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The Price of Fear


By Maia Regler (via Facebook)

It has been at the forefront of every person’s minds, it’s everywhere, you can’t escape it, it’s there from the moment they wake. The daily onslaught of updated information and restrictions on this ever developing situation.

I’ve seen family tearing one another to shreds, suspicion, mistrust, accusations, and ugliness.

People panic buying, leaving nothing for anyone else, an every man for himself mentality, distrust, social distancing, every one is viewed with an eye of suspicion as a possible source of contagion.

Never have I witnessed such division, fear, hysteria or panic. And as a result we have woken up to a new world. [order?]

2 million people are out of work in Australia.

Some families can no longer afford to put a roof over their children’s heads. Who knows how they are going to be able to feed them.

People screamed for the Government to lock us down. Lock us in. Close borders. Keep me safe.

Our children are the new fleas of the new plague. Keep them away from us.

Protect me…

But those people failed to see the full scope of what that would entail.

We went from a Virus with a 2-3% overall Mortality rate to a now Global Economic Pandemic.

People will be bankrupted by this. Businesses that once thrived will never come back.

Instead of using hindsight and foresight, we have succumbed to a hive mentality.

Where our Ancestors once fought for freedom. We gladly gave it away. Take it. We don’t want it. Do whatever you want.

Here is my freedom. Here is my family. Here is my home. Here is my financial stability. Here is my medical freedom. Take it all, Government. I’m sure you have our best interests at heart. I’m sure you’re only thinking about us as you close the borders and bankrupt entire industries that this Nation relies upon.

How did this happen? How did we become so complacent and compromised in our ability to think rationally and logically?

You still think this is about a virus and protecting the most vulnerable? Wake up people. This is about control.

‘Oh I’m not into conspiracy theories’


The real conspiracy theory is the one happening on your TVs with the media driving a fear and hysteria narrative that has made one thing very clear and apparent.

They own you. You bought it hook, line & sinker.

Fear is a great motivator, but a terrible Master.


4 thoughts on “The Price of Fear

  1. Your so-called Ancestors fought for Communism. Adolf Hitler was right! But the English-speaking world refused to listen . It is thoughts like this that display Australia’s dumbing down and ignorance . You can celebrate ANZAC Day but know you are actually celebrating the birth of a Jew world order. Furthermore on that fateful day of the surrendering of the Reichstag know that the Communist flag was raised and that the world was given over to communism/judaism . This was what your ‘beloved’ ancestors fought for, Australia. A world run by the bloody jews. Run by communism. All b/C you still believe the lies of the jews. The jews never ever were on anyone’s side when it came to so-called ‘democracy.’ Democracy is a communist word.
    So thanks Australia for fighting for our “freedoms.” What you really fought for Australia is what we are witnessing today. Full-blown world genocide courtesy of the jews.

  2. This is yet another example of the wickedness of the Daniel Andrews Victorian Labor Government, using the Transgender People as a Political Football/Vote Catcher.
    Transgender People please don’t fall for this Dictator’s Con – He cares about no-one but his power crazed lawless self and his like-minded Premiers in all States of Australia along with the Prime Minister. Don’t fall for their vote catching bullshit.

    Daniel Andrews attacks ‘cruel’ Politicians for driving a debate on transgender people in sport

    This is only a handful of examples of the shocking/disgusting Australian State and Federal Governments’ TYRANTS murdering our Democracy – our civil rights medical rights human rights, choices and freedoms which occurred in every State of Australia.

    Victorian Police violently stomping on man’s Head

    Victorian Police BRUTALITY

    Documentary Battleground Melbourne

    Polish MP’s blast Australian Government for breaches of Human Rights

    Daniel Andrews’ Victorian Police State Thugs BRUTALITY
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    NOTE This is one of the countless videos banned and they make you go through an identification process using your credit card to get to watch the video
    Australian Police bash and pepper spray 70 year old woman

    Australian Police are now just criminal gangs of Thugs
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    NEW SOUTH WALES police brutality they bash local Dad

    Australian Government Police attack unarmed Peaceful civilians protesting against heinous Government Tyranny
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    Note Like so many websites telling the truth of what’s going on this video has also been shut down by the Globalists/Political Dictators
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    The Price of Fear
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    AUSTRALIANS > To save ourselves and our country NEVER vote for Liberal National Labor or Greens EVER AGAIN or we are totally doomed to Totalitarian Governments forever.

  3. The Christian propaganda of ‘turning the other cheek’ and ‘loving your enemy’ does not apply to survival of the fittest; it’s a death wish held up by the belief program of salvation.
    When Jesus said ‘fear not’ he didn’t have a Mainstream Media or television.
    Today we have both and both are controlled by the enemies within our gates.
    Without these organs of lies and deceit Covid19 would never have made the nearest bar.
    Yet, here we are with people still wearing masks and getting jabbed for a virus that doesn’t exist whose genesis is a computer.
    Maybe, we fear ourselves?

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