October 2, 2023

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The Christchurch Paradox With Paul, Lee & Andy

On tonight’s show we chat about the recent shooting events in Christchurch, New Zealand by Brenton Tarrant. I am joined by Film director and actor Paul Moder who has embarked on a cinematic retelling of the Port Arthur Massacre. Lee Maddox & Andy Somes also plug in from Real News Australia to help break down the confusion & media manipulation around the shootings. Was it real or a carefully staged false flag designed to strike fear into the population & erode more of our freedoms? Have a listen to make up your own mind & please feel free to leave comments, links or any other information in regards to this event. 


2 thoughts on “The Christchurch Paradox With Paul, Lee & Andy

  1. I recommend a good read is Renegade Tribune . com. No repeat no shooting involved but what is involved is method acting. LOL

  2. the paranormies podcast made a connection between the Christchurch shooting, and the Parkland school shooting in the US, by saying that kids from Parkland visited Christchurch after the school shooting last year, and befriended people there..

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