December 5, 2023

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The Ugly Vilification of Moira Deeming Is Reprehensible


“Imagine adhering to what most people for millennia have believed, that ‘do no harm’ is the first principle of medicine, as even the pagan Hippocratic Oath put it 2500 years ago. But of course, one quite rarely gets taught that in medical school today.”

If you think it is the norm that men and women are fully interchangeable, that marriage is open to any combination, and that killing babies is just peachy, then you will fit in just fine with the Victorian Labor Party, the Herald Sun, and all those of the secular left.

And if you know what is going on in Victoria, you are left with one burning question: How long before Moira Deeming is booted out of the state Liberal Party just like Bernie Finn was? If you still do not know whereof I speak, let me explain.

In today’s Herald Sun there was a horrific hatchet job on newly elected Liberal politician Moira Deeming. It seems they uncovered some earlier emails of hers that inform us that she is far worse than Attila the Hun, Jack the Ripper, and Genghis Khan combined.

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