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Regional Banks Struggle, SVB CEO Blamed For Collapse, And Agenda 2030 With Digital Wallets Marches On

Regional Banks Struggle, SVB CEO Blamed For Collapse, And Agenda 2030 With Digital Wallets Marches On


Will 2023 be the beginning of the end for the current banking system? Are they accelerating their agenda? There are rumors that Connexus Credit Union in Canada recently went full Digital Banking with updating their online platform and by changing “accounts” into “digital wallets” backed by LexisNexis Risk Solution’s ‘ThreatMetrix,’ a digital identity intelligence and authentication platform. ThreatMetrix is a platform that decides what transactions are legal and appropriate, and can deny you access to your funds at any given moment if the AI-software deem the transaction or use of your money as inappropriate or illegal. This system/platform might at first seem like a great way to enhance security and eliminate fraudulent behavior or hijacking of your wallet, but it’s all about full government control. It can easily be adapted to new rules of what is deemed as improper use of your funds, such as spending it outside of your 15-minute zone, accepting payments to or from companies and firms dealing with crypto or other investments deemed ‘risky,’ or simply buying items that could be dangerous, such as fertilizer, flammable goods, knives, guns, or certain power tools. And, it could of course, be used for rationing of food, as in only being able to purchase a set amount of meat and eggs per week or month.

While these systems are slowly being implemented and disguised in banks, we are at the same time hammered with stories about banks collapsing, and it is all planned, scripted, and executed by the numbers. They want the current bank system to crash so they can go fully digital. And as I pointed out in earlier articles, by setting some banks up to fail in their rituals, the sheeple get scared and start to withdraw their money as they are afraid that their bank will collapse in the same manner. If enough people withdraw their funds, the bank will have trouble covering all the withdrawals and will collapse, leaving the rest of the customers penniless. And, of course, if a larger part of the banking system collapses, the money you withdrew will be pretty much worthless as the whole system collapses. In other words, they scare the sheep with a few theatrical collapses, and the sheep themselves do the rest.

As we know, the collapses of Silvergate and Silicon Valley Bank were Jesuit rituals honoring the Pope, Mr. 201. And to top this off, March 13, 2023, was the 10-year anniversary of Pope Francis taking his throne in the Vatican, which of course, made for more bank related rituals.

First out was CNN with frontpage news claiming that the CEO Greg Becker’s actions were responsible for the collapse of SVB, the second-biggest US banking failure on record. They claim that their source was an “SVB insider” who said that Becker’s actions were, “absolutely idiotic,” a phrase that is a perfect match to the Jesuit created Order of Illuminati, the order representing the 13 families illustrated by the 13 layers of bricks of the pyramid on the one-dollar bill.

Absolutely Idiotic = 201, 258, 105, 191, 234, 81, 237, 796, 853, 1548, 1206
Order of Illuminati = 201, 258, 105, 191, 234, 81, 237, 796, 853, 1548, 1206

And, of course, that phrase sums to 201, the most Jesuit number of them all. Remember, Pope Francis’ is the first Jesuit pope and his real name is Jorge Mario Bergoglio, which sums to 201, and he resides in suit 201 at the Domus Sanctae Marthae, which also sums to 201. That is how important gematria and the numbers are to them!

Absolutely Idiotic = 201
Jorge Mario Bergoglio = 201
Domus Sanctae Marthae = 201 (the Pope lives in suit 201)
Order of Illuminati = 201
The Jesuit Order = 201

March 13 was the 72nd day of the year, and Greg Becker was the target in this ritual by the Jesuit Order.

Jesuit Order = 72, 54
Greg Becker = 54

Also, several news outlets reported on regional banks tumbling as stocks fell. Of course, we are in the year of Skull and Bones Freemasonry, the year of 2023, as in 223. So, expect much more this year!

Regional Banks = 223

And March 13 was all about the Jesuit Order, aka., the Society of Jesus and Regional Banks having a rough time.

Regional Banks = 56, 79
Society of Jesus = 56, 79

And to be specific, it was ‘US Regional Banks,’ and this happened on March 13, a span of 168 days from the anniversary of the Jesuit Order being recognized as a religious order by Rome on September 27, 1540.

US Regional Banks = 168

Excluding the end-date, March 13 was 167 days after the Jesuit anniversary, and 167 is the 39th prime number, which is connected to the big collapse ritual – as well as March 13 having a 39-date numerology.

3/13/23 = 3 + 13 + 23 = 39

Bank Collapse = 39

While I believe the big collapse is still far away, these distractions and scare tactics are a great conditioning tool and incentive for advancing the digital banking agenda and getting people to accept the digital ID and identification and authorization software – and ultimately a central bank- and government-controlled digital currency. I covered that here:

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