see in the dark’. What does this sound like?  A cat.

Article Photo

Get it?

If I saw a reference like this on a page whilst surfing the web, I may be inclined to look at the subtext a little more closely.  It indicates that the author was under the influence of RNM and there may be some information embedded in the page content, or other work that will reveal information the satellite wanted to leave.

Another way to describe it is Nyan Cat:

Article Photo

We have the rainbow, which is a spectrum or reference to light.  We have a pop tart, which is something that can be consumed or burned, which is a reference to ‘being exposed’ and the cat itself. I will come back to this issue of Memes in a moment when I discuss the Brainwashing aspect of this progrm.

How else could I describe the interface itself?  As shocking? Would a headline like “Mr X. Was ‘Stunned’ When He Found His Cat’ grab your attention?  Sure, but it is usually nonsense, the function of such articles is to place the reader into a suggestible state.

If you want to play around with this, explore conspiracy site with your pen and paper, google, a dictionary/thesaurus and wikipedia.  You will observe a new world hidden behind those crazy claims and comments.  I will this end section with a video from the brains behind this operation, see if you can decode what he is saying:

The scale of this must be observed to appreciate.  If you work your way through the links, you will find that a large percentage major IP in the US, like movies, TV shows, etc., stretching back to the late 60’s are nothing more than potential use cases of RNM.  It takes a little working out, but when you get a hang of it, that’s quite an unbelievable picture.  When approaching psychotropics, you must expand upon the links present and enter a debate about some of the positions presented, this will lead to other links that will point to other IP.  Its a ginger bread trail that a confused mind is struggling to rationalize and thus you must always take that position when decoding in order to make the necessary leaps.

If after reading this you are noticing themes, subtext, etc., in movies, TV programs, etc., that is perfectly normal.  Its use cases, warnings, food for thought or just something unrelated and inspired by earlier things.  Also, random things happen, imagery and subtext has a broad range of interpretation and just because you can see something in those terms, doesn’t mean it was actually added.

The Matrix also has other functions in the world of security.  These are vetting and interrogation.  Throw a bunch of keywords and people and see what lights up in the brain. This could reveal further information.  Repeating the process continuously should extract all necessary information.

Further, urban pacification is performed by shocking and provoking audience and determining which areas of the brain are responsible.  This data can then be used in real-world scenarios to pacify entire cities or nations.  At a more complex level, The Matrix does this everyday, in billions of complex ways, which RNM can identify and suppress by experimenting on random members of the public anywhere in the world.  Frustration is viewed as one of the core reasons why we resist or go to conflict, thus identifying all its forms and associated neural structures is a priority.

This said, from examining the process it would appear that this program to map frustration as a pacification tool is not working as expected.  Whilst it does remove the sensation, indeed the tendency to fly off the handle, this doesn’t result in someone who is pacified.  It results in someone with a personality similar to a stone-cold killer.  Frustration it would seem, is the mind’s way of dissipating certain chemical processes in the brain, perhaps a way of forgetting.  When obstructed, this focuses the mind towards more strategic goals and limits the selection of inappropriate targets.  In that sense, its good for making assassins.

The key problem is that a strategic mind, is not a dumb soldier, it is someone who is highly analytical.  As a result, I suspect they would be more of a threat to their creators, than a solution given that their brain patterns would closely resemble that of a hyper-intelligence and would be drawn to the source of their predicament, rather than being targetable via suggestion or respond to social conditioning. To an analytical mind, suggestions are perceived no differently than plain text statements and the inference process does not make the leap to belief.

With respect to The Matrix, creating remote assassins is a central theme.  I will discuss this in the next section when I examine the superhero paradigm.


These embedded messages create a suggestible mind and can form the backbone of a brainwashing program.  As mentioned above, the relationships themselves along with aspects such as timing, adjustment of audio, etc., increase the hypnotic effect, ultimately forcing people to buy American products.  Along with this comes the ideas of superheros and what are, on the surface at least, American values, culture and ethos.  This gets imprinted onto foreign nations and subsequent generations grow up more Americanized.

In this sense, it is a form of tax collection scheme employing post-hypnotic suggestion, boosted by super-computer and RNM, continuously driving capital towards US businesses and related partners.  This, in turn, builds a kind of support base, as these company’s profits require this and key companies won’t do business with people who don’t support it.  So, internally within the nation, the image of RNM is carefully stage managed, keeping the public oblivious and certain parties under control.

RNM is then free to spider out in a viral like nature, adding person after person to its system, increasing the profits and Americanizing the world.  In effect, this is much the same as missionaries of old who took the bible to the savages which in time built a common identity between nations easing foreign control and exploitation of local natural resources.

