Catherine Hughes Reveals Whodunnit


Catherine Hughes Reveals Whodunnit


It was widely reported in 2015 that the Western Australian Health Department had implemented a time-limited pregnancy Whooping Cough vaccination program, purportedly as a direct result of the death of Riley Hughes.  However, as I reported recently, that vaccination program was instigated by the department’s Dr. Paul Effler, at least four days before Riley died, and not as a result of his death.  In this respect, members of the general public have been comprehensively misled.  This is not acceptable, and, at the very least, should be the subject of a parliamentary inquiry.

The culprit revealed in a transparent attempt at reputation management

On March 01 2018, all-knowing, citizen epidemiologist/coroner, Hughes, made a post on the Light for Riley Facebook page, which, amongst other things revealed that she believes an adult dunnit.

I want to make it clear that I don’t blame them [so-called anti-vaxers] for Riley’s death in any way. His death had everything to do with an under-vaccinated adult population, a vaccine that wears off too quickly, and being in the wrong place at the wrong time. 

I wonder why Catherine (or Greg) Hughes didn’t feel the need to make this clear previously … like nearly three years ago?  How very convenient.

Why have multiple politicians been misled into believing that Riley’s death was as a result of low vaccination rates in children?

Why did Catherine Hughes recently dehumanise unvaccinated children by reducing them to a label of disease carrier if she believes an adult dunnit?

In this context, her recent post distancing herself from blaming innocent children should be seen for what it is: a transparent exercise in reputation management.  She would have become aware in recent times that the extremist ideology of industry lobby and hate group, Stop the Australian Vaccination Network, of which she is a long-term member, is not shared by most pro-vaccination advocates, nor most rational members of the general public.  It is an attempt by her to appear more moderate, notwithstanding she is still pointing the finger of blame at others, just not innocent children now, which I must say is only a marginal improvement.

Fellow all-knowing, citizen epidemiologist/coroner, Toni McCaffery, told the Prime Minister in March 2017, that with respect to the death of Dana, a child at their older daughter’s childcare centre dunnit.  This totally contradicts what she stated on Facebook on 31 July 2010.

We have never blamed any person for Dana’s death.  We are all innocent victims in this.

What a difference seven years makes.

The Hughes and McCafferys have effectively covered the field in terms of blame-worthy sub-populations.  Nice.  The vaccine manufacturers will again be rubbing their hands with glee.

Toni and David McCaffery have been industry lobbyists for Sanofi-Pasteur, the manufacturer of both paediatric and adult Diphtheria, Tetanus, and Pertussis trivalent vaccines.  Sanofi-Pasteur, the manufacturer of Adacel, an adult dTpa vaccine, was one of two major beneficiaries of the fraudulent Whooping Cough’cocooning’ programs funded by taxpayers in most states of Australia, between 2009 and 2012.

The McCafferys have dishonestly traded in the low vaccination rates in parts of the Northern Rivers region since Dana died, however, vaccination rates published by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, show that vaccination rates in the area where the McCafferys have been reported to reside, were above the national average prior to the commencement of No Jab No Pay in 2015/16, with 93.5 % of five year olds fully vaccinated.

The Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network recently reported about the McCafferys’ connection with industry lobby and hate group, Stop the Australian Vaccination Network.

Light for Riley campaign generated unjustified hatred and division

As I reported recently, none of us could have been prepared for the onslaught of hatred that flowed from the Light for Riley campaign.  For example, how could anyone forget Claire Harvey’s hit opinion piece in which she accused the unvaccinated of killing Riley Hughes.

All the while this was going on, Catherine and Greg Hughes remained silent, permitting their child’s death to be used by Harvey and others, and to usher in coercive vaccine laws.  By failing to publicly denounce  that vile opinion piece, both Catherine and Greg Hughes (father of Riley) tacitly endorsed Harvey’s unfounded accusations and use of Riley’s death to attack parents who hold concerns about the safety and effectiveness of vaccines.

