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How can a card in your wallet and Nano Silver 10 PPM protect your from forced vaccination AND from both vaccine and non-diseases? Good question. Please read on to find out the details. But if you are in hurry, here is the short answer: The card preserves your right to Informed Consent and the Nano Silver 10 PPM preserves your immune health.

.That’s why we are offering our brand new Protection Pack:

.When you purchase 3 bottles of Nano Silver 10 PPM at the regular price we will send you an Advance Vaccine Directive card at a sharply reduced price. 

.Purchase a 6 pack of our wonderful Nano Silver 10 PPM (with a shelf life of practically forever) and we will send you 2 cards at even greater savings. 

.And when you secure a 12 bottle supply we will send you 4 cards at even more savings. 

.Look, You need legal protection to maintain your right to say NO to mandated vaccines. You need immune protection to maintain your health in the face of vaccinated people shedding viruses and spreading bacterial disease AND you need immune security against both the old diseases and the new designer diseases on their way to us, courtesy of the worst forces in society.

.Breakthrough Protection Pack gives you protection against all 3 health threats at the same time.

.You’re familiar with the term “early adopter”. Those are the people who see thing changing and find the best solutions before other people even notice there is a problem. Well, we at Natural Solutions Foundation might be called “early connectors” because we see things happening and connect the dots before most other people (and organizations) have noticed that there is something happening.

.Then, after we analyse the issue, we go to the next step: we find solutions. Naturally.

.Mandatory vaccines are a legal, social and medical problem.

.Voluntary vaccines are a social and medical problem.

.Our Protection Pack tackles all them all: legal, social and medical.

.Here’s how:

.1. Legal protection: You have, according to the US Supreme Court, a legal right to refuse medical treatment, which includes vaccination, IF, and only if, you assert it in as meaningful and binding way.

.We have created a wallet/purse/backpack laminated, card which when signed and dated, acts as a binding Advance Health Directive stating that you refuse any and all vaccines.

.You have asserted your right. This card has the legal weight of any other health directive and warns personnel that if your rights are violated, they will be committing a crime against you.

.Every member of your family should have one on their person at all times.

.The card is available here:

.Local and national law are subject to international treaty and the US has signed the treaties that make this assertion of Informed Consent binding. So while we need to battle the local and national laws forcing vaccination, we also have protection IF we assert it.

.2. Protection against the vaccinated. Although the hype is all in the opposite direction, the reality is that people who are vaccinated routinely shed the viruses and spread the bacterial which they have supposedly been vaccinated “against”. To make matters worse, these shed organisms are frequently mutated, often, as in the case of measles, chicken pox and whooping cough, into much more serious diseases than the original.

.Vaccinated people can shed these organisms for decades or longer, as the recent case of a man in the UK vaccinated against polio 30 years ago who continues to shed infective modified polio virus to this day shows us. So do the repeated documentations of people becoming ill with various diseases after contracting them from newly (or not so newly) vaccinated short- or long-term carriers.

.My Nano Silver 10 PPM, backed by more than 1000 peer reviewed research studies, provides safe, gentle, effective immune support so that your worries about being contaminated by vaccinated people (who are, unfortunately, everywhere because they have not been taught to quarantine themselves as they should be) and getting new and more virulent diseases from them.

.My Nano Silver is so safe that it can be taken by anyone, as needed. But it does not produce resistant organisms!

.3. Protection against circulating old or new diseases: I received a bulletin yesterday from a medical organization that warned doctors to be aware that cases of Plague are on the rise in the US. So are a great many other diseases, some on their own and some with a great deal of help from their rather dastardly friends.

.Just as US Government research declassified in 2009 made it clear that in the presence of my Nano Silver 10 PPM the Ebola virus could not penetrate human cells and therefore could not cause the Ebola disease, the amount and type of immune support for all diseases, whether genetically modified or not, is spectacular.

.Now, you may recall that FDA and FTC really did not like us sharing that with you and sent us a series of Warning Letters threatening us if we continued to share it. We DO continue to share it because it is true and because is it is information that you need.

.So, bottom line: our brand new Protections Packs help you to assert your right to Informed Consent and protect your immune system from whatever they throw at us, all at the same time.


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  1. No matter where I go to get to Dr. Rima site I cannot get any thing but cannot find server. I got one advanced vaccine directive card but ordered 2 thanks Ken Smith

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