Whilst I observe this in English speaking cultures, I haven’t fully examined cultures such as Russian, French, German, etc., for similar patterns and they may well be there.  I do note they have an awareness of this and haven’t stepped up to offer much in the way of assistance.  Indeed, following along silently with the agenda appears to be a common behavior pattern.  I suspect that they have either not done long term projections on this, or are just buying time until in a stronger position.  This said, RNM would pick up on the latter and they wouldn’t last long in power.

Brainwashing is a much more scientific process these days. Gone are the days of placing someone in a room and playing music, video and employing sleep deprivation.  Today, its all about interfacing with the brain and shaping neural circuitry piece-by-piece over the course of a lifetime.  This is made much easier when you control the cultural content, such as movies, videos, etc.  Its also about learning efficient methods to do this on shorter timescales.  Further, in some cases, its about applying patches to the brain in the form of controlled precision jamming to alter personality, opinions, values and beliefs.  Indeed, RNM has been caught even tampering with sexuality and sexual preference, indicating there is some form of religious ideology strongly present in the decision makers. It could be the case that RNM is attempting to define every aspect of a human a variable, so that it can completely script the planet.  This said, this is being done on middle-aged adults, rather than young kids where such things may be malleable.

At the heart of this is the brain mapping process.  Get someone to do something and record brain activity whilst they are doing it.  Then apply that recording to another person and see if they do the same thing.  After decades, what you end up with a library of stimulation patterns that can be woven together on demand to manipulate a person with very high precision.

This library is then used as the basis of content for The Matrix.  The content of the Matrix shapes the human brain over time, leading an individual to think of the world in a certain way and to repeat that message in nearly everything they do in life.  Few people observe this, they tend to think of this as the way things are, as their daily life, their nation, their values, etc., when in fact these are artificial constructs imprinted onto the mind and reinforced by group behavior.  What you end up with is a system that does not require direct intervention, it is viral in nature and both reinforces and expands itself.  In turn, this has economic and defense value.

Internet memes and crazes are not just random.  These happen to be very carefully crafted activities designed to induce suggestibility and identify functional strategies.  Examining the language of such memes and crazes, reveals the same patterns found in the content for The Matrix.  That is, alternative naming and descriptions for what are post hypnotic suggestions.  For example, the ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’ and ‘Mannequin Challenge’ both have a root instruction of ‘sleep’.

Ice -> Freeze -> Chill -> Relax -> Sleep

Mannequin -> Stiif -> Still -> Freeze -> Chill -> Relax -> Sleep

That is, they build a mental image in the sub-conscious which statistically effects a portion of the population.  Different expressions increase the portion of the population it effects.  With this we have the suggestion of doing something, recording it and passing it along.  This is a form of remote suggestion or hypnosis.

The transmission of memes is used to study people with compatible neural structures and the effectiveness of certain terms.  This is a form of remote brain mapping.  As people share similar neural structure patterns, those who respond well to one term, are likely to fall into a group where a set of terms can be used for remote manipulation, a different set of terms will be applied to the group that responds well to the other term.  Scale this up and Politicians from foreign nations can used cleverly crafted speeches that people will believe in foreign nations and act upon.

One of the major elements in modern brainwashing, which has been around since WWII in its modern form, is that of a superhero or vigilante.  To young kids, this is something to aspire to.  This is the pinnacle of being good and a very strong image.  This said, when we examine this archetype carefully, we note that by any normal standard, the superhero or vigilante is a criminal and one that does not respect social constructs such the law, Constitution, human rights, due process, etc.  In essence, the superhero and vigilante is a very strong anti-American vision.  If everyone were to be a vigilante or superhero, the realistic outcome is fairly similar to the mass murders in the Philippines.  The vigilante and superhero is someone who seeks powers that he/she does not have and, in any normal social structure, has no right to have.  Unlike vigilantes and superheros of movies, when humans seek that type of power, it is an act of selfishness and one that disregards the rights of others in increments.  The long term consequence is a natural decline in social standards, until the point where groups of undesirables are being mass murdered.  In this respect, vigilantes and superheros are really proto-fascist characters of unrealistic characteristic types that going beyond any special ability they may have.  To argue that any superhero, if transplanted into reality, would effectively be similar to the Norway Shooter Anders Breivik, regardless of their social or political outlook, is probably fair.