Arguably, Harvey’s despicable opinion piece was actually incited by Greg Hughes himself.  A public post by Greg Hughes, two days before Riley’s death, set the climate for the vicious campaign which was to follow.

A (now private) post on Greg Hughes’ Facebook timeline showing his connection to Stop the Australian Vaccination Network

Criticism is not harassment

For those considering writing to me alleging that I am harassing grieving families, please don’t bother.  I will not publish your comments, nor reply to them.  The only time I would consider editing a post is if it contained factual errors, so if you can identify any, please let me know.

I have the utmost sympathy for anyone who has a lost a child, whether that be from a vaccine, or natural causes, such as whooping cough.  However, criticism of anti-freedom campaigners, such as the Hughes and McCafferys, on my own, or other forums whose owners share similar beliefs, is not harassment, no matter how much sleazy, dishonest bloggers like Reasonable Hank, may try to spin it.

These people are taking away our rights by dishonest means (grooming politicians with false and misleading claims), and I and others will not be bullied into silence.  They are not just lobbying for awareness as they used to claim.  They are also active participants in the dehumanisation agenda perfected by industry lobby and hate group, Stop the Australian Vaccination Network, as well as Northern Rivers Vaccination Supporters.

It’s called freedom of speech against public figures who have a very sinister agenda.  If you don’t like it, move to North Korea or China, where you should fit right into those countries’ cradle-to-grave social engineering and censorship.  Either that, or get over your righteousness and enormous sense of entitlement to censor the opinions of others.


7 thoughts on “Catherine Hughes Reveals Whodunnit

  1. “Riley’s – death had everything to do with an under-vaccinated adult population”

    A Big Question Here: – Because she – Riley’s mother – has what kind of evidence?

    And that the accusations of a grieving mother – with no knowledge of disease, disease contagion & disease prevention – could be taken seriously so as to affect a KNEE JERK RETALIATION – such as the implementation of legislation to compulsory adult vaccination to – ADEQUATE LEVELS – based solely on the distraught emotions of one mother who has lost her child to – we are led to believe – whooping cough & not due to complications due to misjudgement on the part of treating medical professionals – for example.
    It could very well be that steps were not taken in time on the part of treating doctor’s or that a miscalculation as to the severity & speed at which the illness was progressing = a case of – failure to act in time.

  2. Cormit Avital & Baby Eva –
    1:13 minutes into the video Cormit tell us –
    ” Within 2 weeks the cough became pretty scary, horror movie,
    * Baby Eva was then place in the intensive care unit.

    I have some Big Question’s here ……….

    1: Did the hospital not realise that Baby Eva had contracted THE DEADLY DISEASE KNOWN AS WHOOPING COUGH ?

    2: If the hospital medical professionals were aware that Baby Eva had contracted THE DEADLY DISEASE WHOOPING COUGH – IN UTRO – from her mother Cormit Avital –
    a) Why was Baby Eva – initially & as a precautionary measure – not keep in hospital for observation?
    b) Upon presenting at hospital – after being released the initial time – upon presenting with symptoms of – [COUGHING TO THE POINT OF GOING BLUE] – [FLOPPING IN MOTHERS HANDS] – [NOT BEING ABLE TO BREATHE] – why was Baby Eva not kept in hospital –

    IF FOR NO OTHER REASON THAN THAT – Baby Eva was suffering from the DEADLY DISEASE WHOOPING COUGH & WAS PRONE TO DIE – after all, Baby Eva was only a few weeks old.

    It took how many SCARY MOVIE SCENES for the hospital medical professionals to take Baby Eva’s DANGEROUS CONDITION ……….. SERIOUSLY.

