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This Is How Much The News Triggers People

By Truthstream Media

Melissa Dykes recounts what happens when people let the news dictate their behavior and let themselves become “sitting ducks” even in perfectly ordinary conditions. There is a reason they call it “programming”…

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Watch their mini-documentary Obsolete here.


5 thoughts on “This Is How Much The News Triggers People

  1. Hasn’t the Australian, government body, in collusion with the mainstream media outlets, become ….. what we could only call – HYSTERICAL – in their disaster predictions announcements.

    The only problem is this story is that …. just in case it does happen.
    It is far better to err on the side of caution, than to starve to death as a result of being snowed in.
    I watched US news last winter & the one before – there were people who were found dead in their homes, after being dug out of the snow.

  2. I buy specials.
    I look at the Coles catalogue online & buy specials.
    Stocked up is a good word here.
    The most I have saved is on a $100 shop was $37 … that is $37 I can spend on something else.
    Last night I payed $51.77 for my purchase & saved $13.35
    All up it would have cost me $65.13.
    In was on the DOLE as a result, I picked up a few tight arse habits.

  3. The grind of shopping – hey.
    I have a HSS Assistant allocated to me.
    It’s time for the antiques to go.
    I need a new vacuum cleaner & a few other necessary upgrades.
    I went to Bunnings on may mobility scooter at 6:15pm, last night.
    A Bunnings staffer was standing at the entrance, “good evening.”
    I found the vacuum, it was in a big box, I pulled it off the shelf on to the floor of my scooter, phew, it fit, just, no room for my legs, but hey.
    I got it through the register.
    It’s mine now.
    Almost home.
    The man at the entrance looked at me,
    “It’s a big box,”
    “You going to be alright getting home like that?”
    “I’ll be okay, thanks for asking, good night.”
    “Just be careful on you way home love.”
    ” I’ll be back tomorrow for the next load.”

    What a nice person he was.

  4. Interesting Article:

    Why is the Israeli army suddenly interested in GAZA? by Jonathan Cook.

    “The number of trucks bringing goods into GAZA has been cut in half – not because Israel is putting the inmates on a “diet”, as it once did, but because the enclave’s Palestinians lack “purchasing power”. That is they are too poor to buy Israeli goods.

    The people of GAZA …. ARE TOO POOR TO ……….. BUY ISRAELI GOODS.
    YOU SEE .

    How is this allowed?

  5. Bump In The Night:

    What a load of rubbish – hey.

    I went to Bunnings yesterday & spent $189.
    I took the big box home.
    I then went to Coles & spent $51.75 & saved $13.35.
    I went to Bunnings tonight & the produced I wasted to buy for $48 was not there again today.
    But it’s equal priced $25 was & indeed yesterday it cost $25.
    Only that tonight it cost $14.90.
    All up I spent $27 at Bunnings tonight.
    I took the stuff home.
    And went to Coles again where I spent $52.95 & saved $18.50.
    Total Spent $320.70 –
    Total Savings $41.95 –
    Over a 10% discount on all spending.
    I tried to go shopping on the weekend – I just never got out of the house.
    Monday then – I just did not happen.

    It happens all the time – what are the odds man.

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