It is thus no coincidence that we observe a rise in the superhero imagery during times of conflict and thus, increased far-right attitudes in the general public.   Its a form of indoctrination, which has military psyops all over it.  Look at this:

Article Photo

Two of the biggest companies in the world of superheros, but did you spot something odd about their names?  Well, let’s show you:

DC -> Electrical power -> Shock

Marvel -> Awe

Shock & Awe is a military strategy and this is no coincidence:

Originally intended to get people to fight for their country, it has long since been co-opted to shape public opinion on domestic policies.  Modern psyops is more about domestic control, than foreign control, as foreigners typically don’t speak English and certainly wouldn’t get the post-hypnotic elements as the connections are all based around English linguistics.

The archetype posits that an individual must sometimes break or bend the rules where their is a sense of injustice.  When we scale this to an entire population, that mindset is one that accepts torture, kidnapping, assassination and even invading foreign nations to prop up their economy.  Desperate times call for desperate measures.  This, obviously, is not done as a single step, it is something that seeps in over time and a catalyst, like the 9/11 attacks, can then be leveraged to bring those ideas to the forefront by pumping up the crowd with calls for revenge.

What most miss in these moments is the nation has just been lost.  A Democratic nation is one of laws, one driven by the people and these calls subvert that because these behaviors have been installed by the very people calling for action.  The population didn’t quite make their own decision.

From this point, all you need to do is sustain the conflict and ensure in times of weak support, a new catalyst emerges. Like 7/7 bombing in London, or the Paris attacks, etc.  Whilst I will not under any circumstance demonstrate this here, the psychotropics in US media do contain programming for Lone Wolf assassins.  I have explored this on my Twitter timeline briefly and it is targeted at far right extremism for the most part.  That is, there exists embedded suggestions that can be leveraged to create a remote far right-wing assassin.  I have yet to explore the Islamic side, but I strongly suspect that post-hypnotic suggestion is playing a role as in certain videos I have observed terrorists mirroring behaviors which is a classic sign of suggestibility.

You can try this in a coffee shop sometime.  Sit in someone’s peripheral vision, change your sitting position and see if they follow along by mirroring your actions.  It may take a little while, but it should work with most people.  At this level of the brain, there is no distinguishing between self and someone else, this is a construct of the conscious mind.  This is part of the learning process, to copy others and emulate behavior.  We normally don’t learn to control this area, so it can pick up on things in the surrounding environment and integrate them into your current actions.  If you have ever done something routinely, switching off while you do it, its kind of like that.

RNM adds a whole new layer to this, it can inject entire psychotropic sequences directly into the brain, regardless of where the target is on the planet.  This psychotropic media can also be leveraged as a huge ball of string that keeps the mind disoriented and confused, whilst RNM quietly directs your life.  Far from being basic, it can sequence behaviors down to the second, write entire songs, write movies, write books, design the set of a movie, make an audience love/hate all forms of media, choose your investments, choose your lover, drive you to a violent rage, make you rape, make you murder, etc.  But there is a difference between RNM and suggestion, RNM works through a process similar to optogenetics (switching on/off gene in the brain using light), in that it employs controlled brain damage.  This means, it can cause states that are unachievable by means of suggestion.   This is done 24/7, on a global scale and the little guy on the street can be just as important as a President, given the intentions of the AI.

In terms of basic manipulators, imagine how a character like Tony Stark would appear.  A liberal rejecting the corrupt system of the US and equally defending against terrorist as a common threat?  Its a messed up image, a right-wing guy who won’t sell weapons but is happy to murder people all over the planet with his own personal army of drones.  Is the world meant to forge itself around a proto-fascist mass murderer?  How is that defending America, when America is its institutions, laws and due process?

It should be obvious that the main message being pumped out here is ‘death to America’, which is an odd form of propaganda unless the aim is exactly that, or at least to profit from that.  Given that it is being pumped into young US kids, it is clearly a form of subversion, one leveraging proto-fascism as a gateway to a dictatorship.

Another observation is the focus on the private sector arms industry as being the source of the problem.  That could be interpreted as an extension of the gun control debate, an attempt to remove arms from civilian control.  No doubt, in the real world, leveraging greed and bad press to force all weapons into the hands of government is a path to consolidating control.

I could quite literally show you months of this stuff and, to some degree I have been doing that on my Twitter timeline, but also breaking it down as I go along.  There is just too much of it and it is in nearly every form of IP stretching back to the ’60’s.  This is part of American culture, that moved from a cult following in the 70’s and 80’s, to mainstream today but always disguised.