    Why is that?
    Is it that hospital medical professionals are not adequately trained in EMERGENCY SITUATIONS – when an EMERGENCY SITUATION PRESENTS?
    And therefore some BLAME for Infant Deaths from Whooping Cough must be metered out to the hospital –

  3. Toni McCaffery: – The Canberra Times – March 27 2015. “Toni, another baby has died”: the anguish of watching the government failing our baby’s.

    Just 5 days before her death, we had been sent home from the doctor for the 4th time.
    “It’s just a cold,” my GP had said.
    During the day Dana seemed fine but a dusk the symptoms would descend. She was unsettled & gagging as if trying to clear her throat. We took turns to sit up with her. Every night she got a little worse.
    On my 3rd visit my GP suggested we test for bronchitis & whooping cough.
    It was the first time anyone had mentioned these words to me.

    HERE: – I would like to add some information –
    Google – How do you test for whooping cough in infants.
    Call the doctor if you suspect that your child has whooping cough.
    To make a diagnosis, the doctor will take a medical history,
    do a thorough physical exam,
    and may take nose & throat mucus samples to be checked in a lab.
    Blood tests & chest X-rays might also be done.

    Google – How long does it take to get the result of a whooping cough test?
    It is easiest to find it in the first 2 weeks but very unlikely after 3 weeks.
    But the patient has often had it for 3 weeks before whooping cough is suspected.
    So it is unusual to get a positive culture in whooping cough.
    In other words, if a swab is negative, the patient can still have whooping cough.

    On March 4 2009, Dana tested positive for Whooping Cough & my GP ordered us straight to hospital.
    We were not alarmed, we thought the hospital could fix it.

    Within 10 minutes of arriving at hospital, Dana had her first uncontrollable coughing fit. Her little body shook violently until her cough became silent, she turned blue & stopped breathing. The nurse calmly held oxygen to her face & said, “Yep, classic whooping cough.”

    Toni McCaffery now tell us : “There is no cure for whooping cough – JUST OXYGEN – Dana had up to 10 coughing attacks per hour. Just as she recovered another would begin.

    * HERE I would like to add THE IMPORTANT BIT ……. Whooping Cough Is Treated With Antibiotics.

    WHAT IMBECILE TOLD – Toni McCaffery that “There is no cure for Whooping Cough – JUST OXYGEN.”

    Who are the medical professionals that work in out hospitals?
    Where were they sourced from?
    The bottom of the FAILURE BARREL.

  4. The Guardian
    Our baby Should Never Have Died

    Alison Richards’ newborn son died of an infection that could have been easily prevented with a course of antibiotics.
    Owen – who’s heart had been beating a minute before his birth, has succumbed to Group B streptococcus (GBS) a virulent bacterial infection that affects 700 newborn babies every year & claims 100 lives & can cause brain damage.
    Yet tragicall for Owen & his parents, it is easily treatable.

  5. The Australian Hospital Healthcare Bullatin:

    Antibiotic Use In Australian Infants 150% Higher Than UK, Other Countries.
    Friday 28th July 2017

    When it come to antibiotics, Australian infants have one of the highest rate of treatment in the world – INCREASING THE RISK OF ANTIBIOTIC RESISTANCE.

    Half Of Australian Infants Are Treated With Antibiotics During Their First Year Of Life – according to the Barrow Infant Study, which has been published in the Journal of Pediatrics & Child Health.

    The Researchers Found hat 50% Of Babies Had At Least ONE Antibiotic Prescription In The First Year Of Life – much higher than almost all comparable industrialised countries.
    One in 8 infants received 3 or more antibiotic prescriptions. ……. it goes on & on.

    ME: Does anyone remember the adds on TV?
    I was in hospital & sso i watched TV & saw this rubbish.
    Nurses I spoke to said, “Babies will die without antibiotics.”

    Is this article a coverup for blatant neglect & malpractice in hospitals?
    Was this beat up to cover up the deliberate withholding of antibiotics to infants & the consequential death as a result.

    That we would deny infants life saving medication on a technicality is beyond belief.

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