Vaccine Mandates – Becoming a Global Curse


First, the idea of vaccine mandates were rumoured to being considered by governments.

The UK stated that ALL care workers must be vaccinated from the 11th of November 2021:

Everyone working in care homes to be fully vaccinated under new law to protect residents, UKGov, 16th of June 2021.

By the 8th of November 2021 [4 days before the 11th of November] more than 1,400 care home staff had not received vaccination in Greater Manchester alone:

More than 1,400 care home staff in Greater Manchester still haven’t had a Covid-19 vaccine as deadline approaches, Manchester Evening News, 8th of November 2021.

Google then led the way with FuckBook in quick pursuit by requiring that all US employees be vaccinated before returning to their offices:

Google and Facebook mandate vaccines for all employees returning to offices, NBC News, 18th of July 2021.

From the 15th of August in Fiji, all un-vaccinated public sector workers forced to go on leave, while those who do not get two jabs by November will be dismissed:

State Given Time In No Jab, No Job Case, Fiji Sun, 21st of October 2021.

On the 16th of June 2021, all public-facing workers in Moscow were required to be fully vaccinated. Employers were given a month long period to ensure that a minimum of 60% of their staff had gotten their first shot. However, by the 31st of August President Putin had banned mandatory vaccine stating “We are a free country”:

Putin Bans Mandatory Vaccinations in Russia: ‘We Are a Free Country’, Sorendreier, 31st of August 2021.

On August 13th, Canada mandated vaccination for 300,000 federal employees:

Mandatory COVID-19 vaccination requirements for federally regulated transportation employees and travellers, Canada government, 6th of October 2021.

Greece introduced a law making vaccines mandatory for all medical professionals from the 1st of September 2021:

Thousands of Unvaccinated Health Workers Suspended in Greece, Greek Reporter, 2nd of September 2021.

Australia ordered ALL construction workers to stay at home for 2 weeks, afterwards only to return to work if they could prove then had been vaccinated:

Construction workers in Melbourne protest mandatory vaccinations, New York Times, 21st of September 2021.

The US ordered ALL government workers (health, teachers, police, etc) to be vaccinated or face redundancy:

Executive Order on Requiring Coronavirus Disease 2019 Vaccination for Federal Employees, White House, 9th of September 2021.

although the Texas Governor was having none of it, until he’s replaced:

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott bans any COVID-19 vaccine mandates — including for private employers, The Texas Tribune, 11th of October 2021.

The vaccine mandate also extended to companies employing more than 100 employees.

France ordered ALL healthcare workers to be vaccinated or face suspension without pay:

French vaccine mandate for healthcare workers takes effect, France24, 15th of September 2021.

Next was Italy to enforce by law vaccine mandates for ALL public and private sector workers:

COVID pass becomes mandatory for all workers in Italy – amid fears of unrest, Sky News, 14th of October 2021.

Failure to comply and if you protested then you could find yourself beaten by Italian police, as the header image shows.

As of October 2021, New Zealand was starting to make moves towards mandatory vaccination for all health care workers and teachers:

New Zealand makes COVID vaccines mandatory for doctors, teachers, Aljazeera, 11th of October 2021.

On the 10th of October 2021 rules came into force in Saudi Arabia for ALL people to have received 2 vaccinations before entering certain public places:

Saudi Arabia’s new COVID-19 vaccination rules come into effect, Alarabiya, 10th of October 2021.

The restrictions apply to government buildings, schools, events, use public transportation and air travel.

From the 15th of October 2021, all public sector workers in Costa Rica must be vaccinated. Those who do not comply will face a fine of 462,000 Costa Rican colon (£530), be reported to the public ministry and may be dismissed from work:

Public officials are required to be vaccinated starting today, Teletica, 15th of October 2021.

New South Wales in Australia businesses could face fines of up to $5,000 for letting unvaccinated customers enter their premises:

Fines for Unvaccinated Announced Amid NSW Opening Up, Lexology, 16th of October 2021.

From the 11th of October vaccinated persons would be free to go where they like, whereas the unvaccinated would have to wait until the 1st of December to receive the same freedoms, and unable to enter premises including entertainment facilities, recreation facilities, hospitality venues, not-critical retail premises, and beauty-service related businesses. A two-tier State.

From the 1st of January 2022, the Singapore government stated that it will only pay medical bills for fully vaccinated Singaporeans:

Singapore government to no longer pay COVID medical bills for patients ‘unvaccinated by choice’, Sky News, 10th of November 2021.

COVID-19 vaccination to be mandatory for NHS staff in England from the 1st of April 2022:

Covid vaccination to be mandatory for NHS staff in England from spring 2022, BMJ, 10th of November 2021.

For the week commencing the 15th of November 2021, the “unvaccinated people” (otherwise known as “the unclean”) in two hard-hit regions in Austria will be forced into lockdown as the government looks at doing the same nationwide due to rising COVID-19 cases:

COVID-19: Austria to place unvaccinated people into lockdown on Monday as coronavirus cases surge, Sky News, 12th of November 2021.

In November 2021, France made Vaccine Number 3 mandatory for >65s in public places:

France to make Covid booster mandatory for over-65s to access public spaces, Telegraph, 9th of November 2021.

while at the same time the UK government puppets warned that such draconian measures may be introduced in the UK too:

Over-65s could be BANNED from public spaces without Covid booster – Javid sparks panic, Express, 10th of November 2021.

On the 19th of November 2021, Austria announced that it would be the first country in the world to impose mandatory vaccination on ALL citizens:

Austria becomes first Western country to resort to mandatory coronavirus vaccination, Politico, 19th of November 2021.

The supermarket chain Aldi in Australia informed staff that from March 2020 it would sack all staff that refuse to be vaccinated:

ALDI to terminate employment of all Unvaccinated workers by March 2022, Crazz Files, 20th of November 2021.

Suddenly it has become a major source of crime and financial hardship for not being vaccinated.

The above photograph is an example of what they refer to as herd immunity – where humans are rounded up like a herd of cattle.

The man in the high viz jacket appears to be in a deep state of contemplation. Who knows what he was thinking at the very moment the photograph was taken. But, for me he was thinking “Is this what we waited 4.2 billion years for?”


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