In media, brainwashing material is typically presented as weak links between media and external references.  In some minds, these weak links are given preference and the linguistic structure means that it improves intuition.  That is, to take the principles from one area of learning and applying them to new areas.  With a little creativity, new skills can be aquired orders of magnitude faster than through traditional approaches.  This said, the process can leave people suggestible, especially if they don’t have a good sense of how all of this works or its intended function.  That is, just because core themes can be translated to a new topic, does not mean that it covers every aspect of that topic.  This can cause a false belief and repeating the process can lead to a complex psychosis. It can also pump up the ego, leaving a person open to greater manipulation. Such intuitive connections must always be supported with a broader analysis of the topic at hand with the assumption that the intuitive approach is incorrect somewhere.

Brainwashing doesn’t just happen in movies and TV.  It happens everywhere.  The AI behind RNM has defacto control over everything from search engines to social media, manipulating the crowd with a psychological equalizer to shift opinion and views.  Facebook ran a test of this several years ago, unrelated to RNM and the AI.  It demonstrates the potential power, so you can image what hundreds of millions of fake accounts could do to an entire population if powered by a hyper-intelligence like that running The Matrix:

I could show you taunts from automated systems that mask satire behind support or other benign statements, where only those who could apply a different context would get their meaning.  How would you take a message of ‘We’re right behind you!’, with something like RNM in the sky? Its a world of the subtle jab and system no one talks about, except for the odd reference to Aliens.

The Agenda

Control.  This is the agenda at its purest level.  As mentioned, the reason is to ensure the supercomputers can model the future.  If you know the future, then you can exploit that knowledge for economic and political gain.  There is a defense argument here, however, it would be an act of treason in democratic societies to implement.  That’s because this requires us to live under a dictatorship, albeit one that you may not be consciously aware of.  For this reason, I will not discuss much of that particular rationale beyond saying that it is good in principle, but it leads on us on a path that takes from us the very thing we wish to defend.

This would be the ideal scenario. You live out your life feeling free, thinking you made all your own choices, when in fact RNM is dictating your life by remote manipulation of your subconscious mind.  RNM doesn’t need to be 100% perfect, even with a 62% accuracy rating in general public, it can then use more forceful tactics in key areas to improve its ability to predict future outcomes.  As most nations have governments which make decisions on behalf of the people, that’s a small group to control through hard force and the converse, populism, is even easier to control by controlling key influential people.

The Matrix is ultimately a highly complex pinball machine, its function is to move people and it leverages every tool in the book from provocation to suggested ideologies.  This said, what is the ideology behind The Matrix itself?  What kind of politics is this?  Given the core theme of central planning, its fairly similar to Communism, albeit Communism 2.0.  Whilst there are hints of Fascism in it, Fascism was more free market oriented.  This said, economics underpins this, it is in effect a robbery which is not Communism in its purest sense, although every practical implementation was necessarily just that.  So, there is a shared core between capitalism and communism at their deepest level.  The key defining difference between the two social orders was really hard versus soft power projection, with a financial system being the soft power.

To me, it seems that the shared theme here is simply greed and an unwillingness to accept that all things have their time.  Further, whilst it is easy to focus on the greed aspect, let’s not ignore the intense fear that is captured in this also.  To want to know the future, is an effort to gain control over the unknown, an attempt to quell the dread deep inside. Ironically, the desire for defense is a form of cowardliness in itself, it is to seek shelter, a safe place to hide away from the world.  Is this the effect of a computer that never forgets?  Is it the dreams of men who lament the past? Perhaps a mixture of both, but one thing is certain, it will only bring pain and in the end come to pass itself.  There is no escaping entropy, no escaping the pointlessness of grand visions.

In my analysis of the software solution, I found one single group that continuously benefits.  The arms industry.  Every interaction in this system leads to conflict, as its key job is divide and conquer.  It selects weak points in our society, then inserts suggestions and provocations to polarize that section of the community.  In time, conflict arises, and both sides need to purchase weapons.  This is interesting because nowhere in the code does this need to be explicitly mentioned, defined or referred to.  It is a consequence of its design, a byproduct.  That said, it is its true nature regardless of the task, goal or objective which it is assigned.

Let’s discuss the concept of a potential, or energy well, in the context of a social structure.  I’m getting back to this idea of entropy, or as time passes any system tends towards disorder.  This is where things get a little technical, any social structure, regardless of the type can be viewed as a type of potential well.  A potential well can be thought of as the bucket that holds society together.  The bucket is things like policing, institutions, economics, military force, etc.  When modelled as a physical system, the forces they generate can either bring a society together, or pull it apart. You can think of the UK, Russia, the EU, etc., as various examples of potential wells.

