Covid-19 swab test burst woman’s brain membrane resulting in leaked spinal fluid


Is this the excuse they’re going to use to push anal swab testing instead?

A Texas woman suffered a horrific membrane rupture after a Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) nasal swab test punctured her brain tissue, resulting in spinal fluid leaking from her body.

Chari Timm of San Antonio went to the hospital for chest pain when she was told that in order to receive care, she would need to first be tested for the Chinese virus. As the nurse jammed the nose javelin up Timm’s nasal cavity, however, it ruptured her brain membrane.

“It was an immediate instant migraine,” Timm recalled in an interview with local media. “I’ve never had a migraine ever in my life. It started in the back of my head and just extended to the front of my head and my entire brain was in extreme pain.”

Within moments, spinal fluid started gushing out of Timm’s nose due to a tear in her dura mater, a membrane that protects the central nervous system. Timm was later diagnosed by a neurologist as having pneumocephalus, a rare cranial condition involving air inside the cranial cavity.

Rather than admit that the useless swab and the nurse who administered it were responsible for puncturing Timm’s dura mater, they instead blamed this other alleged disease for harming her body.

“I have to remain at a 30- to 45-degree angle at all times,” Timm said about how she was told it will take some time for the rupture to repair. “I have to be careful with the air I breathe as bacteria may get in through the injury and tear and can cause meningitis.”

In other words, Timm is now more at risk of catching the Wuhan flu, not to mention the fact that her entire nervous system is now damaged and at further risk of injury – all because of hysterical fear over an alleged virus that has a 99.99-plus percent survival rate.


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