October 1, 2023

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Exposing the Dark Truth of Our World


i am joined by Jeanice Barcelo to discuss the dangers of wireless devices and the serious threat to human health and the natural world they pose. 

We discuss the recent events in Canberra and that microwave weapons may have been used against innocent civilians to cause illness symptoms and burns. 

We chat about Jeanice’s incredible work and cover some very critical information on how we can best shield ourselves at home and in our daily lives.

You can support Jeanice by buying her books so click on the image below to check them out.

This book contains detailed information regarding the safety of wireless devices. It is written in common sense language that can be easily understood by the public. The book contains personal commentary along with numerous quotes from scientific studies and other professional sources that have done in-depth research on the topic of wireless (non-ionizing) radiation. Because wireless devices have become ubiquitous in our world, it is important for people to understand the facts about these technologies. Humanity and all life forms are in danger from exposure to wireless radiation. Children and developing babies are at greatest risk. This book is intended to reveal the Truth.

The Dark Side of Prenatal Ultrasound and the Dangers of Non-Ionizing Radiation: Part 1

Check out the website Radiation Dangers here

Check out the website Birth Of A New Earth here 

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EMR Shielding Australia Meters

Many people have problems sleeping because of the electronic pollution that is in the environment coming from things like the WIFI in your home, the television, cell phones and towers. These sleeping pods are made with shungite, which will provide a shield of emf protection around your body that will allow you to sleep while blocking out the electronic pollution in the environment. With a good night’s rest you can think more clearly, have more energy and strengthen your immune system. Learn more about how this natural technology works and start sleeping better and feeling better today!

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