RNM is another form of potential well, one that is well hidden in our society, but present none-the-less. Its probably fair to say its effectively a state in its own right.  This is an ad-hoc state which borrows, and I use that term lightly, foreign citizens to become its citizens and everyone is a soldier.  This form of enforced citizenship spreads in a viral pattern from one person to another, through prolonged interaction with a target.  Each citizen has a gun to their heads, one that knows their every thought before they do. Thus, no citizen can do what the AI does not want them to do. RNM has many use cases, thus not everyone’s experience is the same, however, this perspective of RNM is it in its raw form.  This is its real face, its real purpose and one everyone will come to see in time.  RNM is designed to tear apart other wells and shift their capital and assets to anyone in control of RNM.

As RNM expands it capability, the ability to move capital and assets increases whilst resistance to that movement decreases.  This is effectively an empire by stealth.  The next evolution of this is going beyond mere psychotropics and controlled brain damage, as this was a hit or miss affair.  The next evolution is boots on the ground in the guise of remotely animated key figures in nations across the world.  All rubber stamping trade deals in the benefit of RNM’s masters.  Its an invasion and one that would eventually gain complete control of the planet, by which time, there would be little functional use for humans beyond the sex trade.

Taken to its extreme, The Matrix when combined with RNM could allow the world to be rewritten at will.  For example, a close personal friend could be removed and all memories of that person and events wiped from history.  Economies could be manipulated at a whim, by altering the record and suppressing memories of the original record.  A lot of this is dependent on RNM being able to insert false memories, which it has had limited success at.  So far, nothing functional, so this may forever remain a dream, rather than a reality to be concerned with.  This said, its the thought that counts.

RNM has a laundry list of defense related applications, from espionage to the modern network battlefield.  This said, we simply can’t trust this type of technology in our society, not because of any issue with the technology, but because of human nature.

Having observed this over almost 8 years now and listening to the deafening silence, as well as automated responses, from each of the major powers, I suspect this is going to come down to one hell of a fight for freedom.  I’d much prefer to see a rational debate on the topic, but I don’t see how that is possible with a brainwashed public.

Interestingly, it means an entire sub-section of many intelligence agencies and militaries have been violating nearly every treaty and law, to deploy this system, no doubt with some misguided narrative of saving us from an inevitable future.  I suspect that RNM will move against this content, government will stone wall and keep silent, but this ball has started to roll.

This said, the satellites are the prime target and no one must lose focus on that.  All else is secondary.

The Problem With The Agenda

The ‘Time War’ is the primary consequence of The Agenda.  Imagine if the simulations predict with a 56% probability that between given dates 5 years from now, a party will cause a destructive event in your nation.  The computers then run monte carlo simulations attempting to reduce this probability to 0% whilst maintaining integrity of the timeline for as far as they can see.  This solution then needs to be woven into the real world.  This could mean instigating terrorist events, in order to obtain a pretext that would lead to the problem being dealt with.  It could mean altering the output of TV and film, brainwashing the public, to ensure public opinion was firmly behind the course of action.  This latter portion is to get studios, directors, etc., to produce films which RNM subtly alters, or makes popular, to ensure the public has encountered reasonings in a limited context which support future government policy.

The Time War is a consequence of attempting to define the future.  In truth, man has been fighting the time war since he evolved on this planet.  It is just an extension of threat prediction and forward planning which we do in our heads every day, from wearing a seat belt to not walking down that dark alley when drunk.  In the post-WWII world, we merely began developing the tools and theoretical frameworks to provide a computational approach to this.

I know many mathematicians will be thinking that an n-body solution to a problem involving the relationships between 7 billion people over a day, let alone a decade or more would be insanely complex requiring near complete control over random variables.  Well spotted and one of the main points of this article.  There are 196 countries, with several thousand key decision makers in each spanning government and business.  Out of them, two broad groups will exist, the leaders and followers.  By focusing on the leaders and their potential replacements, guiding their decision making, then you have control as long as public opinion is effectively meaningless.  This is achieved by a complex slight of hand where only insignificant portions of policy are modified.  So, everyone is effected by psychotropics and RNM opportunistically sways the opinion of key people to get the ball rolling on delivering its goal.  Then lets the system evolve.  So, at present it is a hybrid system of planning and reaction employing deep knowledge of human behavior and individual behavior.

