December 7, 2023

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Greens MP Adam Bandt should publicly apologise for promoting the objectification of young girls’ bodies.

In a tweet by Bandt at the weekend he praised Fitzroy High School for teaching school girls as young as 12 the ‘right’ way to send explicit images of themselves.

Australian Christian Lobby’s Centre for Human Dignity Director Wendy Francis said, “Under Commonwealth law sexting with anyone under the age of 18 is illegal.”

“Adam Bandt is promoting a program which not only sexually objectifies young girls, but also endorses illegal activity.”

“This is not the sort of program a federal member of parliament should be promoting.” Said Mrs Francis.

ACL calls on Adam Bandt to apologise for publicly promoting this program which encourages young children to engage in an illegal and degrading act.


Why is a Victorian school teaching young people how to sext?: Shelton

Educators at Victoria’s Fitzroy High School have been attacked for showing students from Years 7 to 10 an “educational video” on “sexting done right”.

Titled The Art of Sexting, the five-minute video advises, among other things, hiding your identity by cropping out your face and anything that “makes it obvious it’s you”.

The Herald Sun reports Fitzroy High teacher Briony O’Keefe claims the video is part of a “harm minimisation approach”.

“The fact sexting is tricky doesn’t mean we should give up on talking about it,” she said. “We know they are going to engage in it … here are the ways to do it as safely as possible.”

Mr Shelton has told The Daily Telegraph’s Miranda Devine Live he’s disturbed by the contradictory approach to education taken by the Victorian Government and the fact that the Green’s Adam Bandt is all for the sexting video.

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  1. Well, it\’s all changing as has been planned.
    Hollywood produced a movie in 1968 titled Barbarella where the main actress, Jane Fonda, had sex with a machine, they were informing us of the future planned.
    Hollywood, owned and controlled by Jews who also control a massive proportion of the US and Aus media, are and continue to attack our moral standards thru this controlled media.
    Our natural moral standards are not based on religion but Nature and survival, who are trying to tell us that should we deviate from natural established morality then we will perish.
    The Jewish elite who are busy distorting our understanding of natural morals are programming this distortion via our schools..
    Their promoters of all this in Aus are the Greens, assisted by the Labour movement and the very sad Lefties churned outa our universities who support the very sick political group titled the LGBT.
    This same Corporate sponsored group of Odd Couples, who exist as a political minority in Aus yet control our school curriculum.
    The Safe School program, instigated by these deviates of natural order and promoted by sick Politicians, is telling us, out loud and clear, that we have a massive problem in Aus concerning the education of our young.
    Sex is not abnormal as they are educating our children, sex is natural and its education to the young is important as they are the progenitors of our race. In other words it is sacred and this LGBT group are committing perjury against the sacred rite of procreation and survival that is only the premise of Man and Woman!

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