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Firebombing Dresden – A War Crime

2 thoughts on “Firebombing Dresden – A War Crime

  1. The English hero, Churchill, was nothing more than a war criminal of psychopathic degree and this fat alcho should have been publicly hung for his crimes along with his Zionist mates who orchestrated this terrible war.
    Read ‘Hellstorm’ by Thomas Goodrich.

    1. I agree. It is plain that the victors get to write history as this crime has been extinguished from the public domain. I have only recently learned of this and other crimes by the Allies in WW2. What Eisenhower and Churchill did to the innocent citizens of Dresden and other German cities, by firebombing them and then leaving them to be mutilated by the Red Army is a disgrace. Europa The Final Battle is an educational video series if you can find it online.

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