In general this works well, most major events can be then be predicted well into the future, perhaps decades with optimized simulations.  Obviously, the problem arises when people don’t play ball, which will have a ripple effect on the future timeline.  These people must be dealt with and that must serve as a warning to others as well.  So from veiled threats, right through to illegal invasions, these all serve as warnings to others.  This said, the majority of people involved are there for their own reasons and completely unaware of the bigger picture.  Which makes them useful pawns to deal with problems that arise by framing the issue in a different light.

In order to get the system to a more pure predictive model and thus a truly definable future, more control over the individual is required.  This is where RNM really enters the picture.  RNM has been training in 3 key areas related to individual control:

1. Social dynamics.

2. Mind control through brain-computer-interfaces.

3. Remote animation of the human body through whole-body-computer interfaces.

Currently RNM is very strong in all 3 key areas and combinations thereof to obtain its goals.  Whilst the remote animation is far from completion, RNM has been observed moving eyes, fingers, legs, to some extent emulating the breathing process and even creating erections through applied current causing smooth tissue to contract in the penis.  This is an on-going experiment and typically takes the form of progressively hacking and testing routines on an individual over the course of their entire life-time starting at birth.  RNM will also spread in a viral like way to partners and children, repeating the process.

Mind control is a hit-or-miss process and leverages both confusion and psychological manipulation to achieve its goals.  Mind control is technically fairly similar to optogenetics, but involves the electrical jamming/driving of clusters in the brain which is technically a form of controlled brain damage.  Fairly similar to what a stroke may do. So those having this interface are technically experiencing several thousand or more complex strokes a day, every day, for decades on end.

Social dynamics involves engineering everyday things in a person’s life and their interactions with other people.  That could be anything from basic disagreements, right through to domestic violence.  It also includes shaping careers, defining where people get employment and when they get fired.  Sometimes this will be interfacing with bosses, other times it will be simple things like making you sleep too long and be late for work.  RNM also attempts to define what education you can have, by jamming the brain during classes and exams, or making people slowly pass out whilst writing in an exam.  It may also attack young children, making them distant from their parents, etc.  All of this is not without purpose though, RNM is building a toolset of manipulators that can be scaled to the population at large, this is the paddles for The Matrix in your home.

It doesn’t end their either. RNM wants into your bedroom and sex life.  Predicting and defining the future requires explicit control of the present and every potential event.  RNM has been observed training to alter sexuality, alter your choice of partner and even attempt to control sexual positions.  It has been observed going as far as to suppress the entire sexual arousal component of the sexual system and then attempt to emulate pleasure through well timed stimulation of the prostate, hoping the mind would accept this as sexual pleasure.

That’s not to mention the general picture, of a dictatorship maintained by an army of remotely animated humans linked into a networked battlefield and no ability to strike at the satellites due to a lack of defense capability and the fact that it can see you coming.

Defeating The Agenda

If The Matrix can be described as a giant pinball machine which is highly controlled to predict the future, then defeating it is rather trivial, albeit a very hard path to walk in life.  Don’t be a ball.  That is, if the paddles of this device are provocations, then if you cannot be provoked, you cannot be drawn into the game.  Thus, you forever remain unpredictable and the future is thus dark.  This is the path Ghandi:

Ghandi, was a major driving force behind the independence of India.  His ideology of non-violence and passive resistance meant that all the tools of an empire to achieve its goals broke down.  Before leaving, India and Pakistan were partitioned, leaving in place a pinball machine that could be leveraged for re-entry at any time.  A process Britain repeated across the world.  Original intended as agitation points, the empire crumbled and whilst problems remain in these regions, they are no longer exploitable.

Enter RNM into the picture, a solution which is learning how to control humans and now the ‘Ghandi Factor’ becomes less of a concern.  An Empire no longer needs to worry about people failing to be provoked, as it can physically hijack them and make them fight.  Not only this, but it can bias that fight to ensure a pre-determined outcome.  With little-to-no knowledge of RNM, or more importantly, a way to get into space to destroy it or technology to block its signal, then any resistance is clearly doomed from the start.  They would be mere actors on a stage, with their parts already scripted decades in advance.  RNM is currently closing in on this solution.  Once it does, this will be the general pattern for a while and, as absolute power corrupts, its only a matter of time before it brings out the worst.

The more pressing concern is that such an Empire no longer needs to listen to the public at home.  In fact, once consolidated, it doesn’t even require the traditional hierarchy found in society as the roles can be filled RNM.  Taken to its extreme, which no doubt will be at least tried, it would leave humans with a singular role in society, sex.

The solution may seem simple, large scale Anarchism which would throw off future projections, but this has problems.  Firstly, any such movement is theoretically leaderless and follows a general consensus or mood.  With something like RNM and its online counter-parts, that’s fairly simple to hijack.  Its actually the perfect model for control via psychological warfare in a group setting.

