While the serfs are locked up ‘business’ continues



From its business model, Packer’s Crown Casino in Melbourne was a business that should not have existed but since people in the Victorian government were to obtain profits from its criminal activities, everything was kosher and it was never to be touched.

To make matters worse, Australia’s corrupt Anglo-masonic legal system would be farcical with regards to any inquiry into the casino, as also seen with the banking & financial services industry.

A few years ago Australia reached a milestone where one million Chinese went through the turnstiles at Melbourne Airport in one year.

Some of them stayed past their visas, committed criminal activities against ‘Australians’, laundered cash purchasing houses from under the feet of our children all with the support of the ever watchful people in government.

During lockups (you know similar to martial law, involving curfew, restricted movements) of 2020 and 2021, the rules and maybe even law was supposed to apply to every person, as that’s what they tell us, but that’s not the case in reality.

While the serfs are subject to the rules, those in power can do literally whatever they want.

As if a serf’s subpoena will actually put a leader physically into a courtroom.

As if a serf can subpoena a casino boss before a judge.

So, as a result, under the cover of darkness, plane loads of Chinese ‘nationals’ would be whisked from Melbourne airport to casino locations in Melbourne in order to spend big, bribing government officials along the way.

Thankfully we live in a democracy, where government transparency exists, so FOI your life away…

or not.

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