Tom Jefferson and his dodgy aluminium and vaccine safety review


Hi All, FYI, see below my response on another group email thread.

In my opinion, the review I mention in the response below has had a devastating impact on international vaccination policy in helping facilitate the enormous number of vaccinations and revaccinations we see being foisted upon the community now.
…., re Tom Jefferson and his dodgy aluminium and vaccine safety review. This extremely questionable review, which was undertaken by Cochrane authors, but curiously published behind the paywall of The Lancet Infectious Diseases in 2004, continues to influence vaccination policy. For example, it’s cited in the Australian Government Department of Health’s Questions about vaccination publication to justify the safety of aluminium-adjuvanted vaccines, of which there are now many, including revaccinations:
As you know I’ve been challenging this review for years, starting with writing to Tom Jefferson directly on the matter in 2013, and Peter Gotzsche at Cochrane in 2014, plus the CEO of Cochrane and others, including Peter Doshi and Fiona Godlee at the BMJ, and Australia’s Chief Medical Officer. HPV vaccination co-inventor Ian Frazer was also copied on some of my correspondence.  (See some of my correspondence at this link (it’s ‘on the record’): )
Also see my email to the Chair of the Australian Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee:
Again, it’s ‘on the record’ that this matter has been brought to the attention of many people in areas of accountability…and they have taken no action.
I suggest Tom Jefferson et al’s review relevant to aluminium and vaccine safety is scientifically unsound, and should not be used to justify the safety of aluminium in vaccines, i.e. the wide range of aluminium-adjuvanted vaccine products and revaccinations that are pressed upon children and the general community now. Many children are coercively vaccinated with many aluminium-adjuvanted vaccine products.
How many people have been vaccinated and revaccinated with questionable aluminum-adjuvanted vaccine products since Jefferson et al’s review was published in 2004, a review which was publicly endorsed by no other than Paul Offit?
Also consider that this review was funded by the World Health Organisation (i.e. funded by WHO Contract Number HQ/03/172955).
I wonder who initiated this review that defends the use of aluminium in vaccine products, and gave the green light to the onslaught of aluminium-adjuvanted vaccine products we see now, including globally fast-tracked HPV vaccination?
I’d like to complain to the WHO about Jefferson et al’s very questionable review.  But I’ve recently discovered that the highly conflicted and biased Helen Petousis-Harris is Chair of the WHO’s Global Advisory Committee on Vaccine Safety, so how much notice will be taken there do you think?  
International vaccination policy is a cesspit of conflicted interests.
So good luck to Tom Jefferson re his work re Tamiflu, but there are serious issues to be addressed about the impact on international vaccination policy of his 2004 LID review on aluminium and vaccine safety, and I’m not giving up in seeking accountability for this matter.

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