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Hundreds of Victorian teachers stood down over failure to meet booster mandate

Psychotic Dictator Andrew’s continues to take a sledgehammer to Victoria


Another 240 teachers in Victoria have been stood down for failing to get a booster shot before the March deadline, taking the total number of full-time employees lost to 420.

Deadline to receive third shot has passed for teachers.


Australia’s coercive employment mandates have struck yet again.

About 420 public school teachers across Victoria have now been stood down for failing to meet COVID vaccination requirements – with an extra 240 of them punished because they haven’t received a third dose.

Despite previous fears of staff shortages in schools, there are now 420 full-time-equivalent teachers across Victoria’s public school system who are unable to work as they have not met the state’s vaccination mandate.


The public school teachers have now been placed on leave without pay and are unable to work since the third dose deadline came into effect on 25 March 2022.

Of the 420 teachers suspended over mandate requirements to-date, new reports confirm that 240 teachers have not met the requirement because they haven’t received a booster shot.

This is despite many of them already receiving the first two doses.

This figure is in addition to about 180 teachers who have already been stood down in Victoria after failing to receive a first or second dose of a vaccine last year.

Victoria, the Northern Territory and Western Australia are the only jurisdictions that require teachers to be triple-dosed.

Since the beginning of the year, unvaccinated Victorian teachers have been unable to receive leave entitlements.

In line with Department of Education leave guidelines, employees who failed to meet the March deadline to receive a third dose were placed on unauthorised leave, which will result in termination of employment.


While mandate requirements in general society have begun to ease across the country, the dystopian mandates still remain for a number of industries in Australia — with many still suffering from being unable to work.

In February, the national immunisation panel shifted its messaging from “fully vaccinated” to urging people to be “up to date” with a third booster shot.

For those who have remained in the system through this pandemic period, the perpetual war against ‘the invisible enemy’ is still ongoing and all rules must be obeyed.

The latest department of health figures show almost 95% of Victorians aged over 12 are double vaccinated.

But little over two-thirds — 67.5% — of Victorians aged over 18 have received three doses.

The general public don’t want the booster shot, as the statistics show, while many industries have continued to enforce strict guidelines. Teachers have been some of the most targeted employees.

A department spokesperson said that as of Tuesday, 99.2% of public school teachers have had three doses of a COVID vaccine and were ‘permitted’ to attend work.

That is until a fourth shot is required and mandated, of course.

“We encourage any staff members who have not yet had their third dose to book in to protect themselves, their families and their school communities,” the spokesperson said.

Frontline critical workers such as healthcare employees, education staff and food transport workers require three doses to work in Victoria.

Rallies across the country continued to be attended by workers in these industries who have lost their livelihoods due to the mandates, calling for the madness to end.

Perhaps the crowds will be even larger in Victoria now.

Stand strong, Victorians.


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