The corona phantom

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and what if the viruses don’t exist?

Three ways I recommend for understanding and exploring the Corona crisis phenomenon.

The first way is to refute the virologists, who make the claims that viruses are disease-causing through studying and exposing their papers. You will find that the statements and actions of the virologists are extremely unscientific. The photos, which allegedly show disease-causing viruses, actually show typical cell structures or artificial protein-fat-soap globules that are created when such mixtures are swirled around. With these photos it is crucial to know that the structures shown have never been characterized biochemically. In the structures shown, which are supposed to represent viruses, the long piece of genetic substance that they call the ‘heart’ of a virus, the genetic strand or the genome was never discovered or even searched for.

What is actually done when they claim the existence of a disease-causing virus is to mix very short pieces of gene sequences from a human, microbial and/or biochemical metabolism to construct a very long piece of genetic sequence, which would never really exist in nature.

Furthermore: little more than 50% of the gene sequences used here are real, i.e. originating from human and microbial metabolism. The remainder of the sequences required to form the 100% engineered gene sequence of the alleged viral genome is fictitious.

But it gets even better: The slightly more than 50% of the actually existing gene sequences that are used to construct a viral genome are themselves only a statistical average from an infinite and constantly changing variety of so-called gene sequences. In reality the metabolism produces constantly changing “gene sequences” not a virus. These short “nucleotides” serve to adapt to changes and are an essential process for survival in biological life.

New combinations of nucleotide sequences are constantly being made in every human being and every animal. If you look for short sequences of nucleotides that are similar to the “gene sequences” that are reported as part of the virus, you will always find constant changes, which are touted as evidence of the mutation of the virus with no scientific proof. Such an alleged mutation of the corona virus – currently supposedly coming from England – is then used to tighten the restrictions, to cover up the effects of highly toxic corona ‘treatments’ and to include the symptoms of the immediate, medium and long-term vaccine damage caused by the highly toxic nano-particle and gene ‘vaccinations’ into the ever increasing definition of the syndrome “Covid-19”

Doubting and questioning is the first and most important obligation of every scientist. Anyone who calls this scientific questioning a conspiracy is being anti-scientific, antisocial and is a supporter of a superstition that must not be questioned. Something that must not be questioned is always dangerous, manipulative and a basis for destruction and self-destruction. There is no need for a “virus” as a cause of the visible destruction and self-destruction the corona panic measures bring. Here the historically grown and therefore unnoticed superstition in the minds of the majority of the population and a few good/bad high priests reinforced by the media is sufficient.

The second way I propose to find security and bearings is to study the story of where, why and how the idea arose that nature is evil and that there is an evil in its own right in biology. A materializing principle of evil (“cancer”) that is able to wander inside the body (“metastases”) and outside (“pathogens, viruses”) cannot logically exist. Anyone who believes that “cancer” is a malignant degeneration and does not know the real causes will also believe in flying mini-metastases in the form of invisible viruses.

As you walk through history, you will find that this good/bad materialism, which dominates today, emerged as a reaction to the generation of fear and abuse of power by religions in ancient Greece. As a counter-reaction to centuries-long abuse of power by the churches. This materialism free of consciousness, spirit and soul became the basis of our Enlightenment and of biological and medical science. Medicine and science were nationalized under this stipulation in 1858 and since then pseudoscience has been practiced almost exclusively in order to maintain the cellular pathology of Rudolf Virchow, which was not only refuted but never proven in 1858.

The third and probably the most helpful way for you to find your bearings and security is to learn superior explanations of life, health, disease and healing that have been emerging since 1981. Diseases are not theoretically triggered by pathogens or bad genes that inevitably result from the refuted theory of cellular pathology. Processes that we still wrongly view as independent diseases are triggered by events (such as a corona diagnosis) that affect the person concerned in an unexpected existential manner and actually isolate him or her from their environment.

Based on knowledge that has been documented a thousand times, it has been clearly proven that the assumptions and claims of an independent ‘evil’ does not exist in nature, in the body or in life. Biology cannot be good or bad. Biology simply is. The organism always behaves in a manner that enables survival even in extreme situations. For this purpose, the functions of the affected organs are usually increased. If that is not enough to escape from the life-threatening situation, either the tissue build-up or breakdown is increased in order to optimally adapt to the situation. Conventional medicine regards this as an independent disease that is supposedly triggered by defects, bad genes, poor immune functions, infections or a combination thereof.

If the triggering trauma is actually resolved or if the person succeeds in changing his relationship to it so that one can “smile” at it again, the organism then tries to restore itself to its original state. Excess tissue is broken down or broken down tissue is rebuilt. Conventional medicine regards these processes as different diseases and consequently it is believed that each disease was triggered by another defect, an infection, etc. From the perspective of today’s “medicine” (the doctrine of the suppression of symptoms by substances), what follows is misinterpreted as being independent of each other and as seperate diseases in their own right:

1 .: The adaptation of the body to a permanent alarm from a trauma or a biological conflict.

2 .: The second phase, the healing phase after the practical or developed resolution of the trauma / biological conflict with the aim of restoring it to its original state.