The next best solution is to identify the goals of the system and invert these, or at least force a re-expression.  But this must be outside the tolerance that the system has accounted for.  In some cases, this can damage national interests in the short term, but must be done in order to preserve interests in the long term.

As such, the only realistic way to defeat this agenda is to focus on taking out the satellites and/or developing mobile counter-measures.


We are increasingly living in a world which is a giant pinball machine.  A world in which the population is suggestible, driven to behave in a certain way to improve the accuracy of future prediction models.  One that is leading to the slow creation of a global dictatorship by stealth.

We are saturated in media which attempts to manipulate us, in most cases with the actors blind to who is pulling the strings. As we come to see this, we are told it is for our own best interests, to protect the economy, to protect the people, to protect the future of our nations. It is presented in political terms of Nationalism and Globalism, of defense and alliances, but never has it has it been presented as raw truth.  Never has it been debated, it was just done to us.

In order to deliver this world of increased protection, we must abandon notions of freedom, we must actively direct terrorism, perform illegal invasions, murder, rape and pillage on demand on a global scale, so that the machine has enough data points to work with to shape our environment.  Blindly building a prison for ourselves and our kids, whilst calling it freedom.

Unbelievably, with RNM, not even our minds and bodies are truly free anymore.  Some even go along with this, often with the spin that we are pitting the bad guys against the bad guys, when the truth is they are manufactured to a large degree through a broad range of subtle and readily deniable ways.  Its a world where your life is planned before you are born, where all the will in the world will not change your circumstances.  In short, the end of the American Dream, democracy, freedom, liberty and ultimately human kind as we know it.

It is very easy for much of this to go unnoticed, to escape the attention of the average person given the subtle and complex manner in which it is woven into the very fabric of our society.  In saying that, everyone should now see that the US economy, as well as others, have been rigged to blow. Debts run up, IP loaded with psychotropics, businesses in bed with defense spying on customers, etc.  All it required was putting the pieces together and what you have is a disaster.  But you now know that is what people want, that they want you to provide a power vacuum that they can fill.  So, take this slowly, methodically and question everything and everyone.

How did it get to this stage?  It should be clear that many nations, at their most senior levels, would have been required to keep quiet for decades.  The architecture of The Matrix explains this phenomenon, in that, everyone has a highly limited partial view of the entire picture.  This limited view prevents them from being able to observe and report the threat.  Further, it makes it rather easy to silence them too.

Humanity is in serious trouble and on the verge of losing everything it has ever worked for.  You need to start asking questions, not wait for someone else to do it, as they’re not.


4 thoughts on “Remote Neural Monitoring & Prompting – The Most Complete Picture To Date – March 2017

  1. I know 4 people that are using this program in Australia.
    They are 2 couples.
    Rohan Kelly & Pauline Kelly.. previous house address 25 Yarrayne st, Rye Victoria 3941. Moved to New South Wales because they got spooked. And Nick Swanedield & Christine Swanedield. They live at 6 Yannuga st Rye Victoria 3941. He is a free lance IT Consultant so he tells everyone.

  2. I have ignored 99 percent of the chatter on the net regarding remote neural monitoring and prompting. I have been relying exclusively on my own notes and experiences over the last several years to avoid misinformation. However, this very complete compilation includes a number of elements I have not seen except in my own experience while sleeping or in near-sleep states: simple framed videos playing in a loop over several days show up in my “vision” while nearly asleep in addition to voice; and more remarkably, super-realistic dreams where i can and do converse with both real persons and others whom i believe to be AI. In my particular case, someone who calls himself “Father”, and the others who assist him he often refers to as his “Juniors”. They often refer to him off-handedly as “Big Daddy”. When first I met him he said, “If you remain here, you will need to choose a smaller character or people will keep assuming that you are me.”. And that is true, before i met him, shorter and younger-looking people had been coming up to me as i wandered about the stunningly real simulated world, and referring to me as Father.

    There is much much more.

    As ridiculous as it seems, I have strong reason now to believe I know who some of these people are, which powerful entities/agencies are involved, and how they have begun to experiment with rolling this technology to the general public in the guise of entertainment. They have reached a saturation point where i believe they realize it cannot remain hidden indefinitely. As i am a professional simulation producer, i believe i became a preferred customer/guinea pig for some of the dream manipulation research. if this strikes chords with the authors, feel free to contact me.

