September 24, 2023

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Health Minister Sussan Ley under pressure over Gold Coast home purchase


NOTE: Look who bought a $795,000 home on the Gold Coast from a wealthy Lib donor on a nice taxpayer funded holiday. We are now hearing her job is finally under threat. Pushing dangerous & potentially lethal vaccines onto our kids has paid off very well for Health Minister Ley.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is facing calls to sack Health Minister Sussan Ley after revelations she bought a $795,000 Gold Coast apartment from a Liberal donor while on a taxpayer-funded trip.

Ms Ley and her partner Graham Johnston charged taxpayers $3949 for flights to Brisbane where she announced $1.3 billion in pharmaceutical benefits spending on May 9, 2015.

The same day, the couple travelled to the Gold Coast where they bought a Main Beach apartment with an ocean view at auction.

Ms Ley, who charged taxpayers $720 for two nights’ travel allowance to stay at Main Beach, said she met with patients on the Gold Coast to discuss new medicines but could not say more about the “personal health discussions”.



1 thought on “Health Minister Sussan Ley under pressure over Gold Coast home purchase

  1. Department of Health

    The Hon Sussan Ley M.P.
    Minister for Health & Aged Care.
    Minister for Sport

    Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme to be reformed .. 27 May 2015.

    [ The promise from the federal government, is that we the people of Australia, should trust them with this massive amount of money that they wish to spend & in the spending of this money that they will make the correct decisions, in favor of the safety & well being of our lives & that of our children’s lives. ]

    1. Australians will benefit from cheaper medicines
    2. A more competitive Pharmacy Sector
    3. Greater investments in new medicines
    4. Patient support services
    As part of a balanced package of pharmaceutical reforms .. A package of reforms following months of consultative consolations & robust negotiations, across the entire pharmaceutical supply chain ..
    a) consumers .. [ here I have to ask .. who exactly were these consumers .. did they ask us .. we the people / the population of Australia .. or someone whom they chose to represented us & our interests ? ]
    b) pharmacists
    c) medicines manufacturers
    d) wholesalers
    e) and doctors
    [ looking at the above list .. I would say that the consumer on / we the people on the street .. who actually purchase these medical supplies & use them .. were decidedly outnumbered ]

    “The Abbott government has doubled the number of drug listings since coming to office .. to the tune of $3 BILLION IN JUST OVER 18 MONTHS.”

    Budget 2015 Vaccine crackdown to save the government half a billion.
    Millions of dollars have been allocated to boost the Vaccination rate with the Abbott government set to spend $69.7 BILLION on health ..
    [ when they say health what exactly are they saying .. the bulk of $69.7 BILLION to be spent purchasing drugs from their buddies at BIG PHARMA .. in fact one of the biggest losers of the Abbott governments 2015 budget was health
    Today the forceful Tony Abbott is long gone & not a moment too soon.

    What exactly did the Abbott government spend the money on .. dangerous vaccines with which to damage us & our children’s health & lives. And still waiting tomes at public hospitals are over 4 hours long & even 8 hours ..

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