3 .: In the switchover between the permanent alarm of the trauma phase and the healing process, healing crises occur which, depending on the duration and intensity of the biological conflict, can be more or less severe. These phenomena (sudden migraines, headaches, nerve pain, loss of sense of smell and orientation, dizziness, epilepsy, heart attack, pulmonary embolism, psychosis etc.) have been scientifically clarified, ie comprehensible, verifiable and predictable, which brings us to a causal and therefore functioning prophylaxis and therapy.

With this method of “universal biology” (also well described by the ambiguous term “Biology according to Hamer”, since Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer removed the so-called evil from biology and medicine), expanded by the findings of nutritional science, osteopathy, Physiology, toxicology, typology such as “Terlusollogie”, “Human Design”, (the sensational and documented findings of the Bruno Gröning circles) and other findings, all symptoms and particularly those of the constantly growing symptom complex “Covid-19” can be explained without contradiction, without having to use the disproved assumptions of cell biology and the auxiliary hypotheses of infection, immune, gene and cancer hypotheses that necessarily result therefrom.

MD Ryke Geerd Hamer has clearly proven the complete reverse with his collection of knowledge (earlier as New Medicine, then as “Medicina Sagrada”, then as Germanic New Medicine and finally as Germanic Medicine or “Germanic”) in showing that every part of the body, everyone functional area of an organ represents a materialization of a unit of consciousness. It can even be hit with a word to thus set off an alarm, even a fatal continuous alarm: “One word can kill”, but also: “One word can heal”.

From this perspective, every unjustified generation of fear represents a kind of self-fulfilling prophecy that hits those people who believe in the existence and independence of materializing evil in the form of disease, disease genes, cancer, pathogens, viruses, etc all the more. By observing and recognizing a meaningful and natural set of rules in biology, Dr Hamer has found the connection to the original philosophy of Ayurveda, in which the soul “Atma” plays the decisive role. In the following, the various manifestations of metabolism (all bound to water) are taken into account.

Symptoms such as sudden headaches, loss of taste and sense of direction and dizziness are easily explained. They are all assigned to the “Covid-19” list of symptoms, which has been growing steadily since the test was introduced. The original cause of the corona panic, was only the diagnosis of people with pneumonia, in whom no “pathogens for pneumonia” were detectable (= atypical pneumonia).

Headaches, if they can be localized, are always due to a lack of oxygen, for example, if after the previous phase of a permanent alarm, in which the metabolism automatically switches from breathing to fermentation, is switched back to breathing, there is insufficient oxygen, or the oxygen cannot be transported or only with difficulty through the “acidic” areas of the brain. The headache caused by the trigeminal nerve, which is in constant alarm, and headache caused by bleeding, among others, are explained in the specialist literature.

Dull headaches are caused, among other things, by the fact that the release of lactic acid and water, which has increased significantly during fermentation, cannot be removed, especially if the removal of water from the brain is restricted by a restriction of the cranio-sacral movements and / or by the kidneys.

The restriction of the sense of smell and the sense of direction (which is always linked to the sense of smell!) and the development of dizziness have also been clarified. Loss or impairment of the sense of smell and taste is often caused by swelling of the olfactory mucous membrane in the case of a cold. There are other possibilities that can lead to a loss of sense of smell.

From the findings of Universal Biology, a loss of sense of smell can also occur from a triggering event (shock) in which one does not want to smell something. You want to get rid of the danger (smell information) or even just a bad smell. “Odor dangers” are experienced individually. It can be an actual danger, e.g. fire (smoke), or a danger that one experiences by association, e.g. the fictional virus. A face mask that has also been placed over the nose and emits an unpleasant odor can also lead to a loss of sense of smell. From the basis of Universal Biology, a loss of taste occurs through a triggering event that one does not want to taste / swallow. You want to get rid of the danger (taste information) or even just a bad taste.

The primary symptom on which the corona panic is based, pneumonia, always represents a repair process, which in fact – always – can become critical. If panic, over or incorrect treatment and / or various illnesses are added (= multimorbidity, as was and is the case in China, Italy, Germany and everywhere), the consequences can quickly be dramatic and fatal. It was never new. See all available statistics before and during the Corona crisis.


The book ” Universal biology “.

-The article by Ursula Stoll in the magazine w + 3/2020 about Corona and “Covid19 symptoms”.

– Three contributions from me on a new perspective on life in issues 1, 2 and 3/2019 of w + magazine. Valuable explanatory texts and statistics on the Telegram channel Corona_Fakte.

Conclusion When you have checked all of this, you will find that the corona crisis is nothing more than a self-perpetuating (predicted by me and others *) completely irrational good/evil hysteria that bears no relation to scientifically proveable biological reality. Now you must decide whether the majority of the superstitious hysteria previously caused by the Corona crisis will continue to destroy the foundations of biological, community and economic life or whether most people will emerge to rely on holism, reason and actual science, who will bring the Corona -Crisis to repentance and out of ‘good-bad think’, acting and feeling toward a deeper understanding and thus knowing how to use it as an opportunity for everyone.

Dr. rer. nat. Stefan Lanka Langenargen, 12.1.2021 (Translated by Northern Tracey and John Blaid)

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