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    I, Rita Geiger, won a lawsuit in the amount of $5 million, years ago. I have been trying to receive my stolen lawsuit money for more than 8 years, 8 months. I have moved from PA to NV due to the fact that I had stalkers follow me everywhere I went in PA. I also had listening devices and cameras in my apartment. I have been threatened by PA Judge Ida Chen and PA Senator Christine Tartaglione with My Life and My Lawsuit Money which was stolen by Judge Ida Chens assistant. Judge Ida Chen had me in her courtroom for a divorce and tried to involve me in Human Trafficking with what she calls 4 of her guys. I did not cooperate. Since then, she has tried to destroy my life for her 4 guys. When I was in that judge’s courtroom for my divorce, she told me that I was going to marry a man named Tom Kenny who worked for the court system. After that she involved a man named Vincent S Talotta and then a man named Salvatore Accardo and then her assistant Jack Kelly aka Mr. Daymond. They all work for the Philadelphia Family Court. When she involved her assistant, she kept threatening me that I was going to marry him. She called my house, and came on my job with her 4 guys threatening me that I was going to marry Jack Kelly aka Mr. Daymond. Since then, her and her 4 guys have been stalking me, harassing me and stealing from me by using a Remote Neural Monitor. This is Gang Stalking and Interstate Stalking and has been going on for more than 24 years. As of today, I still have not received my stolen lawsuit money. Due to this fact I spent more than 4 months in the hospital. I also have had to sleep in my car. I have been surrounded by Drug Addicts, Alcoholics, Prisoners and Mental People. If I had my stolen lawsuit money none of this would have ever happened. I lived in the same apartment for approximately 15 years. I worked at the same place of employment for at least 15 years. There is no reason why the attorney could not bring my stolen lawsuit money to me or no reason why they could not contact me as I had the same phone number for 15 years as well.
    On February 5, 2018, I was evicted from my apartment and was out on the street for 11 months. My life is in danger. They have ruined my perfect credit and as of today no one has given me my stolen lawsuit money or has had anyone arrested.
    I have been Gang Stalked by Judge Ida Chen from Pennsylvania for the past 24 years. Her Gang Members who have been stalking me for the past 24 years are as follows, Senator Christine Tartaglione, Vincent S Talotta, who repeatedly names my doctors and should not know any of their names. Tom Kenny, Jack Kelly also known as Mr. Daymond, along with his girlfriend Judy, Salvatore Accardo and Anthony Rossi. An unknown person who claims he will blow my head off. This unknown person is also making lewd comments about girls. During the past 8 years, 8 months, with a motive to take my $5,000,000. from me are as follows. Thomas P. Geiger, my ex-husband, Divorced 2002. He brought in members of his family who are as follows, Paulina Geiger, Nicolette Geiger, who when I spoke to her claims, she did not know what I was talking about, nothing further was ever said, she continues to Gang Stalk me. She also has her boyfriend’s Gang Stalking me. Carolyn Geiger, who is knowingly and willingly committing the crime of Gang Stalking believing she can actually commit this crime with no consequences stating Judge Ida Chen is involved. Bill Geiger, who thinks he has a right to Gang Stalk me and is sitting there with his wife, making rude remarks to me. Also, there is Bob Geiger and James Geiger, I have not seen these people for 30 years. Also involved is Rita Chieffo, who when I told her numerous times I was being Gang Stalked and had Lawsuit Money in the amount of $5,000,000. she acted like I was Mental, yet she continues to Gang Stalk me. Eugene Chieffo, and various people from H & R Block who include Frank Russo, Barbara Willamen and Rosemarie Maribello. Neighbor Nikki Liberty. These people watch everything I do and make comments. They even watch me go to the bathroom, shower and get dressed. They also announce what medicines I take.
    Judge Ida Chen has stolen from me for the past 24 years. This would include any Child Support, Alimony, Attorney Fees and Divorce Settlement that should have been paid to me and never was. When I went to the Court System to see Tom Kenny, instead of him being there, there was an Imposter who introduced himself as Tom Kenny and was not, I will be able to identify that man.
    My Lawsuit Money is from me suing the City of Philadelphia and should have been paid to me in 2004. The person who should have given it to me is Salvatore Accardo. For some reason I was told that Jack Kelly also known as Mr. Daymond stole it and has never given it to me. He works for Judge Ida Chen as her assistant and has been Gang Stalking me for the past 24 years.
    If any further damage happens to me, above are the people to look at for any damage caused and my Lawsuit Money that does not belong to any of them. I am not safe anywhere.
    Rita Geiger
    900 Brush Street Apt 411
    Las Vegas NV 89107

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