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Dictator Dan Andrews heads off to China again — no media are allowed




Daniel Andrews has headed off for a secretive tour of China, with the sudden declaration a few days ago meaning he becomes the first Australian state or national leader to visit the country since the start of the ‘pandemic’.

Andrews landed in China this morning for a four-day trip aimed at “strengthening Victoria’s standing among prospective Chinese students”.. like that type of activity would require such an extensive trip.

The suspicions have grown even higher as details of his trip were released to the media without any mention of what will be discussed at meetings with three Chinese officials:

According to the schedule, Andrews will meet:

  • Brett Stevens, Commissioner for Victoria to Greater China
  • Graham Fletcher, Australian Ambassador to China
  • Li Xukui, Vice President, Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries,
  • Huai Jinpeng, Minister of Education
  • Dr Yin Yong, Mayor of Beijing

He is joined by the secretary of the Department of Premier and Cabinet, Jeremi Moule, and two staff members from his office.

But that’s about it. Those are the only details that were given.

Dan Andrews, who was ‘re-elected’ for a third term back in November, has a rich ‘history’ with China.

A such, many have spoken out against this sudden trip by the state Premier abroad.

Despite these criticisms, however, Dan doesn’t see any problems with taking such a trip during these strange times:

To make things even worse, no journalists are allowed to attend alongside Dan on his trip, which is an immediate red flag and has been openly condemned as an attack against press freedom in Australia.


The Andrews government has faced criticism over its decision not to bring Victorian journalists on the trip.

Karen Percy, President of the Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance, said scrutiny was crucial when it came to overseas trips:

Tensions between the two nations are now rising once again following the signing of the AUKUS agreement earlier this month, which was heavily criticised by Beijing.

Andrews’ visit is also the first by an Australian politician to China since the signing of the deal.

Yet, we are not allowed cameras over there to see what Dan is discussing with these foreign officials?

What is there to hide during a time when they are calling for war with China.. right?

Of course, for those who have been calling him ‘Dictator Dan’ or ‘Commie Dan’ for years, this does not come as a surprise.

Dan’s Victoria was the only state in Australia to sign up to the international ‘Belt & Road’ trade plan, even extending the partnership in 2018, before the federal government had to step in and force a cancellation.

Dan’s lockdown measures also look like something straight out of a militarised Chinese regime.

Now, during a time when cameras are being removed and apps like Tiktok banned, Dan heads over.

Individuals are absolutely right to have suspicions about this man and this trip.

We will have to wait and see what the ‘official’ narrative is afterwards.

What do you think Dan is heading over for?


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